Everything You Need To Know About Your First Solo Trip Abroad

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For some people it is like a dream come true; the first solo trip abroad. Many of us spend our lives just dreaming about the perfect trip we want to go on and planning about it. But traveling solo is not always a very easy thing to do. Not all of us can have the courage.

Though it’s not really a big deal still, to some people, it indeed is. Of course, choices vary from one person to another. But every travel enthusiast always has a plan for a solo trip abroad on the bucket list.

first solo trip abroadTraveling is always good and even healthy. Traveling makes our lives a little less miserable. It makes us feel good and worthy of the world. To be a part of the world we need to know the world in a better way, and traveling is the best way one can do it.

Why your first solo trip abroad is important?

Solo trips are indeed important. And if it is your first solo trip abroad, you need to be super sure about it. Traveling might sound very easy, but people who travel a lot know that sometimes it is not. Traveling solo is often tough as you are all by yourself and you need to take your decisions on your own. This seems like a life lesson. Isn’t it?

The first solo trip is important because then you get to know yourself a lot before then you used to. You will get to know what you are capable and what you are not. You will be able to change your perspective about life as sometimes things will not turn out to be the way you thought it would, and you will have to bear with that.

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Good parts of a solo trip

Being on your doesn’t always suck. You have the freedom to go wherever you want, can do whatever you feel like, wear whatever you are comfortable in and talk to whoever on the world you want. There is absolutely no one to dominate over you or your choices. You can enjoy your trip in every way you ever wanted. But that might often make you go crazy and do stupid stuff like excessive drinking and partying. You need to be careful when it comes to that.

Everything You Need To Know About Your First Solo Trip Abroad 2

Tough parts of a solo trip

If you are on your own, you need to have it in your head that you have no one to discuss your next plan or move or anything at all. You will have no one to help you with decisions with. There will be no one even to guide you if you are doing anything wrong. You need to conscious about every move of yours.

Moving on, if you are on a solo trip, safety might be an issue. You need to be aware of your surrounding and be careful about what place you choose to stay in. You need to be even aware of who you would ask for help or anything at all as of course; you don’t know everything about every place.

Now comes the thing everybody is always worried about. You will have to carry all your luggage all by yourself. Haha!

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The 5 things that are a must for your first solo trip abroad

  1. You should first make a checklist if you are not good at remembering things. Checklists are always fun and very useful.

2. Carry books if you get bored easily. It pretty obvious to get bored if you are all alone as you will not have anyone to pay attention or talk to.

3. Communicate with other travelers. This way you will get to know a lot about people from all across the world. You will get to know a lot about other cultures and customs which might not have even heard before.

4. Choose a place that speaks a language you know or at least communicate in. If it is your first ever solo trip and you are in a place where you can’t even communicate with the people around, things might get really tough and bad for you.

5. Take spare clothes. You never know what kind of a climate you might come across at what place. Even if you research on the internet, nature just might have different plans for you. Oh yes! This includes lingerie as well.

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