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What is Tantric Massage: 8 Incredible Details

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With daily life’s hardships, we all want to calm our nerves and relax our body with a good massage. One popular type of massage is the tantric massage, which many believe to be the best way of relieving stress. This article will tell you everything you need to know about what is tantric massage.

The massage helps relieve our body’s pain and helps in better circulation of the blood, relaxing of stiff muscles, and the psychological satisfaction to relieve the stress.

Let’s get into the detail of what is tantric massage, how a masseuse provides these services, and how tantric massages are different from other massages.

What Is Tantric Massage?

Tantric massage originates from Berlin. The massage uses various studies and facts of yoga and sexual therapy. However, it is important to remember that tantric massage works primarily on folk beliefs.

what is tantric massage

It is an erotic massage that focuses on the client’s erogenous zones and sexual energy. The massage helps a person focus on their sexual energy and release it to fulfill their desire while taking the massage.

Many believe that a tantric massage is a form of relaxation that comes from the wisdom of sacred practices. Even the name of the massage is related to the mythical powers of gods and goddesses.

To know more about what is tantric massage, let’s look up how it is different from other massages.

How is Tantric Massage Different From Other Kinds of Massage?

You need to know how a tantric massage differs from the other regular massages, what unique quality tantric massage has that other massage cannot provide before booking a session.

Ordinary massages only relax your body to relieve your stress and improve blood circulation. A typical body massage mainly focuses on the body parts that we use for carrying out day to day activities.

what is tantric massage

The tantric massage primarily focuses on sexual desires and erogenous zones like the mouth, anus, breast, penis, and vagina.

Tantric massage involves moving into different positions, taking into consideration the sexual energy of the body.

Massages Similar to Tantric Massage

There are different kinds of tantric massages, categorised according to positions, gender, and needs that should be fulfilled while you lie on your stomach.

When you research about what is tantric massage, you will find various kinds of techniques that fall under the umbrella of tantric massage. You can find some other names for the tantric massage according to the region. It is very popularly known as the ”Happy Ending” massage in some of the popular cultures.

Yoni Massage

Yoni massage is for only females in which the masseuse focuses on providing sexual desire. The primary body parts, which are considered, are the g-spot, breast, vagina, anus, and mouth.

what is tantric massage
The massage doesn’t focus on deriving the orgasm of the client, but on rotating the sexual energy properly. However, while performing a yoni massage, a client may have an orgasm.

Lingam Massage

It is precisely for men, and the massage focuses on the body’s prime sexual energy and relaxation. With the massage, the masseuse tries to create an environment of utmost satisfaction for their client.

There are chances that ejaculation occurs in the whole process, but the massage doesn’t focus on that. Lingam massage provides the client with the satisfaction of their innermost desire.

Taoist Tantra Massage

Taoist Tantra Massage originated from China. While giving the massage, the masseuse uses the Taoist knowledge to relax the client’s body. In the process of massage, you can hear mild Taoist meditation playing in the background to soothe your mind.

Benefits of Tantric Massage

Tantra massage might be controversial, but it does do a lot of benefits for a person. It has more benefits than regular body massages and will definitely leave a sign of satisfaction after the massage.

You definitely need to know the benefits of tantric massage are when you ask what is tantric massage.

what is tantric massage
1. The Flow of Sexual Energy

The primary benefit provided by the tantric massage is the proper flow of sexual energy. The sexual tension in a body may cause many discomforts, both mentally and physically, to a person.

Tantric massage helps to connect with the innermost desire of ourselves. It helps a person to find the needs they were ignorant of before.

2. Body Relaxation

Like any other body massage, tantric massage also helps in body relaxation. It helps to clear out the stress and unwanted tension in our bodies.

The massage helps in the regulation of the blood flow that helps in better circulation in our body too. It increases one’s stamina and can work out the body in a better way.

3. Efficient for Recovering any Sexual Dysfunction

Tantra massage is highly beneficial for those who are suffering from any psychological or sexual dysfunction. As the massage focuses on a person’s erogenous zones, it increases the capability of sexual performance.

Necessities of Tantric Massage

We all know the basic elements of a massage are massage oil, a massage table, and a good masseuse.

If you want to know what tantric massage is, you need to understand how the tantric massage is delivered to a person.

what is tantric massage
1. Developing Skills

The masseuse who performs the massage actually needs to go through various practices and knowledge before performing the tantra massage.

The giver needs to know about chakras’ flow, basic knowledge of sexual therapy, acupuncture points, and many more.
One cannot perform the tantra massage before developing the necessary skills.

2. Syncing

The performer tries to sync with the energy flowing in the client’s body to adjust it according to what will benefit them. The massage itself covers the most sensitive parts of the human mind and body, so the synchronisation of client and masseuse are essential.

There is a special way of communication between the two that allows synchronisation and the acceptance of each other’s bodies.

3. Time Limit

Like any other massages, tantric massage also has a set duration, and one has to perform the massage within that time limit. The time limit is also necessary so that the client fall does not fall out of the peak state that has been created by the massage. Different massage centres have their own time limits depending on how they administer the massage, but the massage generally lasts between one and two hours.

4. Meditative Music

The massage cannot deliver to a person without a serene environment. The space where the masseuse is performing their craft needs to have a peaceful and soothing atmosphere. The performer often prefers to do massages with background meditation music.

As we live in a surrounding with a hectic workload, meditation music and a soothing environment help to detoxify our body.

5. Regular Breathing

According to sacred knowledge in various cultures, controlled breathing is of the utmost importance. Breathing helps in controlling our emotions and the health of the body. In the whole process, deep breathing is necessary to acquire the most out of the massage.

Deep breathing is not only necessary for the client but also for the performer. The coordination needs to be there between the giver and the receiver for efficient service.

what is tantric massage

Posture in Tantric Massage

Tab-yum or Lotus

In lotus posture, one partner crosses their legs while sitting on the upper thighs of another partner. They have to cross their ankles behind their partner’s back.

While the other partner places their palms on their knees, the person needs to breathe slowly and deeply to synchronise with their partner.

Hand on Heart

One partner needs to sit cross-legged while facing the front of their partner.

After that, the partner needs to place their right hand on their partner’s heart, and vice versa. Both of them will then close their eyes and feel the energy that surrounds them. The emotions and rhythm between the two partners is an essential part of the tantric massage. Partners should try to connect in silence.

The Relaxed Arch

In this position, one partner will sit upright on the bed while the other partner will sit on their knees on the partner’s lap. After getting comfortable with the position, the partner will try to arch their body slowly.

Then they should rest in between their partner’s legs while holding the feet of their partner.

The other partner, who is upright on the bed, will arch back slowly and rest their head on the bed. The partner needs to face their palms downward

The Amazing Butterfly

In ‘amazing butterfly,’ the partner lies down on the bed. While their upper body is on the bed, their lower body will be held by their partner. They will rest their palms on the bed, facing downward, and loosen their body.

Then, the other partner will stand upright and hold their partner’s legs on both the side of their head. The partner will put their hand on the butt of their body and lift the person on the bed. They will raise the body till their partner’s spine is not touching the bed.

The partners will then press their genitals together and create friction.

When you are asking about what is tantric massage and how it can help you? You need to understand that it is only for you to free yourself from all the wasteful circulation of your sexual energy.


When you want to relieve the sexual tension in your body, you definitely need to know what is tantric massage. It is the fulfilment of the innermost desire of your body. It can help you to have a stable flow of sexual energy.

The following article has hopefully given you the details of what is tantric massage and will help you understand why it is beneficial

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