Before we delve into that, let’s point out some facts. If you are looking for a place to buy auto parts, you can never run out of options. After all, many stores are selling such products. Some are brick-and-mortar, whereas others are online stores.

Out of the online auto parts stores, one name that’s hard to go unmentioned for long is Partsgeek. It is quite famous due to its low prices. Whereas the deal sounds great, some questions will often arise under these circumstances.

For instance, why is Partsgeek so cheap? Is it a reason to worry, or should I embrace its offers without hesitation? There is only one way to find out. You should keep reading since this post discusses this mystery in detail. Check it out!

why is partsgeek so cheap
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1. About Partsgeek      

If you are looking for auto parts and accessories, Partsgeek is an online store that has proven reliable in this industry. Besides serving its customers, it strives to give them the best shopping experience.

It started operating in 2008, and that hasn’t changed over a decade later. Partsgeek’s headquarters are in Doylestown, Pennsylvania. That’s not its major place of operation, though. After all, it has a website where all the purchases and processes, such as customer queries and returns, occur.

One must admit that its presence in the country is indisputably strong. However, don’t expect any international shipping from it. It has about 30 employees who are responsible for its normal business operations. Given its customer experience and flawless workflow, one must admit that the employees are enough for the online store.

It is also worth noting that its revenue is about $20 million. That’s remarkable growth, showing that it is a company worth trusting.

As mentioned earlier, it is an online store. Its operations are through a website that’s quite simple. Despite the simplicity, one must admit that the site is quite user-friendly. Its menu icons are well-organized to simplify navigation. The same applies to its color scheme, and its fast loading is impressive.

One must also mention that the site has a loyalty plan. Therefore, you can get passive income by referring clients to the online store. However, you only receive a commission if the referral materializes to a purchase.

partsgeek is so cheap
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2. Reasons Partsgeek is so cheap

It is no secret that Partsgeek sells its automobile parts at relatively low prices. Some offers sound quite absurd since one can’t understand how it can afford to offer its customers a discount as huge as 80% off.

The first one is the fact that it only operates online. Therefore, there may be no need for many physical stores to stock its products. Consequently, the store doesn’t need much money to operate. Thanks to the operating expenses being way lower than typical auto parts stores, Partsgeek can be quite cheap and still make a profit.

As an online store, some expenses become inapplicable. Some of the expenses include utility bills and property taxes. It also means the store doesn’t have a substantial wage bill. Do you now understand why Partsgeek is so cheap?

Besides, the relationship it has with the auto parts suppliers is strong. What do you expect after doing business for more than 15 years? Consequently, the suppliers offer them better deals than most upcoming stores. Under such circumstances, Partsgeek can conveniently offer low prices to its customers.

There is also the economies of scale. On one side, the store sells various auto accessories and spare parts. On the other hand, it is popular and has a huge customer base. Such economies of scale are hard to achieve but efficient for making huge profits despite selling at a low price.

3. Advantages of Partsgeek

We already know why Partsgeek is so cheap. However, it is not the only advantage of buying from the store. Here are the advantages of Partsgeek.

3.1 A Wide Variety of Auto Parts

Auto Parts
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Thanks to Partsgeek, customers don’t need to visit several stops for auto accessories and spare parts. After all, it has a huge collection that reduces your chances of visiting another store. With more than 10 million products, that’s a wide variety.

These products aren’t from the same company either. The online store sells products from about 200 automakers. Some are aftermarket, whereas others are OEM products catering to people’s budgets and preferences.

That’s a plus, given how most auto shops offer a limited variety of parts and accessories. Others limit it to a particular brand. So, save yourself the inconvenience of walking from one store to another by considering Partsgeek.

3.2 Fair Prices

Partsgeek is so cheap, thanks to its wholesale pricing. Remember that the store doesn’t have to worry about many operational costs. After all, it operates online, thus translating to little to no overhead expenditure.

Who wouldn’t want such impressive offers? That’s also another advantage of Partsgeek. You don’t get a discount of up to 80% every day.

3.3 Convenience

Remember that Partsgeek is an online store. Therefore, you can easily find various auto parts and accessories in the comfort of your home. Its filter feature allows you to narrow your search depending on various features.

You can also buy without leaving your home or any other comfort zone. This convenience saves you the time and effort to visit physical shops.

cheap partsgeek
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4. Disadvantages of Partsgeek

While Partsgeek is so cheap, it has several disadvantages, including the following;

4.1 Complex Return Policy

Did you know that you can’t return open electronics to Partsgeek? The store doesn’t refund the shipping cost either. Customers also complain about partial refunds and the complicated instructions to get the money back. So, only order from this store if you know what you need.

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In The End

Customers can smile since it has nothing to do with defective auto parts and accessories. On the contrary, it is all thanks to its operational structure.

As an online store, operational costs become quite low. Consequently, it can sell its products lowly without incurring loss.

So, do not hesitate to buy from Partsgeek because its prices are relatively low. It doesn’t mean that the products are low quality. However, don’t expect smoothness if returning a product. As long as it is electronic, you might never get a chance to return it.




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