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What to Wear to a Winery: 7 Stunning Outfit Tips For You!

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What to wear to a winery? The thought keeps bothering you deep inside, and we understand that. So, to help get out of this dilemma, we’ll guide you about what to wear to a winery?

Wineries are not like a shopping mall, where you can go to whenever you feel like it. Wineries are quite posh and subtle places, and such adjectives confuse people a lot about what to wear to a winery.

Wine tasting is an elegant and fun activity that is not enjoyed regularly. That is why to make the moment special and worth remembering, your outfit plays an important role.

The outfit you’ll wear to a winery needs to elegant and a balance between casual and classy. For in-depth details about your winery outfit, read some more!

What to Wear to a Winery? 7 Stunning Outfit Tips!

1.Get dressed

What to wear to a winery

This is the most important part where everyone gets confused. It’s totally fine to take a minute to give a thought to your wine tasting attire.

A few things that you need to avoid are the wearing of dark colors, because it won’t go well with the views of Napa Valley. Don’t wear skinny jeans and a t-shirt as it is not the best outfit ideas for wine tasting.

It is recommended to wear a floral dress, and don’t fear wearing white as it makes the best day-outfit. Any kind of casual and elegant dress will be a better option. A maxi-dress has a better elegant look. This was the first step towards the doubt of what to wear to a winery.

For men, layering and experimenting with your outfit is recommended. Keeping the look casual but classy with a denim jacket or floral print blazer will go best with the ambiance.

2. Choose the shoes

What to wear to a winery

The choice of shoes depends on the rawness of the winery. If the winery has a paved pathway and indoors, then high heels can be recommended because it adds a charm to your whole look.

But if the pathways are unstructured, and there are plans of roaming around in the vineyard, then flats or flat heels would best. Get a brief idea about the winery condition so that you can get an ample amount of time deciding what to wear to a winery.

Looking fashionable in comfortable clothes and shoes is not a difficult task. Just a little thought and style tips can help you create a great look. In case heels are your choice, then keeping a backup option of flats can be a moment-savior.

Avoid wearing stilettoes and pointed heels because a sore foot can ruin the wine tasting experience. Sneakers aren’t the best option as it makes the look too casual.

For men, except sneakers and sports shoes, some semi-formal shoes or loafers will be best. Don’t go for purely formals or feel confused about what to wear to a winery because people visit here for relaxation and experience.

3. Bags and accessories

What to wear to a winery

Adding accessories to your attire is one of the best ways of creating or transforming a look. Some of the compulsory accessories you need to carry during your winery visit include a bag, sunglasses, and a hat.

The lesser you carry, the better it will be; therefore, try to carry a small purse or cross bag. In a winery, you are supposed to be touching and picking a lot of items. Therefore being hands-free would help you in better exploration.

While you will be holding a lot of wine glasses, it would be best if you wear an accessory on your wrist; a wristwatch or a small bracelet will do the job. You may need to try many chocolates and cheese, so focus on adding accessories to your hands and fingers.

Find a middle ground, and don’t overdo your winery outfit. Adding excessive pieces of jewelry is not recommended for a day-look.  Carrying a medium-sized hat would help in preventing excessive sun exposure.

The guys who are wondering what to wear to a winery should not bother much about accessories. Carry a cap, a wristwatch, and a few of your belongings in a small pouch and tie it around your waist or cross-body bag will do the job.

If you are a hard-core wine lover, then there are a few wine-related accessories that you should carry with you during your winery visit.

4. The hair

What to wear to a winery

Hair plays the most important role in creating a look and can help solve the problem of what to wear to a winery. Keeping your hair maintenance-free is the advice of every style guide.

Those who have long hair are advised to wear it up because wine tasting rooms are filled with people, and lots of interactions are done here. So, tying your hair up will keep you focused and not self-involved.

Roaming around in the sun and walking through the vineyards can be disturbing with open hair, therefore try to keep it maintenance free so that the views can be enjoyed.

Those with shorter hair can create a half-bun look or leave it open because it should be fine as far as it is not bothering you. Try to cover your hair with a hat while roaming around in the sun.

5. Make-up

What to wear to a winery

One of the most important parts that will help create a wine tasting outfit and look, which is make-up. Your make-up should be light and done with the concerns of being out all day.

As you are going to visit a posh place, light makeup is recommended because no-makeup can make your look dull and a complete failure. To get out of what to wear to a winery dilemma, get started with your make-up.

Take care of your lips because you are going to taste a lot of wine. It is advisable to use ChapStick instead of lipsticks. You can use tinted ChapStick for making your lips hydrated while giving it a pigment.

Use of lipstick is not recommended as, during the wine tasting, the lipsticks tend to transfer a lot, and you need to re-apply it a lot. Therefore, this can create mental discomfort, avoid such a scenario, and don’t forget to carry a chap-stick.

For skin, you can apply sunblock and a bit of BB cream or light foundation to give a refreshing look to your face. Do your eyebrows, put on a little mascara, and that should be enough in keeping it simple.

6. Perfume choices

what to wear to a winery

If you are still a little confused about what to wear to a winery, then wearing perfume is a big no. The reason behind the exclusion of perfume during your winery visit is the smelling session at the vineyard.

When you wear a strong smell, and carry it around it, stay with your senses. While visiting wineries, you will smell a lot of wine, and it is important to experience and decipher the exact tone. So, to avoid the authentic wine and your perfume’s confusion, try not to apply it before visiting the winery.

Some people mention this etiquette as a courtesy when you are visiting in a group. Using strong perfume attracts unwanted attention, as well. Therefore, try to avoid wearing perfume during a winery visit.

The same applies to men as well; it has been noted that men use even more deodorant than women to smell fresh.

7. Season Considerations

what to wear to a winery

While visiting the infamous Napa Valley or Sonoma County, weather considerations are an important factor that will help decide what to wear to a winery.

The best season for visiting wineries is spring and falls because the weather remains pleasant, and you can style every type of wine country casual outfits you like. Pairing winter fashions, along with summer outfits creates the best looks.

In case you had the opportunity to visit wineries during the winter season, then what to wear to a winery during winter’s lands with a huge question mark. Despite the cold, winter clothes are fashionable and give an elite look.

You can wear a dress and a jacket along with a pair of boots that will create a balanced look, which is one of the best solutions to the question of what to wear to a winery.

Whatever the reason may be, dressing up always helps in gaining that lost confidence. Fashion advice is not limited to women because men’s fashion is equally important.

Coming to the summer season, which is one of the best seasons for wearing light and fashionable clothes. A lot of people say that shorts are not the best attire to carry to the wineries. But, when worn with a slightly formal touch, it makes one of the best winery outfits of summer.

These are a few tips that should be taken care of while your visit to the winery. It is normal to feel confused about what to wear to a winery, in case you are going for the first time or didn’t take great photos the last time you went.

We hope that we have helped you get out of the dilemma of what to wear to a winery, so when you visit the next time, dress up and look your best.

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