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Sunny Leone:The Top 10 Facts You Didn’t Know

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Sunny Leone is an Indo-Canadian actress, model.  Sunny Leone’s real name was Karenjit Kaur Vohra. She became a known face when she participated in an Indian reality show, Big Boss. Despite being a former pornographic actress, she loves to enjoy her life like a common woman.

Let’s check out some beautiful facts about Sunny Leone you need to know about this cute and bubbly girl Sunny Leone.

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1) Sunny was an athletic child when she was young.

Can you imagine this ‘Baby Doll’ was an athlete? In fact at very young age, Sunny Leone loved to play outdoor games. She had played street hockey with boys.

2) She worked in a German bakery.

Before joining the adult industry, she had worked in a German bakery at the age of 15 and then in a tax and retirement firm.

3) She respects her religion.

In different interviews, she stated that she did her best to keep up a link of Sikh-tradition. She grew up going to the temple every Sunday. She believes that God had always been with her entire life.

4) She is deeply in love with her husband.

They are not only life partners but also business partners. Sunny never signs any movie without her husband approval. They give time to their relationship from their hectic schedules and they both love to click selfies and post it on social media.

5) Sunny is a fitness freak.

Do you think that curvy body is easy to get? Sunny really works hard to keep her body in shape by doing regular exercise and yoga. That’s the secret mantra on her flawless body.

6) Sunny is a big Bollywood fan.

Like a common girl, she also loves Bollywood romantic masala movies. She loves to watch Bollywood movies and accepts that she is a fan of Aamir Khan. She really wants to work with him in movies.

7) She enjoys street food.

Likewise, every Indian girl is crazy about street food, Sunny leone loves to have street food especially ‘Golgappe’. In an interview, she said, “love Delhi! My favorite thing about being there was walking on the streets, eating gol-gappe”.

8) Sunny is an avid pet, lover.

Sunny is a dog lover and she is also raising money for the organization like Ethical Treatments of Animals. She has two pets names Lilu and Chopper.

9) Sunny is not afraid of ghost.

Leone has worked in ‘Ragini MMS 2’ with Ekta Kapoor. She had played the character of a ghost in the movie, but she does not believe in ghosts or spirits and she thinks it is too superstitious to believe them.

10) Sunny Leone has an amazing love story.

Like every love they too have some ups and down in their relationship. Daniel took six weeks to convince her to go out with him. Sunny Leone and her husband, Daniel have a romantic love story and it is normal.


This beautiful, hot, gorgeous actress has captured many hearts with her everlasting smile.

The article is contributed by Ankita Aggarwal. She is doing from JECRC University. She believes, “Do whatever you really want to and make your life worth”.

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