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Top 15 Things Famous In Udaipur

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DESERTS, CAMELS, MIRAGES – this is our ideal definition of Rajasthan. But what if we tell you there is a land contrary to your imagination in the heart of Rajasthan which takes you to the most romantic journey and makes you fall in love with your country and more in love with the city itself.

UDAIPUR, the Land of Lakes covered with dreamy green hills and the royal & historic architectural background, is one of the most desired destinations for travel to weddings to romantic proposals and whatnot. There are a lot of things famous in Udaipur.

Travel to this dreamy destination with us and get lost in the divine beauty of this city and forget your ideal imagination of Rajasthan!

We will guide you to some of the fun and unusual things famous in Udaipur to make your trip a memorable one.

things famous in udaipur

Things Famous In Udaipur

Let’s start the fantastic trip and get around to see and experience the fantastic things famous in Udaipur:

1. Lake Pichola – Boat Ride

things famous in udaipur

LAKE PICHOLA  is the top-notch attraction of Udaipur surrounded by greenery and beautiful islands.

Boating at Lake Pichola is the most loved and first thing famous in Udaipur.

The best time for the boat ride is in the evening around 5 p.m. to 5.30 p.m.This is the preferred time if you want to view the beautiful sunset during the trip. The boat ride takes you closer to the beauty of the lake, showcasing the exquisite islands and in-depth green beauty.

The boat ride charges INR 150 for children and INR 300 for adults for an hour ride. To view the beautiful sunset, the ride costs roughly INR 700

2. Bagore Ki Haveli – A Cultural Evening With Dance Show

things famous in udaipur

DHAROHAR DANCE SHOW is a traditional folk dance showcasing the culture of Rajasthan. The women are covered in traditional and colorful attire, dancing, and doing stunts. This is one of the famous cultural attractions of Bagore Ki Haveli.

Bagore Ki Haveli is a mansion turned museum built by the ruler of Mewar in the 18th century. This museum is filled with colors and magnificent designs. The evenings here become lively with the cultural events featuring magic shows, puppet show, tribal dance, folk, and much more.

This is a 1-hour dance show starting at 7 p.m.

To be a part of this cultural and colorful evening, tickets need to be purchased. Tickets can be purchased for the show starting from 6.15 p.m.They cost INR 45 for Indian children & INR 90 for Indian Adults.

Extra charges of INR 150 need to be paid for the camera if you are a photography lover and would love to capture the cultural vibes in your camera.

3. Karni Mata Mandir – Riding The Ropeway

KARNI MATA MANDIR is a temple dedicated to Hindu Goddesses. Visit this temple to seek blessings and peace. But there is one more fun thing to do before visiting the temple. You can book a ride from Mansapurna to Karni Mata Temple.

Riding the ropeway to temple is one of the most fun things famous in Udaipur because you get to see the beauty of Udaipur along with the beautiful sunset on the way to the temple.

The ride charges INR 80/person and is open from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

4. Saheliyon Ki Bari – Seize The Moments With Photography

SAHELIYON KI BARI or Garden Of Maids is one of the famous garden constructed with huge fountains, marble elephants, and lush green lawns. This garden features four pools along with marble elephants, a lotus pool, and a bird fountain. Walking in the splendid beauty of nature is one of the things famous in Udaipur.

If you love photography, then this is a must-visit place for you to capture the beauty of nature in your camera and embrace it.

To embrace this beauty and capture the terrific moments of nature, you are charged a meager fee of INR 5 here.

5. Vintage Car Museum – Junction For Car Lovers

things famous in udaipur

VINTAGE & CLASSIC CAR MUSEUM is a collection of many vintage car models. From Rolls Royce to Mercedes, you will see the tiny, cute & vintage glimpses of cars here.

The most popular display of this museum is the 1934 Rolls Royce Phantom, which was used in the famous James Bond movie Octopussy.

The museum is situated a few kilometers away from the attractive Cty Palace and is a must-visit junction for you if you are a car lover.

