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11 Cool Colors To Suit Your Wardrobe

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You may have a few colors in your wardrobe, but sometimes you need more cool colors to amp up your wardrobe. The first thing that you need to do is to make sure that your wardrobe is diverse. Do not stick to just a few colors because fashion is all about experimenting.

Before you start obsessively buying new clothing pieces for yourself, make sure you buy pieces that suit your skin tone very well. The colors of your apparels can make or break the game for you, so it becomes essential to take into consideration what type of clothing pieces you buy and for what occasion.

A few tips before choosing the cool colors for your wardrobe would be to shop from affordable websites first so you can make out what type of colors would be best suited for you. If you buy expensive pieces of clothing at once, you may get back home and finally wear it for an occasion and realize that it does not look as good as you thought it would.

You may have your favorite cool colors, and frequently you would go ahead and buy only those colors because it is dear to you. If you keep wearing the same set of colors every day, your wardrobe would look monotonous and not pleasing to look at.

Tips to Know Before Shopping

Let us first know the tips and tricks for amping up your wardrobe with cool colors. It is very crucial to keep certain things in mind when you are going out for shopping even though some pieces may look beautiful to the eyes, it not necessary that it would work that way on you.

Learn these vital tips and keep them in mind for your next shopping trip because we all love a good shopping spree, don’t we?

1. Know Your Undertones

Before buying any piece of clothing, it is essential to understand the undertones of your skin. There are three types of skin undertones.

  • Warm Toned

You know you are a warm-toned skin person when the undertones of your skin are mostly yellow-based. You will see prominent yellow colors from underneath your skin, and that is when you know that your undertones are warm-toned.

  • Cool Toned 

The cool undertones in your skin mean that you will see mostly blue-based colors from underneath your skin tone.

  • Neutral Toned

People with neutral-toned skin have both warm tones and cool tones underneath their skin. You can see both the shades peeping through your skin.

You must be probably wondering how to determine whether your skin is warm-toned, cool-toned, or neutral-toned. There are two useful tricks to know the undertone of your skin; the first one is by doing wearing a piece of silver jewelry on your wrist and wearing a piece of gold jewelry on the other wrist.

Now, look at which color of jewelry looks better on you and enhances your skin tone more. If it is gold jewelry, then you have warm-toned skin, and if the silver jewelry looks better, then you have cool-toned skin.

If you cannot determine which one looks better and both the colors do not have much difference in the way it enhances your skin tone, then you probably have a neutral skin tone.

Another great way of knowing your undertones is by looking at the veins in your wrist if they look green then your undertone is warm, if they look purple or blue, then you have cool undertones, and if you see both green and blue, then you have neutral undertones in your skin.

2. Find Colors Which Are Best Suited For Your Skin Tone

Once you understand the undertones of your skin, you may as well choose the right piece of clothing to suit your skin tone in the best possible way. You can try and pick various clothing pieces to experiment with.

3. Pair Your Clothing With Accessories

It is vital to pair your clothing with the right piece of accessory. A simple accessory can add so much to your look. Imagine wearing a white outfit and pairing it up with a colorful accessory.

The accessory with cool colors can make a boring outfit look wonderful. You may wear a belt to give your body an excellent definition or wearing matching jewelry so that your look looks complete.

4. Choose Colors That Make Your Eyes Pop

There are cool colors that can make your eye color pop. When you wear the right colors, you can lay a lot of focus on your eye color. There are colors made for your eye color. Want to know which colors are they? Click here.

5. Color Coordinate Your Apparels

Dump those black jeans that you wear with every outfit and start experimenting with cool colors. People think that one single pair of black or blue jeans is enough to pair with any top wear.

It is time to break that myth and start color coordinating your outfits. When you start wearing the right contrast of colors, your outfit game will be top-notch. A simple way of doing that is by pairing light colors with dark colors and vice versa. It creates a beautiful contrast and would not make it look like you are trying too hard.

11 Cool Colors To Suit Your Wardrobe 1
Lauren Fleischmann

11 Cool Colors To Suit Your Wardrobe

1. Nude Shades

Nude shades are the perfect cool colors to go for everyday looks. Nude shades are the safest to choose. It makes your skin color pop, and it looks very aesthetic to the eyes.

Nude shades are different to different people. One nude shade may not work for each skin tone, and that is why it is so subjective. A nude color can be something similar to your natural skin tone. It could be slightly lighter or darker.

Nude shades are perfect for any occasion because it is the type of shade that goes with any look whatsoever. So, make sure to have nude shades in your wardrobe because once you try nude colors, there is no turning back.

11 Cool Colors To Suit Your Wardrobe 2
Andreea Pop

2. Black

Black is one of those cool colors that one may never dislike. Black is such a statement color that says a lot about a person’s personality as well. Even though everyone loves black, some people may be intimidated by it.

Black can be used in multiple ways, and it is the type of color that goes with pretty much every other color. Colored apparel can be paired up with the color black to make the colored clothing have its show.

