Where does Everything in the Bermuda Triangle Go?

Where does Everything in the Bermuda Triangle Go? 1

Bermuda Triangle is a region in western part of North Atlantic Ocean with not a very well defined area limits. It is also known as devil’s triangle due to various strange disappearances following a pattern of mysterious events in the region. Some claim it to be a manufactured mystery by the writers and authors may it be intentional or unintentional based on their faulty logic and reasoning which created misconceptions among the people. There are still various reasons that justify the happenings at the region and may help solve the Bermuda Triangle mystery.


1. Compass Variation:

mcIt has been one of the most popular reasons behind the devilishness of the region. Compass variation is the difference between the geographical and magnetic North and South which is nearly a difference of 1500 miles, but at the Bermuda Triangle, the compass points the actual north and not the actual one. This can be attributed to the unique environmental features in the region. So if the navigator does not take into account this disparity in the direction it can land them into great trouble.


2. Unfavorable Weather:

introWaterspouts, Tornadoes, Water Cyclones and Hurricanes can suddenly spawn under warm waters. Receiving warnings for such violent weather is difficult as can appear out of nowhere and disappear as quickly as created which leads to loss to the navigators and heavy destruction. This kind of weather is responsible for many strange disappearances that remain mysterious to us.


3. Pirates:

piratesSince early history, Caribbean Water was under the control of pirates, so there is a strong possibility of the existence of some unknown groups of pirates in the region who are actively engaged in such disappearances.


4. Methane:

shipLarge fields of Methane Hydrates are present on the Continental shelves. These trapped pockets of Methane if suddenly released can rush to the surface like huge bubbles and can sink a ship by decreasing the water density. It is considered that periodic methane eruptions can make the water unfit for ships as the methane eruption makes the water incapable of providing the adequate buoyancy. So in such a case a ship can easily sink without any warnings.


5. Paranormal Causes:

These are supernatural causes and have no logical explanations as well. These are given by various authors which include existence of black holes, gravitational disturbances or existence of aliens.

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