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Things In Life We Give Unnecessary Importance To

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Monimoyee Chakrabarty
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Life can be simple when we stop over complicating things. We worry about the littlest things that do not matter at the end of the day. Our priorities are messed up. This leads to the rise of problems in our lives. They stop us from enjoying life like we should be able to. These little things stress us out and affect us more than we want them to.


Here’s a list of some of these little things that we need not give unnecessary attention to-

  • Pleasing everyone- One cannot go around pleasing everyone. Some things one does is going piss another off. That does not mean that what they did is wrong; it’s just not convenient enough for the other. Being disliked is not a pleasant feeling. But then, one can simply learn not to care.
  • Regrets- We all make mistakes. Things could always have been better if we had taken the other road. But then, what’s done cannot be undone. One cannot just hold on to the past and ruin the possibilities available in the present. Every choice has it’s pros and cons. People focus on the consequences and unconsciously stunt their growth.
  • The need to find the one- Movies, songs, novels- all these remind us that there is someone out there for each one of us. Till we find that one, our life is supposed to be incomplete. If you find someone, that’s great! If you don’t, there’s no need to feel sad about it. One can live a complete, happy life without the one.
  • Being personally responsible for other’s lives- Sometimes, people we love do things that we know are stupid. We can warn them about the consequences. They will probably do it anyway. You cannot just stress over that. You have no control over it. You need to realise that it’s their life, and they need to make mistakes and learn from it. You cannot make everything right.
  • Caring about what people say- This one thing stops us from realising most of our dreams. We always prioritise what others will think before doing anything. What one does not realise is that people do not care. They will always have something discouraging to say.



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