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6 Clothing Struggles of Plus Size Women

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Being a plus size gal in a skinny girl’s world can be incredibly frustrating. Not only does the fashion industry seem to cater to the needs of skinnier ladies, but it also encourages beauty as a standard only held by the skinnier crowd. Times have changed, and plus size fashion is now becoming important to the fashion world, but there are still struggles that plus size ladies face that skinny women just can’t understand. Here are six clothing struggles you might just relate to. 

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  1. Fewer Brands to Choose From

While you can go into pretty much any department or clothing store and pick up clothes up to an XL (or sometimes an XXL size), beyond that, there are usually few to no options available. Department stores usually lump their plus size clothing in with maternity clothes as well, making everything feel like it’s thrown into one category and there’s no customization at all. 


With limited options, plus size gals are often forced to shop online to get what they need; and while there are brands like 11 Honore (a designer plus size women’s clothing retailer that cares about the needs of plus size women) available, the options are still very limited and the prices can often be higher in online stores. 

  1. Awareness

Can we just take a moment to bring light on the simple fact that there is a lack of awareness among the general public about the needs of plus size ladies? From department stores lumping styles together or not carrying them at all, to the complete lack of focus on the fact that plus size ladies are beautiful too, there’s a general disregard of the specific fashion needs of curvier girls all over the world. 

We’re taught that “skinny is beautiful” and for decades, the entire fashion industry has been centered around this idea. While there are emerging and established brands that are taking more care to include curvier ladies in their style lineups, the general premise remains the same; plus size is not something more retailers care about. 

This can make plus size ladies feel isolated, disregarded, and generally uncared for when it comes to their clothing. We think all women, regardless of size, should feel good in their own skin. Don’t you?

  1. Finding Clothes That Don’t Look Like Maternity Clothes 

Let’s address one of the biggest problems with plus size fashion: the fact that many department and clothing stores carry “plus size” clothing that just looks like maternity clothing. Plus size ladies don’t want pants that are made for a nine-month pregnant skinny gal; they simply don’t fit the variety of plus size body shapes correctly. Not to mention, being plus size is not the same as being pregnant! Hello?! 

Also, maternity clothes, no matter how hard designers try, simply don’t look fashionable. Wearing maternity pants to work simply isn’t an option! Plus size ladies need fashionable options just as much as their skinnier counterparts and should be of an equal playing field when it comes to style. 

  1. The “One-Size Fits All” Mentality

The general ruling of “plus size” clothing is that “one size fits all”…kind of. When you go into a department or clothing store, you’ll see XL, XXL, and maybe a triple XL on the racks (if you’re lucky). These aren’t specific sizes, but merely a blanket category that assumes that every plus size lady can fit comfortably into one of these three sizes. 

  1. Cheap Material 

When you do manage to find something in a department store, it’s usually made from cheap polyester or some other inexpensive material. Why can’t plus size ladies have comfortable 100% cotton t-shirts or other materials that don’t fall apart or cause itching? 

Generally, it’s best to buy plus size clothing online from brands that actually care about the plight of plus size ladies. You want brands specifically aimed at empowering ladies of all sizes by providing fashionable, affordable options that you know will fit correctly. After all, what’s the point of buying clothes if they don’t even fit right? 

  1. The “Plus Size” Models Usually Aren’t Plus Size At All

Those “plus size” models you often see sporting your favorite department store styles on the billboards are usually not plus size at all. Not only does this lead to an inaccurate representation of what the clothes will actually look and feel like on a plus size girl, but it also creates a further sense of isolation for the plus size lady looking to buy clothes. Can we just use plus size models, please? 

What’s the Deal?

So what is the deal here, anyway? Is the fashion industry catching up, or do we still have a long struggle ahead of us? The truth is, there are many emerging brands that are focused on changing the facets of style and fashion this year and beyond; making plus size fashion more accessible and versatile than ever. If you’re looking for plus size clothes that don’t feel like they were made from a burlap sack, it’s best to buy from an online retailer that specializes in plus size fashion. Ditch the department store and start buying clothes that fit. 

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