Tighten Up For an Interview

Tighten Up For an Interview 1


Where ever we go, may it be a school or a college or an organization, we require to give an appropriate interview to get selected and take a step ahead towards our career. The interview is required at every area of our career. Hence, an interview is a very vital part of our lives. Therefore, to get rewarded with the best job approvals and admissions in best schools and colleges, one must be entirely prepared to face all the challenges of an interview.

Here are a few ways to prepare yourself completely before giving an interview:


Question List- Prepare a list of all the questions that are most frequently asked in the interview like “What are your strengths and weaknesses?”, “Why do you wish to apply for the following program?”, “What will you contribute towards the organization or campus if you are selected for the program or course you’ve applied for?”, “Why did you select the organization or college for pursuing your goals?”, And much more. You can search on the internet to generate a proper list of all the possible questions asked.

Answers– Once you are prepared with your question list, write down perfect answers for all the questions in your list. Remember to be original, factual and precise with your answers. You can again refer to the internet for answers to the questions.

Counseling– Get proper counseling and guidance from your parents, relatives, seniors or more experienced people, who have already gone through various interview procedures. A perfect guidance is always fruitful.


Mirror exercise- Mirror exercise is one of the practices to enhance your self-confidence and boast it to the fullest. In this exercise, one has to stand before a mirror and speak to oneself in front of the mirror. Make sure you have an eye to eye contact with your reflection in the mirror.

Proper rest- A nap of eight to ten hours a day, is essential to revive your entire day and be active throughout the day. Therefore, ensure a proper rest a day before the interview, after all health must be your priority. A fit person receives positive feedback on his performances after the interview.

Neatness– Make sure you are properly and neatly dressed in formals. It creates a good impression in the minds of the person conducting the interview.

Relax– Just a few minutes before the interview, loosen up yourself into relaxation and take deep breaths to minimize your interview fear. Don’t panic or else you’ll mess up the whole interview.

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