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Traveller’s Guide to “Packing Light”

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With my father being a travel enthusiast, travelling was always a crucial part of my life. It has helped shape a major part of me, teaching me things that no textbook or classroom could have ever done. An adventure sure has a lot to offer, but with one obstacle, PACKING!

Traveller's Guide to "Packing Light" 1


Packing was one of the most mammoth tasks of the whole journey, especially when no one really understood the meaning of travelling light. It’s not easy to settle for the bare minimum when you can’t help but pack everything and the kitchen. This is the reason people usually aspire to pack light but majority fails miserably. Through my epic failures and misfortunes of not being able to travel light but finally learning to master the art, I bring you the following tips and tricks that might help you for your next expedition, provided you be patient and controlling of yourself.

  • Travel Bags 

Traveller's Guide to "Packing Light" 2

It’s highly advised to carry a travel bag that you can pick up comfortably. My personal preference is a trolley big enough for you to carry and run ( For when you are running late, of course). Remember, if you keep your luggage small, you’ll HAVE to use the space wisely which will make it easier to pack light.

  • Carry Bags/ Duffel  

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I usually prefer a medium sized carry bag for my handy essentials like mobile phone, wallet, documents/ID cards, pen/pencil, books, medication, hand sanitizer, light snacks, a small water bottle etc., so that I do not have to fidget around my luggage constantly.

  • Clothing  

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One thing we usually carry extra is clothes, for if they get dirty or wet, we have an extra pair or two for change. But other times, we usually just want to pack everything because what if there’s a party! No one wants to look bad at any point in time. However, it’s advisable to carry undergarments in highest numbers, 3-4 varieties of shirts and pullovers, and minimal numbers of bottoms and trousers. Denim serves best as they can be worn for a number of days without a wash. The numbers of garment you carry mainly depend on the number of days you’ll be on the move, but remember, your luggage can only hold enough, so choose wisely.

  • First Aid Kit 

Traveller's Guide to "Packing Light" 5

A mini First Aid kit is a necessity no matter where you go travelling. In case of emergencies, they’ll provide temporary relief till professional help takes over. This kit should include 2-3 band-aids, an ointment that works for cuts/wounds and rashes, a small bottle of antiseptic solution, painkiller tablets and cream/spray for muscle pains.


  • Toiletries

Traveller's Guide to "Packing Light" 6

This is one of the most important portions of the packed luggage. Your toiletries must include –

  1. Toothbrush and Toothpaste
  2. Small Soap Bar
  3. Shampoo (and conditioner)
  4. Towel
  5. Shaving cream and razor ( to whoever it may concern)
  6. Deodorant/perfume
  7. Face wash along with moisturiser and a sunscreen
  8. Comb or hairbrush

Anything more than the list given above is extra and should be avoided.

  • Electronics 

Traveller's Guide to "Packing Light" 7

If you are on a vacation, try not to carry work-related gadgets and enjoy your time walking around and discovering the new place, or simply relaxing. However, if you are required to carry electronic items, do carry your mobile, laptop/tablets and their respective chargers. Carry a power bank too. Make sure you have enough balance in your phone and enough money along with credit/debit cards to stay financially secure throughout your trip.

But I would still recommend ditching your phone for once and enjoying a book instead. You could be the one discovering Narnia next, who knows?

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