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Zomato’s Creative Posts.

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People go out with friends, families, colleagues, so on and so forth. All of us get Hungry, and all of us need space for gossip. The locality you are in has lots of places, or either it doesn’t have any. Life has become easy with the evolution of technology, and ideas have spun around it.

ZOMATO” is one such idea that has allowed people to find, like, and review each food place. Let us see what ideas Zomato has come up with to attract the lot.

Marketing has always been every organization’s important aspect. Always be very creative when you market. 

Zomato has been successful at mastering the art of marketing, and the following is a list of some of their best marketing strategies!!

1.What are Indian parties like for teetotalers.

Going to a party with your always “HIGH” friends and meeting their always “HIGH” friends and the regular conversation you are pulled into and being questioned.

Zomato's Creative Posts. 1
Every Teetotalers story.

2) What are Plants then?

Bunch of friends, with a combination of veggies and Non Veggies. What Veggies get to hear when their non-veggie friends converse. To all the fellow veggies.

Zomato's Creative Posts. 2
Vegetarians Story.

3) Been there.

Do foodies always have that one question of “Agle Baar kidhar”? They decide places, and they also decide dates over a meal.
Always settle arguments when you are having a happy meal. 🙂

Zomato's Creative Posts. 3
Nothing is impossible.

4) The Most Important meal.

Your day begins with a heavy meal, and you can decide where to get the better meal of the day to start the day off with a kick.

Zomato's Creative Posts. 4
Important Meal.

5) Mondays.

You begin your Mondays with a heavy head, and the best way to get rid of it is to have a cup of coffee.

Grab a coffee; Refreshen yourself.

Zomato's Creative Posts. 5

6) This is what they wanted.

When you categorize food according to the profession, yes, this is the result.

The best of the lot.
I thoroughly enjoyed reading this.

Zomato's Creative Posts. 6
What did they say?

7) Always the unplanned.

You make plans for the day, but you don’t decide where to have a meal.

So, for the Unplanned “Zomato.”

Zomato's Creative Posts. 7
The Obvious thing.

8) Yahoo Techies fired.

When the Techies of Yahoo were fired, this was released for all those who wanted to get back into another position.

Zomato is hiring.

Zomato's Creative Posts. 8
Fired, Opportunity?

9) Size does matter.

I’m Still hungry, said nobody ever, because we have got varied sizes.

Zomato's Creative Posts. 9
Size, please.

10) Right now.

Bachelors losing out a day’s meal. Hope to see you back on shelves.


Zomato's Creative Posts. 10
Missing Happening.

11) Food has no age limits, which is how Zomato has attracted children during children’s day.

Zomato's Creative Posts. 11


12) Want to recruit?
This is how Zomato has done it.
Just get them done.

Zomato's Creative Posts. 12


Which side are you on?

Are you on the Butter chicken side or the roast lamb?
Simply: India or Australia.

Zomato's Creative Posts. 13

14) On Star Wars day.
May 4th be with you.

Let there be no war! 😉

Zomato's Creative Posts. 14

15) The only time you are excited about mmmm. day!
Taste in order
Happy Working.

Zomato's Creative Posts. 15


Author : D Saikiran
Foodie | Photographer | Blogger.
I will be back soon.


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