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5 Superb Morocco Beaches

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With a coastline of around 2000 km, along the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea, Morocco is a North African country with beaches to die for. Morocco beaches are stretched far and beyond, with beach towns that encaptivate you. The lifestyle will entrance you.

Morocco beaches are as much for the water sports and beach adventure fans as they are for someone looking for a relaxing and refreshing beachside vacation. Morocco has some of the most famed beach towns and villages. These towns provide you with some of your best beach experiences and are adorned with colorful streets, markets that sell fresh produce, and cherishable history and heritage.Morocco beaches

1) Beaches in and Around Essaouira

With its aptly acquired title as the ‘Wind City of Africa,’ Essaouira is home to some of the country’s most spectacular wind graced beaches. A lot of beaches in the city attract windsurfing, kiteboarding, and water sports enthusiasts.

Plage d’Essaouira is amongst the windiest beaches, a major attraction to the kiteboarders and windsurfers. With gorgeous sunsets, a view of the seemingly never-ending Atlantic coast, and stores nearby that serve decadent seafood, this beach doesn’t disappoint. Also, among the beautiful beaches that Essaouira has to offer is Plage Tagharte.Morocco beaches

Here at the Plage Tagharte beach, you can get the full experience of the Morocco beaches. From camel and horse riding to windsurfing and gorgeous golden sands and water, this among the famous beaches at Essaouira.

City of Marrakech

With its ancient and cherished medina, exotic and colorful streets, and so much more, Marrakech is among the most treasured places in Morocco, very close to the Essaouira city. 

Morocco beaches

This sun-kissed town, with its heritage and historical significance, is a place you don’t want to miss. With Fiesta beach, Nikki beach, and some gorgeously spread around beach resorts, Marrakech can be your escape away from the wind and hustle-bustle of Essaouira’s Morocco beaches.

Sidi Kaouki

The small and homey village of Sidi Kaouki will ensure that you don’t get that homesickness. With friendly local merchants, guesthouses owned by the families, and the winds of Essaouira to accompany it all, Sidi Kaouki could be your ideal place.

Situated around 30 kilometers south of Essaouira, this small town offers you camel riding, surfing, biking around, and so much more. For accommodations, you stay in the resorts of Essaouira like Sofitel Essaouira Mogador Golf and Spa, Hotel Le Medina Essaouira Thalassa Sea and spa, and more, and just take a cab to Sidi Kaouki.

2) Al Hoceima’s Beaches

Exotic and Mediterranean Morocco beaches of Al Hociema could be your next bucket list destination. Al Hociema, a clean and sparkling city, is home to the spectacular Mediterranean coast and the Rif Mountains that overlook the beaches and give you a view that’ll leave you spellbound.

Morocco beaches

Morocco beaches of the Al Hociema style are plenty and far beyond. Quemado beach in the city offers you the peak beach experience as you lay in the sun and experience the waters calm you. Beaches like Plage Sfiha and Plage Cala Bonita offer you the fantastic under-the-cliffs beach experience, while Tala Youssef is a beach just outside the town where you can relax away from the crowds.

If you’re looking for places to stay, then you can find excellent beachside resorts here with palatable dishes. Hotel Mercure Quemado Resort gives you views of the Rif mountains and a luxurious beachside living experience. Other great places to stay at are Casa Paca Alhucemas Guesthouse, Suites Hotel Mohammed V, and many others.

3) Sidi Ifni Beaches

While Morocco beaches are world-famous for everything they have to offer, beaches in and around Sidi Ifni play a large part in helping elevate all the beaches in Morocco,

Sidi Ifni stakes land in the southwest portion of Morocco on the Atlantic coast. While there is some sort of Spanish influence across Morocco, it’s prominent mainly in the city of Sidi Ifni with its murals and art. Quite romantic and calm, beaches here have unique rock formations and cliffs that adorn and amplify the beach’s beauty. Plage Sidi Ifni is a gorgeous beach, but the main beach attractions lie in the beach town of Agadir

Morocco beaches



Legzira beach lies in the town of Agadir and rightfully claims its spot among the top beaches in Morocco. It is just about 3 hours away from the aforementioned Sidi Ifni. Legzira proudly homes the famed archway made up of red stones that have been featured in many movie and tv productions, making it an attractive tourist destination.