6. Shilpgram – Get To Know About The Local Life

things famous in udaipur

SHILPGRAM is an arts & crafts village near Fatehsagar Lake. Here you get an insight into the life of locals of Rajasthan and the beautiful artforms they practice.

The village is a mixture of entertainment, arts & crafts, cultural folk festival, and food. You can also enjoy the camel and horse ride here. You should visit this place if you want to experience insightful village life and if you are an arts & crafts lover.

7. Monsoon Palace – The Panoramic View

things famous in udaipur

As the name suggests, MONSOON PALACE or Sajjangarh Palace is a worthy watch during monsoons. The palace is built in white marbles, pillars carved with attractive leaf & flower motifs, and covered by the scenic greenery of Aravalli Hills.

Visiting The Monsoon Palace is one of the other things famous in Udaipur. The magnificent view from the top of the palace makes it a worthwhile visit for everyone and makes you fall in love with the magnificence and divinity of the city more and more.

Not many know back in the 80s; a James Bond movie was shot in this exquisite palace. Visit this palace during the monsoon to witness the mesmerizing view of this palace.

8. Hathi Pol Bazar – Shop All Things Art

If you love all things traditional and artistic, then visit the HATHI POL BAZAR. It is a wholesale market where you will find local art, miniature paintings, traditional day-to-day accessories, and a lot more.

9. Rajasthani Jewellery – Junction For Jewellery Lover

things famous in udaipur

Markets of Udaipur are worth exploring if you are a jewelry junkie. Young girls love traditional RAJASTHANI JEWELLERY from jhumke to neckpieces to ladies, everyone!

Visit The Silver Emporium in Bapu Bazar. You will find a wide range of jewelry at a wholesale price. All the designs you see in these shops are worth the money.

10. Ubeshwarji – Destined Picnic Spot

things famous in udaipur

UBESHWARJI, located 25 kilometers away from Udaipur, has temples dedicated to shiva. Covered with waterfalls, ponds, greenery, and breezy air, you can witness the beauty of nature here. This makes it a great picnic spot.

Spend time in nature with yourself & your loved ones. Monsoon is the best time to visit Ubeshwarji, as it shows the truest colors of its natural beauty to you at this time.

11. Bharatiya Lok Kala Mandal – Puppet Show

things famous in udaipur

Spend an evening watching the artistic puppet show. The show happens twice daily. It is a great way to spend your evening in Udaipur.

Talented professionals showcase the show. You can watch the 10 minutes to 1-hour show.

The 1-hour show features the Rajasthani folk for 30 minutes in the beginning and at the end. Just like you can’t miss the cultural aura of Dharohar Dance Show, you can’t miss this Puppet Show as well. The tickets are available at a low price of INR 70 for Indian adults.

12. Rajasthani Mojri – Shop Traditional Fashion

things famous in udaipur

RAJASTHANI MOJRIS and Jootis have become a style statement in recent years, and it’s an absolute heartbreak to fashion lovers if you visit Udaipur and don’t get your hands on the traditional and colorful mojris. Manek Bazar and Hathi Pol Bazar are the best markets to shop them. This is literally one of the most aesthetic things famous in Udaipur.

13. City Palace – Take The Tour

things famous in udaipur

Taking a walk in the CITY PALACE is one of the most essential things famous in Udaipur. The palace is royal, and the interior is beautifully carved. Of all the attractions and places in Udaipur, nothing beats the magnificence of City Palace. It demonstrates the grandeur of the old times and leaves you in awe with the splendidness of the palace.

All the rooms in the palace are built with materials like mirrors, glasses from Belgium, tiles like Delf. The walk to City Palace will leave you mesmerized with the glory of the city and more in love with the palace.

14. Jagdish Temple – Seek Blessings

things famous in udaipur

JAGDISH TEMPLE, located near the Lake Pichola and city lake, is a small but beautiful temple. It was earlier known as Jagannath Rai Temple.

Walking up to the 32 marble steps, you get to see the heavenly view, and you feel like you are floating. The temple is intricately carved and has an idol of the deity of Lord Vishnu.

Visit the temple during mornings around 9.30 if you want to witness peace. During the morning, you can hear the aartis and bhajans in the temple and calm your soul and mind in the spiritual environment.

