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12 Expectations Every Girl Has From A Guy

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For a first impression, expensive cars and bikes are fascinating and impressive, but that won’t take you far.

What guys really need to know is that girls don’t want materialistic affection; they need love and real affection.

So here are some tips that may help you improvise your wooing skills :

  1. Cheesy flirting on the first meet is cute and charming only if a crush like Virat Kohli is on the other side. Otherwise, a big NO! Always begin with a friendly gesture. Unless and until she feels safe around you, she won’t let her guards down.

2. Make sure that your compliments are not making her feel embarrassed and uncomfortable. You don’t need to portray your desperate behavior because remember you are trying to impress her; she isn’t.

3. Never take advantage of her being high at parties. It’s romantic in movies, but in real life, you are disrespecting her. And when she finds out, she will hate you forever.

4. Make her feel special and different. It need not be expensive gifts or five-star dinners, but even a surprise visit can make her day. All she needs is your attention and time.

5. Some girls don’t believe in casual dating. The one-man woman types. They do not want to be in a relationship that has no future. So if she wants a serious relationship, approach her only if you want the same. Please don’t play with her feelings because, guys, that’s not cool.

6. Be proud of her. Hiding your relationship to avoid unnecessary attention is okay in the beginning. But after a certain period, she wants to be known as yours.

7. Being possessive is natural when you are really in love with your partner. But over possessiveness ruins everything. Your constant insecurities can make her feel restricted and can end up breaking your relationship.

8. When you tell her you’ll call in some time, then do call! Because she probably has her eyes stuck on the phone screen expecting your call. And when you don’t, it disappoints her.

9. Sometimes, she needs her personal space. And she wants you to respect it. Do not interfere in her personal problems; if she needs you, she’ll ask, but don’t jump to conclusions yourself.

10. Trust is the spine of every relationship. Trust, once lost, is very hard to gain back. Be loyal to her. Cheating does not show how cool you are, but it does show your incapability to be committed to a person. You might survive like this, maybe until college, but no girl would want to spend the rest of her life with a playboy.

11. Usually, guys consider themselves responsible and dominant amongst the two. They have a misconception that it’s their duty to protect the girl. There is a huge difference between protecting and caring. She wants to be treated equally. She needs you to be there for her in good and bad times, not protect her from them. She should be able to face harsh situations and learn from them. By guarding her, you’re keeping her in a shell. It’s exactly what parents do, and she doesn’t need a third parent for sure!

12.Last but not least, love her. Because honestly, that’s everything she ever wants from you. Nothing is more important than love in a relationship. And when there’s true love, everything works out well no matter how messed up it might be.

So there is the list. We are not all that difficult to please and understand. Follow these few steps to understand your woman better.

Celebrate love.

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