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Top 3 Must Watch Korean Dramas

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Yashasvini is an engineering, student. She is a pet lover and interested to do new things. She is a beginner who loves penning about all sorts of topics because she likes to learn about everything that she is capable of.

Korean drama or K-drama refers to television dramas which are in the Korean language. These are usually made in South Korea. There are of different categories like historical, romance, comedy, romantic -comedy, thriller, action, music, sci-fi, mystery, fantasy, crime, drama, horror and so on. The surprising facts about Korean dramas are that they are most watched by the people of India and other countries’. The feeling of love, faith, joyfulness, care, suspense, comedy which goes well with the situation and a hint of romance will make a perfect treat to all the viewers. Thus, these Korean dramas are the most popular among teenagers.  Here are some of the Korean dramas that must be watched, as this will give the viewer a satisfaction of watching a good drama and also makes us feel that it’s worth watching.

  1. Love Rain

“One, two, three, in just three seconds, I fell in love”. Yes! These beautiful words of In Ha remember the wonderful ever romantic drama called “Love rain”. This drama is meant to be on top one South Korean drama because it takes the viewers into a beautiful world called love. Love rain was directed by Yoon Seok-Ho. It tells a love story over 2 generations, with Jang Keun-Suk and Im Yoona playing dual roles in those two generations.


It’s love at first sight when our   hero, In Ha, meets the heroin, Yoon-Hee in the early seventies. It took lot of time for both of them to voice their feelings, but by that time due to some circumstances In Ha will be unhappily married to Baek Hye Jung, who was Yoon-Hee’s best friend, And likewise Kim Yoon –hee will be married. The mispairing of love made both of them to live unhappily and looking forward to making up lost time.


Later years passed, In Ha’s son will be a photographer and falls in love with Yoon-hee’s daughter by chance. Later time makes In Ha and Yoon-hee to meet again where Yoon-Hee will be a widow. Love blossomed among them again and they finally decided to get married as they were not aware of their children dating together and their marriage will make their son and daughter as step siblings. How will the further story goes on in this situation is the suspense. Will the people who were longing for years to meet their love have to marry? Or should they sacrifice their love for their children? Well, this reaches the end so you must watch it to get a clear picture of this LOVE RAIN.

  1. My Love From Star  

This drama has an opening theme of” My destiny” because the story is so curious about the destiny. This is a series which is all about an alien who lands on the earth in the Joseon Dynasty 400 years ago.


The role of an alien is played by Kim Soo-Hyun. He will be having a charming face and always stays away from people and live alone in a beautiful apartment and he also works in a company and prefers to be alone among modern era people. He never grew old as aliens remain the same since 400 years. This drama was written by “Park Ji Eun “. He later falls in love with a top sensational actress of modern era who was also his neighbor.


This role is played by Jun Ji-Hyun.  She is a pretty girl having a child like heart. She posts funny posts on social media and always become a laughing attraction to people. But she is a kindhearted girl who was in love with a man who rescued her from a road accident when she was a kid. She did not know how he looked now, but she was still waiting for that person and was deeply in love with him. Love has no limits and also does not matter with this real world relationship. Love is blind and so an alien falls in love with this beautiful girl without his knowledge whom he had met unknowingly years ago. Will they be together? Will she find that person whom she loved for years?  Watch it know the beautiful moments in this story.

  1. Boys Over Flowers

This is the best romantic comedy-drama with a hint of Cinderella story. Well, confused? Yes! This drama has an opening theme of” paradise” and based on a poor girl and four rich boys. The poor girl is Geum Jan-di, ( Ku Hye-su). And the four rich boys are Gu Jun Pyo (Lee Min-ho), Yoon Ji Hoo (Kim Hyun-Joong), So Yi Jung (Kim Bum), and Song Woo-Bin (Kim Joon).  These F4 are friends since childhood and thus they share a pure friendship and love each other to the core.

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Jan-di is a poor hardworking girl who gets an opportunity to get into the top school of south-Korea called Shinhwa high school because of some incident and by a scholarship. She finds herself shallow and very sad among her highly privileged classmates and especially the notorious f4. These f4 are rich, handsome and arrogant but at the same time they are deeply blessed with their talent and also kindhearted.None of them had the courage to challenge f4 but Jan-di was against them.

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Later f4 leader Joon-Puo, the proud and persistent man falls in love with Jan-di. But Jan-di shared a quite good and sensitive connection with Ji Hoo who was one among f4. Story goes on having beautiful moments to remember and finally Joon Pyo started dating Jan-di but as love can’t go on so easily, there arise numerous difficulties as Joon Pyo was rich and his mother was cruel and selfish business women and also the president of Shinhwa group. She tries to split them up and to do that she sends Joon Pyo far from Jan-di.

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In that distance, Ji Hoo starts caring Jan Di and pretends to be his boyfriend. But soon as Joon Pyo returns back to Korea, there exist a conflict when Joon Pyo finds that Ji Hoo likes Jan-di and thus the problem arises. Will Joon Pyo get back to Jan-di going against his mother? Watch it.

Written by Yashasvini

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Yashasvini is an engineering, student. She is a pet lover and interested to do new things. She is a beginner who loves penning about all sorts of topics because she likes to learn about everything that she is capable of.

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