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Top 10 Cool Advantages of Food Delivery Apps

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Wondering about what are some advantages of food delivery apps? You’re nervous about the first order because the concept is new? Well, today, we present to you some of the top advantages of food delivery apps. This will help you to decide for yourself whether the apps are for you or not.

We were familiar with hot pizzas getting delivered at the doorstep. But what if you get Manchow noodles, fried rice, sushi, and even lasagna right at your door? And wouldn’t it be even better if these dishes were from your favorite restaurants and delis?

Yes! It is easily possible with new food delivery service apps like food panda, Zomato, Swiggy, and the like. You can now get your favorite cakes and sandwiches anytime delivered to your home.

The online food delivery services are a booming industry right now. As people are becoming busier and lazier, these services sure come handy. Besides, they offer accurate location-based services and suggest you the best restaurants near you.



Different apps offer different services. Some provide premium memberships, some even have the option to reserve tables, and some also provide unique snack combos.

Do you know what that means? It means you can have red sauce pasta, spicy tacos, and Schezwan rice at once. Yes, you can even add a strawberry milkshake.

Let us head into the list of some of the cool perks offered by the food delivery apps.

Top 10 Advantages of Food Delivery Apps

1. All variety in one place!

fast food

One of the most apparent advantages of food delivery apps is the variety at a glance.

Your favorite dishes are just a click away! All you have to do is download the apps, register yourself, and place orders! If you search ‘fried noodles,’ you will see a variety of fried noodles at different restaurants near you.

Then what’s the fun of having a burger alone? You need to order fries with it! And what good are fries without coke? You will, of course, need a coke along!

And the best thing is you will all of this in one place!

You can also order pizza, sushi, and even Thai food at once. Food fanatics will love browsing through all these delicacies!

2. Restaurants near you and everything about them

advantages of food delivery apps

All those delis, sandwich places, and fancy restaurants are mostly registered with food delivery apps.

This is one of the coolest advantages of food delivery apps. All the necessary information about a restaurant is available on these apps. The opening and closing hours, customer ratings, popular dishes, the exact location of the restaurant, and also actual photographs.

The restaurant and deli owners also upload menus and rates. Some apps also display an approximate amount required for a meal for two people at the restaurant. So you can easily decide if the place is too pricey or precisely within your budget.

So even if you don’t want to order anything using the app, you can just check out some new eateries. You can also get address and contact information.

3. Customer Reviews


One of the major perks of a food delivery app is that it has authentic customer reviews. Upon the launch of the concept, it quickly became a hit among the people. The ease of use and it’s usefulness made the food delivery apps famous.

This also means, most of the people have one or more apps installed. So the customer reviews of a hotel or dishes are usually trustworthy. Reviewers also upload photos of meals, ambiance, and restaurants in general.

You can easily filter your searches according to ratings and reviews. The customers even name their favorite dishes that you ought to try.

4. Home delivery at a few clicks!

advantages of food delivery apps

Yes, one of the essential advantages of food delivery apps is home delivery, of course.

Imagine, you search for all different kinds of cuisines and place the different orders in a single cart. You get Chinese, oriental and Italian food delivered to your doorstep! Customers can order their favorite local food anytime.

And what’s exciting is that you don’t even have to text someone or call anyone (This is a lifesaver if you are too shy to place an order on a phone call).

All it takes to get your favorite cuisines home is a few taps on your phone. You can also track the delivery online real time.

You don’t have to step out and walk to the Chinese place around the corner. Your favorite sandwich will just find its way to your door.

5. Great discounts!


Since it is still an emerging concept and many people are yet to get familiar with the apps, they offer cool discounts.

Obviously, the huge discounts are to attract consumers, repeat the consumers, and expand their customer base. That is a smart move on the part of the investors. But you can take advantage of these huge offers while they are available!

Some apps, like zomato and uber eats offer gold memberships for regular users. The members get special offers for every order.
They also offer cash backs, buy one get one free, or free home delivery on certain orders.

With all these advantages of food delivery apps, you might want to know about the best apps out there. Click here to check out the best food delivery apps.

6. Varied Payment Options

food delivery apps

Of course, since everything is going cashless, why should the food industry remain behind?

If you are low on cash, you can just go for card payment or internet banking payment. If you are the person who prefers cash payments, then you can go for this option too.

There’s also an option where you can tip the delivery person. There are no service fees as such but don’t forget to add the tip to the bill.

7. Anytime, anywhere

advantages of food delivery apps

Most of the restaurants registered on food delivery apps offer their services 24/7. This is probably one of the most significant advantages of food delivery apps. The delivery times are very flexible.

If you are at work, you can customize the location and look for restaurants near your workplace. You can get it delivered in your office without having to step out!

You can even send a meal to someone who is far away. Surprise your homies with a French toast breakfast!

8. Really useful in urgent situations

advantages of food delivery apps

What if you have some guests turn up unexpectedly at lunchtime? What if many guests show up unexpectedly? This is precisely where these food delivery apps come handy!

You can order everyone’s favorite fast food in just a few clicks. You can go a little extra by ordering soups, starters, and even desserts!

These apps are lifesavers when it comes to fancy and elaborate meals. Imagine you are bored or too lazy to cook (or even get groceries), but you want to eat an elaborate Thai dinner.

All you have to do is swipe your screen and tap a few keys. And surprise! You have Thai food on the table in a few minutes!

9. Gift a meal!

advantages of food delivery apps

Now, this is more of an idea as well as one of the coolest advantages of food delivery apps. You can gift someone their favorite meal!

Yes! All you have to do is select a meal, delivery address, and make payment online. Then just watch the joy on the loved one’s face as they receive their favorite pasta from their favorite restaurant!

This is indeed a unique idea. Notably, the foodies will absolutely love the concept of gifting a meal rather than gifting something dull and regular like coffee mugs.

10. Special Occasions

advantages of food delivery apps

This idea is good when you have a small, sudden gathering of friends or loved ones. What if you get a promotion? What if your buddies suddenly come together on your birthday? Or what if you want to celebrate your wedding anniversary at home?

Food delivery apps have you covered for any such unforeseen and unexpected surprises. You can order meals for colleagues for an impromptu promotion. You can book a variety of snacks as well as a cake for an unexpected birthday celebration. And you can also decorate your house for a romantic candlelight dinner and order some unique dishes!

In addition to this, you can also book tables and get exciting offers if you buy premium memberships of some food delivery apps.

All in all, the entire concept of getting any and every kind of food handed over to you on your couch is pretty exciting.

Also, you don’t have to eat cup noodles for dinner if you are too lazy to cook because the food delivery apps come to your rescue. Food delivery apps sure have made online food ordering simple.

There are, of course, a few drawbacks to it. If you order food from five different places at once, it might take a lot of time for your odd combo to get delivered.

Sometimes, the payments may not get through. There are even a few complaints about the apps lagging.

But the perks clearly outweigh these drawbacks. The online food delivery apps are flourishing. They do have scope to expand and also have a broad customer base that is bolstering rapidly.

With the advancement in technology and communications, online food delivery apps are providing more personalized, faster, and safer services. Besides this, almost all the local restaurants are available on the online ordering system.

In addition to this, now grocery stores are available online as well. The popular grocery stores include Grofers and Big Basket. Now you can order groceries online!

Do you use food delivery apps? What do you think are some more advantages of food delivery apps? Let us know what you are thinking in the comment section below! You can share your experiences with us.

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