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11 Things You Face When You Wear Braces

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Braces are a pain. They hurt so much that you want to rip them off.

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A smile is the identity of an individual. Even though a little embarrassing position of your teeth can’t diminish this identity of yours, you’d anyway want to make your teeth look better, right? Even celebrities like Tom Cruise, Emma Watson, Miley Cyrus, and many of our favorites couldn’t escape from the awkwardness of braces.

Every problem has its solution, and we have a metallic framework as our savior. To get that confident smile, a little period of pain is fine, I guess. After this unique accessory came into use, it turned out to be a style statement too. Sounds cool!

1. OUCHH!! It’s hurting!                                                                                                  

Braces pain
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Those first few weeks of getting them are to be written in your list of nightmares. Forget chewing, even talking, and having a sip of water can induce pain. And the worst part is the fact that even pain killers are not recommended.

2. Food or fevicol??                                                                                                              

A small bite of food, whatever it is, can stick to your entire metallic network. You’ll be wondering whether you had a portion of adhesive. I believe toothpicks are invented after seeing the struggle of the people who wear braces.

3. Say no to gum and crunchy snacks                                                                              

You have to bid goodbye to all chewing gum, crisp cookies, and fries, apples, etc. The only thing you can do is sit and admire people who have the freedom to enjoy eating whatever they wish to eat.

4. Brushing and gargling all the time…pfft!                                                      

Woman gargling
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After every bite, mouth washing is a must, no matter where you are. If you are a lazy goose, then you’ll definitely regret getting on braces.

5. Fed up with Dentists                                                                                                      

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Doctors’ appointments will turn into a weekly routine. Well, who likes to visit a clinic all the time and end up with pain? At some point, amidst all this, you may feel like running away from the dentist.

6. A weird feeling inside your mouth                                                                                   

Woman making disgusted face
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It may be metal or ceramic, those wires, elastic, and all the pointed edges, not sure which one of them. But they will make you want to spit them out immediately.

7. Weird questions and comments                                                                                

 “When are you going to remove it? How are you eating your food?  Are you consuming only liquids? It doesn’t look good on you” and so on. Everyone will be so keen to know about your treatment, and you will be expected to answer all those annoying questions.

8. Can’t say cheese while posing for a pic 😐              

While everyone in the group poses a wide smile, showing all their teeth, you have to make it up with an inconsiderate smile.

Woman smiling while holding a camera
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9. Those moments when you think that braces are cool                                                       

Amidst all the pain, you still believe that wearing braces is cool and awesome because it makes you unique, it makes you stand out from others. You’ll be the happiest person when someone compliments your stylish look.


10. Countdown starts!                                                                                                   

11 Things You Face When You Wear Braces 1
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When you realize that your treatment is about to come to an end, you’ll be the most excited person on the earth because all the pain will be coming to an end.

11. Finally, it’s showtime 😀                                                                                 

Yippeeeee! The day has come to remove the fence over your teeth: no more restrictions, no more pain. You’ll feel like a boss. And of course, you get to show off your flawless smile to the world and you’ll realize that struggles are beautiful.


Remember, no pain, no gain.


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