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Top Five Reasons To Love Your Parents

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Parents are not perfect. They are impossible. Have you ever noticed how parents can go from the most wonderful people in the world to being totally embarrassing in just three seconds? I know it isn’t easy to understand them until you become one, or you can put down your phone and get to know them.

Your relationship with them changes significantly when you understand them. Let me give you the top five reasons you should love your parents, despite the fight I had with my mom today.

They will adore you even if they know you’re an idiot.

You think you are the most unfortunate thing that ever happened to earth and felt like a failure almost all the time. You want to kill yourself for being that way. At the end of the day, when you reach home after you’ve faced all sort of trash in the school only to prove you the same, there are hot cookies and your favorite soup waiting for you in your home.

Don’t you think they are lovely? They will love you. Forever, I promise! Bad grades?? Results may vary at times!

They can give you advice and suggestions on almost everything.

Only during the early stages of your life you won’t like your parents giving you pieces of advice on your career and life. After you cross that certain stage, you badly need someone to guide you through. Your friend will suggest you a good way, but your parents will suggest you take the best, despite its complexity.

Your friend might become jealous of you one day, but your parents will take you through the difficulties, put you on top and still be happy at your achievement despite the scars they might get in the way. So, stop thinking your parents are outmoded. Drop your phone down and listen to them. I promise they are nice people.

They will always be there.

You know they won’t let you down. They will never. Wait for the worst part of your life and figure out who your true soul mates are. Your friends don’t want to share your depression while your parents try to bring you out of trouble. They talk to you about how you’ve gone through worse situations in your life. If you want this to happen, you got to share things first. They won’t judge you. They will believe in you and support you. I think that’s more than enough.

They will be proud of you.

Bring home a National Medal or a small piece of design; unless it is stolen, your parents are going to be extremely proud of you. They are happy to appreciate your hidden talents until that’s something related to drugs and alcohol. They do express how glad they are to have a kid like you.

They deserve it.

They have made your childhood awesome. They’ve annoyed you and loved you, been with you through your bad times, and tolerated a kid like you. Even if they’re mean, it’s for your own good. They are happy and proud of you since they saw you in the sonogram picture and promised to give you the best life.


Parents aren’t just people, whom you come out of,

They are whom you want to be in the future. The Best!

I hope these reasons convinced you enough to look at your parents and realize how lovely and strong support they have been. You got to love them in return for everything they’ve faced for you so far. Try them. They are much better than many of your fake friends.

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