Why Do Fathers Hate Their Daughters’ Boyfriends?

Why Do Fathers Hate Their Daughters' Boyfriends?

The bond between father and daughter is one of the most important relationships in a girl’s life. She is not hesitant at all to pour her heart out to her dad, and of course, fathers tend to be extra protective of their princesses. From the clothes she chooses to wear to the people she hangs out with, fathers seek to have a say in everything. For a dad, his daughter is his angel. In such a case, if any other guy comes into her life who claims that he will take care of her just as well as the former does, it can give rise to some conflicts of opinion.

The consensus is that a father cannot approve that his daughter has a boyfriend, no matter how intelligent and capable he may be. He is always greeted with scorn. While this is a generalization and there are always exceptions to every rule, this is proven to apply to most cases.

The Top Reasons Fathers Hate their Daughter’s Boyfriend

Here are reasons why every father believes his daughter’s boyfriend to be lacking:

1) He never considers the boy capable enough

A father cannot accept that his daughter’s boyfriend is mature enough to look after his little angel. Even if the boyfriend is successful in his career, his sweetheart’s father will never be wholly satisfied or impressed. He wants the best man in the world for the apple of his eye.admin-ajax


2) Daughter’s first love

A father is his daughter’s, first love. According to fatherly philosophies, no man in the entire universe can take his place in his daughter’s heart. He knows that he is the only man who will never hurt her and will sacrifice everything to see her smile. He firmly believes that no guy is responsible enough to look after his girl and give her the love she deserves.

3)  The difference of opinion

A father and his daughter’s boyfriend tend to be poles apart. If one is north, the other is south. Unfortunately, they always seem to disobey the law of science, which says that unlike poles attract and repel each other instead. They can never seem to come to an agreement or understand each other. For a father, his ideologies are always correct, and no one can prove him wrong. These principles never match with those the boyfriend considers to be the gospel truth. They are always up for a debate on any topic, and often the unfortunate, unwitting lady is caught in the crossfire.



4) Loss of dominance

For a father, his daughter’s boyfriend is the enemy of his kingdom, opposing his dominion. He cannot accept another man’s influence on his family. While this is certainly a rather primitive thought process, redundant in the progressive world that the 21st century has brought, it nevertheless feeds the enmity at a primal level. A father is a king in his daughter’s eyes, and all at once, suddenly, he is superseded. This is a hard situation for every father to tolerate.mommie-dearest-over-protective-dads-600x450-300x225

5) Protective father

A father never wishes to see his beloved child in any trouble. At heart, he’ll just be looking out for his daughter. A father cannot change for what he is to his daughter, and no man in the world ever can. For fathers, their daughters are God’s most precious gifts whom they nurture with love, care and affection. Any pain or hurt caused to his daughter can bring tears to his eyes. images (2)

So for all the men who promise their girlfriends that they will support, cherish and love them, remember you have a lot to live up to. Love her immensely and prove that you are worthy of her love, and you will one day be worthy of her father’s respect and affection too.

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