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Top 10 Amazing Sardinia Beaches Worth Visiting

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Are you looking for an exotic holiday destination? Have you heard about Sardinia beaches?

Sardinia, The second largest island situated in the Mediterranean sea, has a lot to offer. Mountain peaks, hiking trails, national parks, natural ecosystems, and Sardinia beaches make it perfect for holidays.

There are more than 100 Sardinia beaches along the coastline of 1149 miles. Known for its crystal clear water, Sardinia’s coastline is also known as the Emerald Coast. Being one of the five blue zones in the world, Sardinia’s lifestyle is filled with health.

I’ve curated 10 of the most eminent Sardinia beaches for you in this article.

10 Sardinia beaches worth visiting

1. Spiaggia La Pelosa

Crystal clear water in Sardinia beaches

Ranked among Europe’s most beautiful beaches, Spiaggia La pelosa is one of the many renowned Sardinia beaches. The beach is known for its aquamarine shallow waters and sparkling soft white sand.

It is situated at the northwestern tip of Sardinia. Almost 2 km away from Stintino, a province of Sassari. Apart from the water and soft sand, the beach also has a watchtower.

The tower, Torre della Pelosa, adds a vintage vibe to the beach. It was used in the marine defense system of Sardinia.

Tower in Sardinia beaches.

One can enjoy snorkeling, scuba diving, windsurfing on the beach. Surfboards are available for rent. Also, the beach is equipped with beach chairs and umbrellas.

The beach is quite famous among visitors. At times there are more than 6000 visitors.

So next time you’re in or near Sassari, visit La pelosa beach. It is worth a visit.

2. Mugoni Beach

Known for its crystal clear water and wispy golden sand, Spiaggia di Mugoni is an extension of a cove along Porto Conte bay. The beach lies in Northern Sardinia, almost 10 km north of Alghero.

Pines in sardinia beaches

The beach is encircled with towering pines and thick eucalyptus trees. The trees add shade and coolness to the beach during sun hours of the day. It also overlooks the mesmerizing view of the regional park of Porto Conte.

One can enjoy snorkeling and scuba diving at the beach. Sun loungers, parasols are available at the beach for rent. The water is shallow and is perfect for kids. It’s a perfect place to spend a day with your family and kids.

You can easily reach the beach either by driving around 10 km from Alghero towards Capo Caccia. It would be a half-hour drive. A parking facility is available at the beach. You can also take a public bus through Alghero.

3. Is Arutas

Scenic landscape

One of the most fascinating among Sardinia beaches is Spiaggia de Is Arutas. The beach is located in Central Sirdania near the province of Oristano, just below Mari Ermi beach.

Not just the clear sea and turquoise waters, The beach is known for its peculiar variety of colorful sand. The sand appears like small quartz grains or, as it is called, the beach with rice grains. The color ranges from crystal white to lively green and sometimes pink.

Colourful rice grain sand

The beach is quite a favorite spot among surfing junkies. One can also enjoy Camping and snorkeling at the beach.

You can easily reach the beach by car. Drive around 8km towards San Giovanni di Sinis From Cabras. Continue driving on SP7 for about 2km. You’ll come across the road for Is Artus.

The driving facility is also allowed on the backside of beach premises.

4. S’ Archittu

Sardinia beaches beauty

Of all the Sardinia beaches, Spiaggia S’ Archittu has the most scenic landscape. North to Is Arutas beach lies the Spiaggia S’ Archittu, a few meters away from the small village of S’archittu.

Rocky archway

The beach has got its name from the rock archway, which is supposed to be one of Sardinia’s largest natural bridges. The view of the arched rock is mesmerizing during the sunset and also at night.

Apart from the archway, The beach highlights pale fine sandy fragments, blue water surrounding rocky cliffs, shallow seabed, and clear sky. It’s an ideal place to relax or to have a long walk. Snorkeling and kayaking can be done. Due to rocky cliffs, Snorkel enthusiasts are advised to bring protective shoes.

You can easily reach the beach from Oristano. Drive towards Cuglieri at SS292. Passing Riola Sardo, continue driving up to the village of S’archittu. Take a left turn on the street heading towards the beach.

5. Putzu Idu

Putzu Idu

Among all the Sardinia beaches, Putzu Idu is known as an ideal beach for surfing. It is located in Western Sardinia, about 20 kilometers northwest of Oristano. The beach connects two villages, Porto Mandriola and Putzu Idu.

