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15 Best Ways To Read Body Language of Women

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The body language of women speaks volumes about them. If you know how to read them well, which you should, then you are in for a long term relationship with that woman.

Let’s say, you just saw the most beautiful girl you have ever seen, You look at her, and she shyly looks back, but now you are Confused. Should you ask her out, or will it be a disaster! Well, take a chill pill because here is your guide for understanding the body language of women to help you know if she is interested too!

15 Best Ways To Read Body Language of Women 1
Body language of women

Why Is Body Language Of Women So Important

This is because human behavior can be easily understood and deciphered through body language. It is always ‘how you say it” and never ‘ What you say.’

Your facial expressions, eyes speak more than Your Words. We can quickly identify if a person is under stress or is happy by observing their body language, even though they may not have said anything. It is safe to say all these ‘non-verbal’ cues and expressions not only enrich the conversation but also help you to make sense of a conversation.

Social Psychologists emphasize there are significant gender differences in body language. Men and Women react to various social stressors and environments in different ways leading to distinct behavior. So, while it may be confusing to interpret the signals she sends, these tips might come handy!

15 Things Body Language Of Women Say About Them:


Is she gazing directly into her eyes? Well, If she does, it is a green Signal! 

Social Psychology suggests that women tend to gaze into your eyes if she is interested directly. Well, On the other hand, if she avoids making eye contact, it indicates that she is not interested in the conversation and feels uncomfortable.

Eye Contact, indeed, is one of the essential keys in understanding the body language of women.


Our Face is the most expressive body part. It communicates more than any other body part. So, is she smiling while listening to you?

According to common social perception, a smile is often seen as a sign of attraction, but here’s a word of caution. According to various studies, women tend to smile even when they feel nervous or anxious! So, try your best to make her comfortable and bring her to ease. Ensure that she smiles due to you, and not to hide her anxiety!

The Eye- roll, this is perhaps the easiest to guess, the infamous ‘eye -roll’ signifies she feels impatient or frustrated. So, look out for those eyes; they communicate a lot, look out for this body language of women.

Nodding -While this often suggests that she agrees with You, it is not always true. Sometimes women just nod to encourage you to speak. So, make sure that you have something interesting to floor her completely.

Deciphering facial expressions will help you go a long way in comprehending the body language of women.


According To Edward Hall, there are four zones of personal space -Intimate, Personal, Social, and Public.

The closest conversation takes place in the intimate zone, where people are just a foot away from each other, this space is reserved for people who are close to us – The closest friends and family members. So, if she is comfortable in getting near, it does signify that she trusts you, but this is not an invitation for anything, so respect her. Do not try to outrage her modesty by being ‘touchy’ or ‘close’ too soon.

So, the body language of women- whether she feels comfortable or experiences discomfort will help you know how she feels about you.

15 Best Ways To Read Body Language of Women 2
Body language of women


She seems to enjoy the conversation and adds in her insights. You are not the only one speaking, and she does not hesitate to begin the conversation, this is undoubtedly a good sign. She is interested in you and may want to take things forward, but a word of advice, let things go with the flow; do not rush into anything.

Let the bond build itself before you take the next step. On the other hand, If she sounds aloof or bored, rarely initiates the conversation and sends late replies, she may not want to take things ahead. Remember that though women can be initially shy to begin the chat or may feel even a tad bit uncomfortable, they will not shy from initiating the communication or also flirting when they start liking you or looking at you the other way!

So, the body language of women- how comfortable or uncomfortable she is while speaking to you tells a lot about her.


The number of times she blinks can indicate whether she is on birth control pills. Women on pills blink rather rapidly than others. It is, however, vital that you should not judge a woman. It is her life and her decision. You should only respect it.


Do you feel that this person who happily initiates conversation with others becomes shy around you? Well, she is not acting aloof slightly; she may be crushing on you! Women tend to become shy around people they like.

It may sound weird, but they wish to become invisible around their crush as they fear they may do or say something foolish! So, if she tends to be shy, maybe because she is into you too. But, if the women you like seem to be open and not shy, do not be disappointed, while most of the women tend to be shy; it is not a thumb rule. Just remember that women tend to act a bit different around their crush, they tend to become more conscious of their body and what they speak, so if she is working differently around you, this is a green signal!

So, look for the body language of women- if she is a tad bit shy, she may be interested.


Even the mention of your name makes her cheek go all red when you are near her; you notice that she finds it hard to cover her all-red face! Your friends tease both of you, and you can’t help but see the grin on her face, her cheeks are thus always red when you are around, she tries to hide it but all in vain!

Women tend to blush a lot around the person they secretly admire. Remember that while a smile can still be faked, blushing tends to occur involuntarily. This is undoubtedly a positive sign.