15. Wax Museum – Gaze The Statues

When it comes to India, there are not many wax museums! So how can you miss out on this museum when in Udaipur? From Rani Padmavati to Panna Dhyay, you can find a lot of statues. They feel exactly the same as the real people are standing right beside you.

Where To Stay?

Udaipur is not just the city of lakes but luxurious resorts and intricate architecture, too, which makes it one of the top tourist attractions. Before getting in around & explore the fantastic things famous in Udaipur, you need to choose your place to stay. There are many beautiful and comforting hotels and resorts you can look upon for your stay:

1. Radisson Blu, Udaipur Resort & Spa

This resort is situated near Fateh Sagar Lake. The entrance reminds you of the grandeur of the Rajasthani architecture covered with traditional domes and arches all around.

The rooms are spacious, and you have the freedom to book the room with a lake view to see and feel the serenity of lakes from the comfort of your room. Though the breakfast you find here is average, but they offer a wide variety of food to their guests.

The resort also has a rooftop restaurant – ARAVALI. Here you can dine and view the beauty of the lake altogether. The restaurant offers delicious food to yo to enjoy along with the lake view.

One of the most loved and recommended dishes to the guests and visitors here is Special Paneer Tikka, wrapped in chutney and pomegranate. If you are staying in this resort, then visiting the Aravali and having this delicious paneer tikka is a must.

2. Natraj Hotel

NATRAJ HOTEL is an affordable and budget-friendly hotel. It is suitable for you if you are looking to stay on an average budget.

All the beautiful attractions of Udaipur are a few kilometers away from the hotel, which makes it an excellent option to choose for your stay.

Not just the stay is pleasant, but the food they provide is delicious. The restaurant consists of two floors. The first floor has a Thali System, and the second-floor has Al-A-Cart-System.

You can find a variety of Gujarati & Rajasthani food here.

3. Bunkyard Hostel

Are you traveling with a bunch of youngsters and travelers? Then BUNKYARD HOSTEL is the go-to choice for you. Located near Bagore Ki Haveli, the hostel has amazing décor and incredible views.

The dorms are small, and the private rooms are clean and spacious. The hostel also provides on-site and off-site activities to keep their guests engaged. If you are someone who believes in social stay, then this hostel is perfect for you.

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What To Eat?

Travel & food, the two most favorite things every traveler loves to do, and when visiting a city like Udaipur, how can someone miss the food made with the delicacy and richness of Rajasthani spices.

With the beauty of palaces and resorts, exploring food junctions and filling up your tummies with tasty food is one of the most loved things famous in Udaipur.

Here is the list of food you should not miss out upon if you are in Udaipur:

1. Kachori

things famous in udaipur

It would be unfair if you are traveling to Udaipur and not having KACHORI. Udaipur has the best kachoris, and even if you are not a kachori fan, then Udaipur will make you one.

You can hop to JMB for the tasteful kachori.

JMB has two branches: Chetak & Surajpur. You can visit any of the subsidiaries. Here you will find the tasty street food from kachoris to pakoras.

Try out the Pyaz Kachori and Mirchi Pakora and tell us if you don’t fall in love with the street food here.

2. Lal Maas

things famous in udaipur

LAL MAAS is a traditional Rajasthani non-vegetarian dish made from mutton, red chili curry, and herbs. If you are a non-veg and foodie lover, then you must try this mouth-watering dish.

You can find the best of Lal Maas in 1559 AD and Jagat Niwas.

3. Dal Baati Churma

things famous in udaipur

DAL BAATI CHURMA, one of the most authentic vegetarian food of Rajasthan!Its a mouth savoring mixture of daal and deep-fried & nutrition-rich baati. If you don’t try them when you are in Udaipur, then you are missing out on so much.

Try the famous Krishna’s Dal Baati located in Jal Darshan Market and get a handful of Rajasthani essence on your tongue.

Did you enjoy this reading about the splendid beauty and some fantastic and fun things famous in Udaipur? Tell us more if you have visited these places and what did you like the most.

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