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10 Beautiful Churches in Indianapolis

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What could be better than visiting the churches in Indianapolis and find some tranquility and solace? It is generally noticed that the younger generations and the teens are not visiting the churches, which has become a major concern of their parents.

Maybe they think churches are a boring place to visit but these churches in Indianapolis would completely change their views. There are many things that one can learn from them and include them in their daily lives.

Churches in Indianapolis

1) Vineyard Life Church

Featuring number one in the list of churches at Indianapolis is The Vineyard Life Church, which is located in West Indianapolis. The church was established with a mission to built a community of people that would wholeheartedly serve Christ and propagate the idea of love and brotherhood around.

The Vineyard Life Church was officially established in 2006 with 120 people attending its first sermon. From then onward the church is running successfully with a good number of volunteers who volunteer at the church on a regular basis and enthusiastically participate at the various events that are organized from time to time.

The Vineyard Church is among some of the churches in Indianapolis that organizes many events to serve the people like water baptism and food pantry. The food pantry event aims to provide food and other essentials to the people who are in need of some help. The Vineyard Life Church also has a weekend prayer team and a healing room. You can also request for online prayers at the church as well.

10 Beautiful Churches in Indianapolis 1

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If you are looking a place to visit and serve the people then this among the churches in Indianapolis could be the one.

2) Traders Point Christian Church, Downtown

Established in 1832, the Traders Point Christian Church Downtown is also one of the oldest churches in Indianapolis. The church has a very moral approach to remove all the hindrances that a person faces in knowing Jesus and make him or her a better person altogether. The Traders Point Christian Church is very different from most of the churches in Indianapolis because of its wide range of attractions.

Usually parents find it very difficult to link their children with god and fill them up with some religious sentiments and service towards God. Still, this church would do this without even letting your kids realize it can would in every possible way would try to make it interesting as well.

They have made birth kinder-gardens and traders point physical campuses that include many playful activities depending on the age group and likes and dislikes of the child. The church activities are designed in such a way that they are both meaningful and creative at the same time. You can also stay connected and track the church’s latest activities by subscribing to traders weekly and can also follow their Facebook page as well.

To read more about the Traders Point Christian Church click here.

3) Heartland Church

Located in Northeast Indianapolis, this is another of the many churches in Indianapolis. The church has a unique feature of a prayer wall on the digital platform where people send their prayers and requests.

You can donate and volunteer at the Heartland Church. The Heartland Church also has some facilities for the children and day care facility, which helps many working parents as they can assure the safety of their children.

The atmosphere in which a child is staying, matters a lot in his or her upbringing. At Heartland daycare facility, parents do not need to worry about the environment because no place could provide a better environment than a church itself. Many online tutorials and programs are also made available for the kids at their official website.

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If you are a member of the church and cannot visit it for the Sunday service, you can also attend it via an online platform. You should definitely consider the Heartland Church and visit it.

10 Beautiful Churches in Indianapolis 2

4) The Lakeview Church

This is another of the churches in Indianapolis you should visit; if not for some religious purposes then, definitely for a coffee break. Yes! For a coffee, The Lakeview Church looks forward for people to come and join them for a coffee. This is such a unique and different approach to make people listen and understand something on their own accord by giving them the free will to decide.

Apart from worship, the Lakeview Church also appreciates and encourages music to a great extent. So if not for coffee, then you should be definitely be visiting this church to explore its music. Few places attract people towards itself and according to me the Lakeview Church is one of them. There are special categories by the name of ministries that are further sub –divided into more categories like men, women , kids, youth, etc. which organise programs and conferences for a particular group.

To visit the official website of the Lakeview Church, click here.

5) City of Lights Church

Owing to all their reverence to the Gospel, the City of Lights Church was established to connect people and unite them as well by religious means. The City of Lights Church always has a very packed schedule every month because apart from organizing Sunday services, it is also striving for organizing other events for its members.

You can always check out for the upcoming events by clicking here.

The City of Lights church also invites online donations, so if you are a philanthropist, then, you can also go for this one.

6) College Park Church

With the core value of extravagant grace the College Park Church was established and is growing ever since more and more people joining the place and showing more love towards Gospel and Jesus. Plus, the organizations are also being flooded with charitable donations for its continuous existence and making the church work peaceful without any hindrance.

Till now the College Park Church has a total area of 31 acres and is expanding ever since. You should consider visiting the College Park Church among all the churches in Indianapolis for its annual THINK Conference. The THINK Conference is a way to discuss the ideas and theology of the church and make more and more people become aware of it.

Conferences always serve as a great way to discuss things and arguments, by conducting such events people can easily put forward their views and opinions in front of others.

10 Beautiful Churches in Indianapolis 3

Visit the official site by clicking here.

7) Life Journey Church

Since established the Life Journey Church has been growing in number, more people are joining it with a hope to bring about a change in their lives. With the interactive sermons, this church aims at making your day a better one. The events organized by the Life Journey Church would make you fall in love with it making you a regular visitor of the Life Journey Church.

The kids would also love to participate and indulge in various activities and events are organized by the Life Journey Church. You can also join their live steam sessions on you tube as well. Don’t forget to visit this among the churches in Indianapolis.

Click here to visit the official site of the Life Journey Church, Indianapolis.

8) Common Ground Christian Church

At the Common Ground Christian Church you could find a lot common among people visiting the place just like you by simply interacting and conversing with them. The Sunday timings of the church are from 8 am to 11 am. The Sunday session is full of biblical teachings and thoughts that would help you understand life better and in a more simpler aspect.

There are many locations in Indianapolis where you can go and visit the Common Ground Christian Church so that you don’t have to miss out on any of its events.

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9) Soma Church, Indianapolis

Another one on the list of churches in Indianapolis is the Soma Church. With the motto of “the Gospel can change everything”, the Soma Church was established. You can check out the nearest  Soma church and know the events line up for the month and schedule your visit accordingly.

10) Radiate Church

The Radiate Church would give you a very different experience of praying and connecting to God than all of the churches in Indianapolis. The prayer session at the Radiate Church lasts for about 60 minutes which starts off with the musical performance of the Radiate band. The lyrics are also displayed on a screen so s to make the process more musical and encourage people to sing along.

You can go to the Radiate Church with your entire family and kids. Everyone is warmly welcomed here.

10 Beautiful Churches in Indianapolis 4

Click here to visit the official site of the Radiate Church.

So this was my list of churches in Indianapolis that you should be visiting any time soon. Churches are a good place to pay a visit and make yourself be at peace for some time and take home that same peaceful feeling with yourself.

The vibe that churches are filled with is something beyond words and to put that thing in words would also be a kind of disrespect to the purest vibrations that one feels while entering a church. I hope that my suggestions help you in finding what you are looking for.

To read more about churches in Indianapolis click here.

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