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12 Exciting Events in Ashville NC That You Cannot Miss

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Several creative events in Ashville NC are held every year for both tourists and the country’s residents to enjoy and have lots of fun. If you are planning to visit Ashville NC, any time soon, then you must plan your visit keeping in mind the events in Ashville NC  that are lined up to be held.

12 Exciting Events in Ashville NC That You Cannot Miss

Let’s check out 12 exciting events in Ashville NC, that are held each year or take place once in a while that you cannot afford to miss.

Christmas at Biltmore

Christmas is an annual event that is held at Biltmore, Ashville NC. The famous house at Biltmore NC, is decorated beautifully in a magnificent manner, so that you would be drawn towards it and get awed by its beauty. The event is planned for Christmas and is decorated, keeping the theme in mind.

The Christmas trees are decorated by hand, including all the tiniest details possible. A sale is also organized, where you get the entry passes for this event are sold. You can buy the entry passes from there itself.

12 Exciting Events in Ashville NC That You Cannot Miss 1

To buy the tickets for Christmas at Biltmore, click here.

There is a lot to visit, from the main hall to the winery and beautifully decorated Biltmore house’s gardens extending to the parking area. The candlelight evening is the star of the whole event when the place glows with candlelight.

Great discounts can be availed for the event if bookings are made beforehand, by visiting the official website through the link mentioned above. If you are visiting Ashville NC, then this one of the events in Ashville NC that you shouldn’t miss out during the Christmas season.

Christmas Wonderland Light Show

If you are fascinated by the lights and wants to have a sparkling light, you are bound to visit Christmas Wonderland Light Show which is one of the most beautiful events in Ashville NC. It is an evening event held at the Tyron International Equestrian Centre. Arrangements are made for live music as well for the visitors to feel the festive vibes. Lights are arranged in the form of Christmas trees that catches the eye.

Polar Express Train

If you have kids, they would love to visit and ride in this Polar Express Train.  All the children love to ride on this, and more than 90000 kids ride this train each year. The polar express runs on the smoky mountain railroad in the Bryson town.

The train is beautifully decorated with Christmas goodies, and a Santa Clause is present on the train to make their journey more exciting and a lot more fun. You and your children will never forget the enjoyment that you would be having on the train.

12 Exciting Events in Ashville NC That You Cannot Miss 2

The ticket prices for the ride vary according to the age group of your kid but to get the maximum discount buy your tickets from the official website.

Click here

Exhibition At The Folk Art Centre

For someone who loves to admire the hard work of the artisans and the rare antic work that is collected after a much passionate quest, Exhibition at the Folk Art Centre is one of the events in Ashville NC, that is just meant for you. Each year the Folk Art Centre organizes a grand exhibition for everyone to visit and admire. The art center is located on the Blue Ridge Parkway.

You can get to see some brilliant masterpieces that depict some artistic brilliance. Statues carved out of wood and miniature showpieces can be easily found. You can also buy any of them at affordable prices to decorate your home.

Carolina Cheese Festival

This is the most cheesy festival to visit among all the events in Ashville NC. Carolina Cheese festival is mainly themed around cheese, and everything related to cheese is present at this cheesy food festival. Food items, the main ingredient of which is cheese, are displayed and sold.

Workshops are also organized for teaching people the right way to make cheese and other dishes. Photo booths are present where people can get a quirky photo of themselves clicked.

There are minimal entry tickets that you have to buy. The cost of the ticket is different for children and adults. The tickets can be purchased at the time of the visit or by visiting the official website in advance.

12 Exciting Events in Ashville NC That You Cannot Miss 3

Click here to purchase the tickets.

The event is a fund-raiser, so most of your money deviates to a good cause.

Beer City Festival

Beer City Festival fall in the list of popular events in Ashville NC. It is the one for all the beer connoisseurs to enhance their taste buds and to taste various beers from more than 20 wineries in North Carolina. The event has been successfully running for about more than 11 years now.

If you are buying the VIP tickets for this beer event, then you would also get to taste some delicious food with some great wine. The event lasts for 4-5 hours from 1 pm to 5 pm. All the visitors must be of more than 20 years of age.

The event is highly interactive and full of energy. Almost all the locals attend the festival and enjoy it. The event is mainly held in February. There is a lot of music and entertainment at the event as well.

Rose Show

Another one on the list of events in Ashville NC, is the Rose Show. Everyone loves roses in all colors and shapes. Keeping this likeness towards roses in mind, a rose show is organized for those who love and cherish roses. The event displays different roses, and many different varieties of roses are combined in one single plant.

12 Exciting Events in Ashville NC That You Cannot Miss 4

Mountain Science Expo

Get ready to sprinkle some life in the sleeping scientist in you with this one of the events in Ashville NC. The science expo mainly attracts science enthusiasts and the ones who are looking to make a career in the field of science, but the science expo is for everyone and every age group. The ticket prices for the event are not very high, keeping in mind that most children and teens are going to attend it in large numbers. Parking charges are also to be paid.

Arbor Evenings

Enjoying some good music while relaxing in a garden with the atmosphere filled with some ethereal fragrances of the freshly bloomed flowers is something that each of us would look forward to. Well, Arbor Evenings one of the events in Ashville NC that you should visit.

The event is organized in a garden in Ashville NC. Wine and food items are also displayed for you to purchase. Beautiful handmade creatures are also displayed to add to the park’s beauty and the event as a whole.

 Ashville Arts And Craft Exhibition

One of the annual events in Ashville NC, Ashville Arts and Craft Exhibition makes all the art lovers, builders, artists, innovators, and designers come together and meet at a common platform. All the collectors and artists of Ashville NC set up this arts and craft exhibition to show their best works. Everyone loves to be a part of such an exhibition and take home some of the articles which are on display.

North Carolina Mountain State Fair, Ashville

Fair is something that every child would love visiting. The fairs organized today are planned carefully keeping in mind the adult population that shows up. So the rides and swings at the Mountain State Fair are safe and thrilling to go on.

The lighting of the Mountain State Fair is very magical, and the night view is also breathtaking. Food stalls, candy shops, wine, and beer shops are all present in this larger than life Mountain Fair at Ashville. I would recommend you to plan your trip somewhere near this Mountain Fair so that you can experience it as well. Many foreigners also visit this fair in large numbers.

Dirty Dancing Festival

Dirty Dancing Festival in Ashville is one of the most exciting event on the list of events in Ashville NC. With dance performances and many competitions to participate in, you will love visiting this dance festival.

Competition such as watermelon carrying are held with are fun to participate in. With good practice and determination, you are sure to win some of the exciting prizes at the Dirty Dance Festival. Food, beverages, music, and dancing facilities are also made.

People love to dance to their favorite music at the dance festival. The Dirty Dance Festival takes place beside Lake Lure in Ashville NC.

12 Exciting Events in Ashville NC That You Cannot Miss 5

So with this, we have come to an end of the list of events in Ashville NC. All the events are equally good and entertaining. Try planning your visit to Ashville NC, during the designated time when any of these events is going to take place.

Being a part of town’s local event would definitely make your trip memorable and add more value to it. You would yourself come to know more about the place and the local traditions and customs that prevail by visiting any of these events in Ashville NC.

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