Black also helps in defining the shape of the body, so if you are scared to wear a clothing piece because of the way your body looks, then black is the answer for you. Black gives an illusion of the shape of your body, so you do not have to be worried anymore.

11 Cool Colors To Suit Your Wardrobe 3
DeMorris Byrd

3. Yellow

Yellow is the color of brightness and happiness. It is one color that can instantly make you happy. Whenever you wear yellow, you will be reminded of the beautiful sunflowers and the sun itself.

Some people avoid wearing yellow because they think that yellow is too much for them. If you don’t want to add the bright yellow in your wardrobe, you can go for a more muted shade of yellow, such as mustard yellow or yellow with orange undertones.

Do not be intimidated by the bright color, get out of your comfort zone, and try some cool colors to suit your wardrobe. Are you looking for a guide for women’s clothing? Click here.

11 Cool Colors To Suit Your Wardrobe 4
Ali Pazani

4. White

White is one of those cool colors that is known to be extremely versatile. It is something that people love to see but are too afraid to try themselves.

Whit is a color that can make you look like the center of attention (unless it is the color of your uniform, and everyone is wearing white). Imagine walking in the room with a beautiful white shirt; it would make everyone’s head turn.

Like black, you can pair black with pretty much every other clothing. If you have a pair of colored pants and you are wondering what color to pair it with, then white is your answer. When you wear an item of colored clothing with the color white, it could make your entire outfit pop and look gorgeous.

11 Cool Colors To Suit Your Wardrobe 5
Jackie Parker

5. Purple

Purple is such an underrated color. People usually go for primary colors and completely overlook the color purple. Purple is one of the cool colors that can look so unique when paired with the right accessory.

Ditch those dull colors and go for the color purple, once you try purple, you will fall in love with it. Next time you go shopping, buy a purple shirt and upgrade your wardrobe.

11 Cool Colors To Suit Your Wardrobe 6
Olivier Rule

6. Red

Red is one of the cool colors that is usually associated with love. As much as we love other colors, red holds a special place in our hearts. Red is such a different color that suits any skin tone.

Red, in any form, is best suited for your wardrobe. Whether it is a red top, red skirt, red shoes, or even a red lipstick, it could grab anybody’s attention instantly. With so many colors to choose from, red remains a classic.

Have you ever noticed that whenever there are special occasions, people usually wear the color black or red? Why is that the most chosen out of the bunch? The reason being that red is something that signifies gratitude and love.

That is why the color red should never be avoided out from your wardrobe.

cool colors
Ussama Azam

7. Beige

If you feel like white is too much for you or it is too boring to wear the color white repeatedly, then beige is the color you should go for. Beige is a color that is muted but has an elegance of its own.

If you wear a lot of formal clothing, then you should give beige a try. Imagine wearing a beige with dark-colored pants, doesn’t it look amazing? Similarly, you can also wear beige-colored shoes if you do not want to go for the color white.

Similar to the nude shades, beige can enhance your skin color and make it look more beautiful. Do not skip onto cool colors like beige as it can be used in multiple ways when included in your wardrobe.

11 Cool Colors To Suit Your Wardrobe 7
Masha Kotliarenko

8. Blue

Light blue, blue, or navy blue, which one to go for? Honestly, blue in any shade looks beautiful. Once you try blue clothing, you will buy more.

Blue enhances your features and makes you look more youthful. This color can be used in different ways on different occasions to make sure that you look lovely, and your wardrobe looks more colorful.

11 Cool Colors To Suit Your Wardrobe 8
DeMorris Byrd

9. Pastels

Many people overlook pastels because they think that it would probably wash them out. Do not be intimidated by the light shades of pastels because they will not wash you out.

Pastels are a lot in trend, and many celebrities and teenagers love pastel shades. Pastels are something that you would be scared of until you try them out. It looks bright and can instantly brighten up your day.

If you are looking for new cool colors to suit your wardrobe, then pastels are the way to go.

11 Cool Colors To Suit Your Wardrobe 9
Arnel Hasanovic

10. Pink

It is time to break the stigma that pink is a very feminine color. It is the type of color that looks great on everybody regardless of their gender. So, if you are a man and you are looking for new cool colors to try out, then try the color pink.

Just a bright Fuschia pink is your answer to the boring outfits. A colorful pink accessory can also help you in amping up your look.

11 Cool Colors To Suit Your Wardrobe 10
Ed Zavala

11. Grey or Taupe

The shades of grey or taupe can be worn on formal occasions when you do not want something too light or too dark. It helps you in carrying the look beautifully without looking dull.

Grey or taupe are those cool colors that can make your wardrobe look more aesthetic and beautiful.

11 Cool Colors To Suit Your Wardrobe 11

Make sure to keep these essential points into consideration before going onto your next shopping spree. Let us know in the comments what other cool colors you would want to suit your wardrobe.


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