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12 Secret Pros and Cons of a Boyfriend

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Should I or shouldn’t I get a boyfriend? One of the most common questions a girl asks herself. Here’s a list of pros and cons of a boyfriend in a girl’s life to help you get some answers.

I write this article from a completely unbiased point of view. Having a boyfriend can be the best thing that’s ever happened to you, but for some, also the worst. A lot of people say that it depends on the guy. And I’m not saying that they’re wrong, it does.

But I think that who the guy is, isn’t the only factor in how the relationship will be. It also depends on you. Your attitude going into it, your attitude during it, your expectations, and whatnot. This can be a really hard decision to make for a girl. Do I want a boyfriend or not? That’s what every girl finds herself wondering every day.

And trust me, all the influencer couples, the celebrity couples, heck even the couples we see around us at school or home or the mall. None of them make this decision any easier. We see them arguing, we see them crying but we also so them laughing and being affectionate. And so, we end up contemplating. What are the pros and cons of a boyfriend?

While making a huge decision like this, you must do your recon beforehand. So, to help you with this life-changing decision here’s a balanced list of the pros and cons of a boyfriend.

pros and cons of a boyfriend

The Pros and Cons of a boyfriend:

The Pros:

Many would say that having a boyfriend in the first place is a pro in one’s life, and yes, it’s true, when you begin dating you get a package and that package has its own set of perks. So, listed below are the pros of the pros and cons of a boyfriend:

1. He’s like the best friend you never had

couple playing video games

There are some things that you can do with a boyfriend that you simply can’t with someone who’s just a friend. Having a boyfriend is like having a best friend but also having a romance. It’s a two in one deal, a deal anyone would benefit from.

Talking about a future, going out for dinner, cuddles, even something as casual as going to the movies or staying home and watching TV- all of these things are great with a best friend. But when you’re doing these things with your boyfriend there’s something different, something better about it.

2. Endless Support and care


No matter how many fights you’ve had, no matter what terms you’re currently on. A boyfriend will always be there for you, support you, and wish you the best. At competitions, performances, or even simply when you’re shooting a tik-tok your boyfriend will always be your number one fan.

He makes you feel better about yourself, even confident. If you send him a picture of your out of the day, he’ll hype you up as if you were a supermodel only because he wants you to feel better about yourself and see him the way he does through his eyes.

3. The little things


If you have a boyfriend who pays attention to the details, you’ve hit the jackpot. Nothing feels better than when you’re having a bad day and you get a text asking you to open your door, and what’s outside? Your favorite Take-out. But wait, how did he know that Pizza was your comfort food?

When you go on and on about yourself for hours and think that no one was paying attention, someone was. He’ll take you out on drives to cheer you up with that playlist he made just for you. He’ll bring you your favorite morning coffee on the day of an important interview.

It’s those little things that he does that makes you wonder why you ever had to consider the pros and cons of a boyfriend in the first place.

4. He showers you with love

man kisses his girlfriend on the cheek

You’d be lying if you say that you don’t like getting babied every once in a while. A guy who showers you with love, makes you feel like you’re the prettiest girl in the world and cannot stop going on and on about how badly he’s into you – is a dream come true.

Trust me, girls, the kiss attacks hit different when they’re from a boyfriend. He has this energy to him. The bright, pure, loving energy that just lights you up instantly whenever he’s around. And honestly who wouldn’t want that? At this point, you’re probably wondering why do you even have to weigh the pros and cons of a boyfriend, aren’t you?

But it’s okay if you’re not there yet. There’s more to the list of pros under the pros and cons of a boyfriend.

5. Your life feels like a rom-com movie that came to action

man holding flowers

Here’s another pro of the pros and cons of a boyfriend.

Your life is now a dream world that’s come to life. It’s like you’re living in your favorite romantic movie and you’re the lead. All those things that you’ve been reading about and seeing in books, tv shows, and movies have now come to action.

From the romantic scenarios like the first date and the night ending with the perfect first kiss, the way he looks at you the first time he sees you bare-faced, the way you feel when you meet his family to down to the romantic gestures. It’s like you’re living in a dream.

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6. You won’t feel so lonely when you see other couples

couple in public

Okay, fine, I’ll admit, when you’re single and you see other couples around you be it celebrities, or influencers, your parents, you family, and even your friends there’s a reason why we act as if we’re annoyed or nauseous and just want to get out of there. The secret? It’s because we’re lonely.

We don’t have that same connection that couples do with someone and that makes us sad and well even mad.

Why do you think we cry when we see romantic movies? Because we want that too. So, here’s another pro to the list of the pros and cons of a boyfriend – If you have a boyfriend you won’t feel that way anymore. You won’t be the third or the fifth wheel. You have someone now, now you’re a part of a pair of two.