The beach features quartz fragments of soft and shiny sand, shallow water, and sandy seabed with the most spectacular landscape.
The water at Putzu Idu manifests the chameleon effect. It changes its color from green to blue following the light.

There is a pond behind the beach, which provides a habitat for the area’s flora and fauna. You can also spot pink flamingoes there. The area is covered by salt pans and sometimes referred to as ‘Cala Saline.’

Flamingo at one of the Sardinia beaches

The beach offers many activities like surfing, windsurfing, kitesurfing, snorkeling, scuba fishing, and pedal boating. Watercraft and other equipment are available for rent. Restaurants and bars are also there. Parking services are available at the beach.

6. Cala Luna

Another one on the list is Cala Luna. It is one of the most beautiful among Sardinia beaches. With crystal clear emerald water, golden sand, limestone cliffs, profuse flora, and captivating caves, Cala Luna is bliss on the land of Sardinia.

Limestone cliffs in Sardinia beaches

The beach is located in eastern Sardinia between Brunei and Dorgali in the Gulf of Orosei. The beach is at a distance of almost 3 km from Bue Marino Caves. The caves are an ideal spot to relax under the sun.

The beach is known for Snorkeling, underwater fishing, scuba diving, hiking, and boat excursions. Bar and restaurant are also there at the beach.

The beach can be accessed either by boat from Cala Gonone, which takes around 20 minutes. Or you can take a 2-hour long hike starting from Cala Fuili. The hike is tricky in some areas where the rocks are steep. It is advised to carry protective shoes.

7. Cala Domestica

Spiaggia di Cala Domestica, The hidden gem on the southwest coast of Sardinia. The beach lies 3 km away from Buggeru. Known as the most picturesque among all the Sardinia beaches, Cala Domestica features limestone cliffs, clear turquoise waters, sand dunes with fine grey sand, and abundant flora.

Captivating scenery of Cala domestica

At the south end of the beach lies a vintage Spanish tower, Torre di Cala Domestica. You can take a walk to the tower.

Vintage tower


The tower is the point of interest among visitors, and it’s worth exploring.

The beach is known for many activities like Snorkeling, Scuba diving, hiking, fishing, and pedal boating. Boats are available on rent at the beach. You can easily drive to the beach through 83 provincial roads.

8. Porto Pino

One of the most beautiful beaches in southern Sardinia in Porto Pino. The beach features picturesque scenery, nature’s harmony, along with a glimpse of romance. The beach is named so as pine trees are abundant there.

Bliss in Sardinia

With water clear like crystal, dunes having sand of different shades, enticing flamingoes, engrossing coves, and deserted sea beds, The beach feels like an extension of paradise here in Sardinia.

Sand dunes

The beach is divided into two different parts by a sea egress. The two parts differ in terms of sand. The first part got somewhat grey sand, while the second part encircled by pines has white sand.

The beach is equipped with bars, restrooms, benches, umbrellas, and various water sports like kite surfing, scuba diving. The beach can be reached by taking a 10-minute drive from Sant Antiocco.

9. Porto Giunco

Located in the Southeast part of the island, Porto Giunco is one of the finest Sardinia beaches. With fine sand exhibiting different hues and clear blue seas to protective coves, the environment and scenery are incredible.

Finest among Sardinia beaches

There is profuse flora, including juniper and lentisks, that adds on the peculiar fragrance. The beach offers diving, snorkeling, hiking, trekking. Bathing and other stuff are available for rental services.

Hiking enthusiasts can climb up an old tower, the Tower of Porto Giunco, in the beach’s southwest area. The scenery is fascinating up there.
You can take the walkway encircled by eucalyptus from parking to the beach. It takes more or less 15 minutes.

10. Peppino’s Rock

Crystal clear water

Known for Peppino’s rock’s magnificent view, the last beach on the list of Sardinia beaches is Spiaggia di Scoglio di Peppino. It’s a small beach around 120 meters long. The beach is located near Castiadas on the southeast coast of Sardinia.

With crystal clear water, yellowish golden fragments of fine sand, deserted sea bed, and captivating scenery of Peppino’s rocks or rocks of extended Punta Santa Guista, The beach is one of the favorite spots of beach lovers. The shape of the rock resembles a big whale and is a major tourist attraction.

Peppino's rock

The beach offers windsurfing, kayaking, and pedal boating. The beach is well equipped with beach chairs. Boats, parasols, canes, umbrellas, sun loungers are available to rent. Bars selling drinks and restaurants facility is also available.

The beach is accessible by taking SP18. If you have already visited any of the above-mentioned beaches, do share your experience with us in the comment section below.

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