5 Reasons Why You Should Immediately Get A Dog!

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The mere mention of the word ‘dog’ to a dog-lover isn’t just about a four-legged animal with a keen sense of smell. The word signifies a heart-warming bond that they share with their closest and truest friends, whose affection often surpasses what humans have to offer to each other.

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Being a dog-lover myself, I could have actually given you a thousand reasons to get a dog, but here I am, giving you the 5 best reasons.

1.The love that dogs have for you is one of the most unadulterated, selfless forms of love you’ll ever see

Think about movies like Hachiko, and you’ll know what I’m talking about. A dog’s affection for its human comes with no complaints, no demands.’ You need to ask around or Google it, and you will be flooded with beautiful stories of how dogs have been with their masters through the toughest situations, putting their masters before themselves, and very often, even laying down their lives in the process.

2.They are anti-depressants on four legs, with absolutely no side-effects

Had a bad day at work? Went through a break-up? Down with an illness? No matter what happens, your dog will greet you with the same love and excitement every single day when you go back home. A dog is not judgmental at all, and his love for you only grows with time. With their showers of kisses, innocence, and funny antics, they can always manage to make you smile.

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3.Science has proved that people with dogs live healthier lives

Dogs are extremely helpful as far as it comes to health issues. For instance, so many people with visual impairment and other issues have dogs making their lives so much easier. It has also been proved that they lessen the risk of heart diseases. Their sense of smell is almost a million times stronger than ours, and they can sense seizures way before they happen, thus saving our lives.


4.They give you an edge in your dating life!

You really don’t need to be the best-looking person to strike up conversations with potential dates. Birds of the same feather flock together, you see. So take your dog out for a walk where you think you might find other dog-lovers. You will be surprised to see them coming to you as if your dog’s innocent face were a magnet. Moreover, you’ll have such a

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great topic for conversation.

5.Dogs are great companions for the lone wolves out there

5 Reasons Why You Should Immediately Get A Dog! 1
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Do you prefer living alone, in your own cocoon, enjoying your own company? However, sometimes do you feel that you need a companion beside you? Get a dog, and it will never let you feel bored and always be up for fun. Also, dogs are great companions for the elderly who live alone.

So go ahead and get a furry friend in your life. The great news is that the shared love will only increase with every passing day. Of course, in the beginning, it might take some effort to adjust to this new member in your family. But with time, when that bond deepens, you won’t be able to help but agree with me when I say-it is one of the best decisions you can ever make! When you let them shower you with selfless love and affection, you’ll be compelled to give that love back to them in triplicate.

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