So, look for the body language of women you like- if she blushes, it is time to step up the game and flatter her even more!


When with a group of people, you find her leaning towards you. She tilts her head tenderly while having a conversation. Well, this may indicate she feels safe and comfortable with you, but you need to realize that while she may have no problem in getting close, you must not take any undue advantage of the entire situation, you must be respectful.

Remember, women tend to be attracted to men who respect them. Keep in mind that these signs are not an invitation for anything; even if she likes you back, you must, at all times, be respectful of her as a person.

So, look for the head tilts! This body language of women would often indicate they are into you too!

15 Best Ways To Read Body Language of Women 3
Body language of women


Does she play with her hair or jewelry when you are around? Various studies indicate that this is a sign that she is getting attracted to you, unless it is not a bad hangover, playing with hair is often considered as an indication of attraction

However, this may not be entirely true. According to Some Studies, playing with your hair or fidgeting could also mean that the person feels nervous, anxious, or impatient. 

So make sure to ease her down, ensure that she is calm and relaxed! Make her Comfortable and get going!


You see biting her lower lip, and now are sure that she is into you too. Well, wait! Biting lips is no sure indicator and could mean different things! Confused?

Well, biting lips could even mean she is feeling anxious or nervous. But, if she tries to make eye contact while biting her lips, maybe you got her interested. So, look at this subtle body language of women to know where this is going! 


Is she continually drumming or tapping her fingers on the table while waiting for the order? Then, you need to bring your A-game because the chances are that she is getting bored or impatient. If she keeps her arms crossed, it could mean that she is no longer interested in the conversation and wants to wind up the evening. The hand movements are indeed a powerful indicator and can go a long way in understanding whether she likes you or not. If it’s your first date, pay particular attention to the details to turn the time into a success.

So, bring your best self to keep her engaged and make the best use of your time together.


Are her ankles locked or open as she speaks? Well, How she sits is again an important cue. According to some psychologists, women often tend to close their ankles when they are nervous or anxious, so if her ankles were open at the start of conversation but are locked now, take this as a cue to change the topic!

But, a lot of people refute this claim. They suggest that women mostly lock their ankles when they sit, and this does not imply anything.

But, it is always advisable not to bring any uncomfortable topic during the first conversation. Always go with the flow! The key is not to rush into anything, let things be breezy, and make the magic happen!


You have been talking for a while now, so does her initial stiff posture appear to be more laid back now? Well, due to awkwardness and jitters, in the beginning, she may seem to be a bit out of line. But if you got her interested, she would rather have a loose body language. So, if she still seems quite aloof or stiff, you need to change the present strategy.


Is she breathing anxiously or appears to be calm? While breathing rapidly at the beginning of the conversation is extremely reasonable as she is tense, but if she keeps doing that, maybe she is not comfortable yet. So, try to ensure that she feels easy.

On the other hand, if she gets calm as the conversation progresses, she may be into you!

15 Best Ways To Read Body Language of Women 4
Body language of women


Women often try their best to look presentable in front of their crush. You may find her dressed on point always. But an important tip, most women wear for themselves and not to impress anyone! But, if she does make an effort to look her best whenever you two meet, it is a good sign! 

So, look at the body language of women- how she dresses or conducts herself around. It speaks a lot!

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15 Best Ways To Read Body Language of Women 5
Body language of women

Are All These Body Language Of Women Always Correct?

Now, you must be wondering whether she is into you? Sometimes you feel she is into you, but the very next moment you think she is not! Well, calm down. 

All these cues are based only on the behavior of ‘ most women’, not ‘all of them.’ Remember that Social Cognition theories mention that we all are ‘ unique’ and ‘ different.’ We all process, respond, and store different stimuli differently.

Even the response time due to different social stressors are varied hence affecting the body language of women. You would react Very differently in a given situation than Xyz person!

So, if most women tend to send some similar signals that help you to know whether she is interested or not, it is not applicable for every woman. People in love behave in dramatically different ways. Some are not shy and tend to be extremely open about their feelings, while others tend to be hopeless, awkward, and desperate for love like our beloved Chandler Bing!

Thus, the signals that they send would be very different; those open about their feelings would send you some crystal-clear messages. Those shy, on the other hand, would give you subtle signals, sometimes leaving you confused and perplexed.

Some would not mind openly asking you out or making the first move, while others would just keep waiting for you to make the first move!

But, the cues mentioned above to understand the body language of women have proved out to be handy in most of the cases, and maybe will help you too to know whether it is the right time to ask your crush out! When a woman says nothing, she stills it all, the eyes conveying one thing, yet the tongue another, her heart you could win, if you could unravel the mystery of the body language of women!

Do you feel we’ve missed out on anybody’s language of women you think is famous, write it in the comments below and enlighten our readers and us?


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