Morocco beaches

It’s a great place to surf the waves and paragliding. You can find numerous photo-worthy spots here and walk around or find other activities to indulge yourself in. Sunsets and sunrises are moments you ought to savor.

Agadir Beach

Besides Legzira, Agadir beach is also part of the beautiful beaches in Agadir. Located near the Atlas Mountains, summer months make this desert-like beach the heat center. With sand dunes that stretch as far as sight goes, it’s an excellent spot for camel riding. Activities like kayaking and windsurfing are also wildly popular here, as it remains a trend throughout the Morocco beaches.

Morocco beaches

Among other things, dinner at Les Blancs is a must as is shopping at the Souk El Had d’Agadir, a sort of farmer’s market. Visiting the La Médina d’Agadir, or the Medina is a different experience on its own, incorporating the historical Berber techniques and the place in itself being a soothing masterpiece.

Morocco beaches and More

Besides those, Agadir also has the Palm and Sunset Beaches that are just prime attractions for beach enthusiasts and tourists alike. Agadir also has a bright and bustling nightlife scene with clubs and lounges like Naya Club, So Lounge, and Flamingo Night Club. To stay in Agadir, you have varied options that may suit you like Hotel Club Al Moggar, Hotel Argana, and others.


Almost 130 kilometers south of the famed Agadir, Mirleft is a small rural town with around 8000 people. But its size doesn’t justify the beauty that it holds. Along the Atlantic coast, this beach town is filled with fun and stimulating activities and beautiful beaches.

Morocco beaches

With its central and famous Imin Touriga beach and others, these Morocco beaches are rocky and surrounded by cliffs. Though it doesn’t have the lights and glimmers of cities like Essaouira, Mirleft promises an authentic beach experience.

Here, like many other Morocco beaches, you can find surf schools where you can enroll and learn a new skill or sharpen the already existing surfer in you. There are several cafes and boutique hotels that serve fresh seafood. A lot of people vouch for the delicious Tajine available in Mirleft.Morocco beaches

You can stay here or just travel for a day and explore the town. You can have an authentic Moroccan experience here as you relax away from the big cities and busy beaches, as this town seems to have deserted beaches.

4) City of Casablanca

The bustling commercial city of Casablanca has in store the life of luxury and beaches that compliment it and is the largest city of Morocco. This city still speaks of its past as a French colony with its Moorish and European inspired architecture and art homes the  Hasan II Mosque.

Beaches in Casablanca reflect the general vibe of the Morocco beaches, and there are many of them.

Ain Diab

With its primary crowd being the rich city people, Ain Diab makes for a quite fancy and preferably on par with the trends beach, unlike other small-town Morocco beaches. The beach has gorgeous stretches of sand that make for a top visiting spot in the city, along with rocky cliffs and other places to hang around at.Morocco beaches

Along the coast, there are swimming pools and also surf schools that help you hone your craft. The weekends are the prime time for this beach. For your living arrangements near the Ain Diab beach, there are relatively expensive and 5-star alike hotels like the Four Seasons Casablanca, Hotel Club Val d’Anfa, Hotel Suisse, and others.

5) Taghazout

Taghazout is a small beach village just about 19 kilometers north of Agadir. The town and its splendid beach boast of being a surf special and hosts more surfing enthusiasts than probably the other beaches. If you’re a backpacker or a surfing enthusiast and you’re looking for a chill place, Taghazout has you covered.

Morocco beaches

The beach is scattered around with rough rocks and sparkling sand with a sunny climate. It’s a fundamental representation of Morocco beaches. Your summer months here can be spent riding waves or just chilling on the sands as you enjoy the bars and fresh seafood, as it’s a fishing village primarily.

Morocco beaches

You can get your equipment at the surf shops, or if you’re in it for the long run, there are also surf schools that you can enroll at. Besides the main beach in this small town, there are a couple of other beaches, which include the Devil’s Rock, infamous for its rocky terrain. You can collect souvenirs or look for fresh produce and enjoy the Morocco beaches that are quiet, for a change. 

Morocco beaches are world-famous and rightfully so! In Morocco, you have a lot more to experience and live for. No matter what type of beach vacation you prefer, you can find your match amongst the beautiful beaches that Morocco offers. Don’t be scared to explore and have fun.

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