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The Cons:

Don’t let the list of pros trick you just yet. Remember, you have to weigh all the possibilities. Yes, the pros might seem tempting. Okay, who am I kidding? The list is very tempting. But before making any decisions, hear me out. You need to know it all the good and the bad.

So, to shed some light on the bad – here’s are the cons from the list of pros and cons of a boyfriend.

1. The risk of heartbreak

couple fighting

We’ve decided to go with the worst, for the first.  The worst con there is on the list of the pros and cons of a boyfriend has got to the risk of heartbreak. Now, it’s up to you whether you think it’s a risk that’s worth it or not.

It’s quite possible that he didn’t take it as seriously as you did in the first place. It’s also possible that he found someone else. And it’s also possible that like many, the two of you just weren’t meant to be. And it might be excruciatingly painful and long for some, but it might even be quick and easy like ripping off a band-aid for others.

Just remember if he isn’t the one, someone else probably is. And it’s okay for you to take your time to get yourself ready for the next guy. It isn’t impossible to fix your broken heart.

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2. The restrictions

couple arguing

Now here’s a bad one on the list of pros and cons of a boyfriend.

Some boys can be possessive and that’s perfectly understandable. But depending on whom you’re dating and how intense or strong the feelings are some boyfriends can even be a little or a lot over possessive.  And what happens when you’re in a relationship with one of these guys?

Restrictions. It all starts with an “I wish you wouldn’t talk to that guy because he’s claimed that he likes you.” And can even go till “I don’t want you to wear something that revealing.” And they aren’t always to blame, they may have had experiences in the past that caused all of these insecurities. But either way, when these restrictions cross the line, there’s no excuse.

And do you honestly think that anyone would want to be in a relationship as if it were prison?

3. Incompatibility

grandmom and granddaughter

To you, he might be the man of your dreams. Everything you ever wanted or more. But it doesn’t necessarily mean that your friends and family agree. They might not be able to see what you see in him, and you might not be able to see what they do.

Not getting along well with friends and family, be it yours or his, is a major con in the list of pros and cons of a boyfriend. Consider this a red flag in most cases. But if you believe he is different than what they say. Then you could give it a try, this decision is yours to make in the end.

The question remains, do you want a boyfriend or not? And if you do, there’s plenty of other fish in the sea as well. So, don’t give up, if it didn’t work out with just this one.

4. Losing Focus

woman stressed at work

This con from the pros and cons of a boyfriend in particular doesn’t necessarily apply to everyone.

It depends individual to individual. If you’re still studying or have just newly applied for a job or have a big project coming up and get easily distracted, having a boyfriend then and there isn’t probably the best idea.

Having boyfriends can be like having babies – they can require constant attention and care. One can easily lose focus from what they were working on in the first place if they’re with somebody who isn’t as understanding and is needy.

This will only cause failure for both him and you. Having a boyfriend and getting stuck in situations like this is a huge roadblock on your path to success.

5. Can entice negative behavior

woman stressed

This is another one on the list of pros and cons of a boyfriend, that doesn’t necessarily apply to everyone and this one might not necessarily have the guy to blame either.

Dating can cause one to start having negative feelings which then leads to negative behavior. New feelings like jealousy and possessiveness can cause one to feel confused and overwhelmed which will then cause them to act out on this behavior, which leads to endless fights.

One of the most common reasons behind the fights between couples is probably because one of them got jealous or possessive. And this feeling can’t be rid of easily. If you’re somebody with insecurities or anxieties this will only hit you worse.

When you do decide to have a boyfriend make sure he understands you and your mental health first, so the two of you can work through things together.

6. Commitment

couple serious

For those of you with commitment issues, this con from the pros and cons of a boyfriend will affect you badly.

If you’ve ever experienced or been witness to relationships that didn’t work out, then it’s only natural for you to start having commitment issues. You want to have the feeling of being in a relationship, you love being loved and you love loving, but in the back of your head you constantly find yourself thinking about what-if situations.

What if I leave him? What if he leaves me? What if I didn’t say yes? What if I never get to be with another man? These are the sort of questions you’ll often ask yourself and this build-up is no good for you or your relationships.

Work on yourself first and then you can think about working on having a boyfriend.

do what you love

There are many factors that one has to keep in mind, before deciding whether they want to be in a relationship or not, and the list of pros and cons of a boyfriend is to help you make your decision.

No matter what decision you’re making in life, if it is one that’ll affect the way you do things or if it’s a decision that’s important then you must always weigh out the pros and cons before making any moves.

Do let us know if you have any more pros and cons of having a boyfriend to add to the list, and your views or any stories with similar scenarios in the comments, we’d love to hear what you have to say!


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