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5 Best Places for Kayaking in Arkansas

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Have you been searching for the details on Kayaking in Arkansas? Look no further. Here is your complete guide to the satisfying yet adrenaline-inducing sport of Kayaking in the beautiful and famous Arkansas. This could become your favorite getaway, Beware!

Kayaking is paddling through the waters in a small canoe-like boat in which the paddler sits facing forward. It is very safe to say that you will find your kind of water in Arkansas. From Whitewater playboats to river runners, even a lLass 1 floater will love Kayaking in Arkansas simply because of the variety of options provided.

5 Best Places for Kayaking in Arkansas

Kayaking in Arkansas will not be an experience you can forget soon simply because of the rivers’ beauty and peace. You have family-friendly lodging options and can rent canoes and kayaks. You will find almost all the basic details in this article; keep reading. 

Want to Know More About Kayaking in Arkansas?

Arkansas, needless to say, is a beautiful stretch of land which is geographically diverse. The state has many possessions, from the Ozark and Ouachita Mountains to the Mississippi River and Arkansas Delta. The dense forest lands named the Arkansas timberlands are also sure to catch your breath and offer you all the joy that the woods have to offer. The humid subtropical climate is one thing to keep in mind while packing your bags. 

Kayaking is a sport that continues to hold the attention of many people across the world. And rightfully so. The paddler will need a double-bladed boat and a small boat known as a kayak. The kayak was traditionally made of whale skeletons to prey on marine animals. Nowadays, Kayaks are made in a wide range of sizes and designs with a distinguished feature of covering the paddler’s legs. 

Kayaking in Arkansas
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Kayaking is a low impact activity and has an aerobics like impact. While many might bet on the upper body strength that kayaking provides, the sport also offers a leg workout while steering the Kayak. 

What are the locations for Kayaking in Arkansas?

1. Siloam Springs Kayak Park

Besides being free to access for all users, Siloam Springs also provides amenities like easy river access and paved parking hard to find in other parks that offer free entry. You will have the comfort of having clean and hygienic restrooms and changing rooms as well, making Siloam Kayak Park great for families. 

Kayaking rental is not available in Siloam Springs. However, you can bring your kayak. When you go to the park, you have the option of so many fun experiences. From Climbing boulders to accessible walking areas and a lovely rain garden!

Engineered rapids running about 700 feet in Class 1 and 2 are a specialty in Siloam Springs, and kayaks can enjoy the rapids between 200 and 600 CFS. One thing that can be said about this place is that it is the best spot to learn Kayaks and indulge in other fun activities, free of cost. What more can you ask for?

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2. Buffalo River Float Service

An authorized concessionaire of the Buffalo National River in Arkansas, Buffalo River Float Service offers a wide range of rental options to choose from. Canoe, Kayak, Raft, Tube, rentals, and shuttle services are available with them.

They take a lot of effort to make the time valuable and worth every penny for their customers. These float trips can last from about a half-day to Ten days so that you can choose according to your convenience and preference. 

These Service providers also offer guided fishing trips and guided scenic tours, making it the perfect place if you are bringing children along. There are several sand bars to picnic along and bonus- many turtles along the bank. Children are sure to have a great time at this Float service. It is perfect for a day trip.

Buffalo river waterfront
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The river is clean and Well-maintained, the staff is very understanding and friendly and what more would you want for a comfortable and peaceful weekend with your close ones. The hospitality and professionalism will surely keep you at the place for a longer time. 

3. Little Red River Outfitters

Mainly known for fishing, Little red river outfitters provide so many other on-water experiences that are just too hard to resist if you are nearby. It is a year-round stream and a great place to kayak or canoe. Though, make sure to check the water levels before visiting as it depends on the dam release. 

There are several restaurants, campgrounds, and resort around the place for a comfortable stay. They also provide fishing guide services and tackle shops that will be of great use to paddlers and sport fishermen. This makes this place perfect if you want to bring family or friends along.

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The water flow is generally very good, and it is adequate for paddling. However, on some days, it might be less, so always check and enquire before. The water quality is remarkable as well, without much contamination and pollution, for whitewater paddling and amazing fishing for rainbow and brown trout. 

4. Beaver Lake Outdoor center

Beaver Lake should be one of your top picks when looking for these nice places to learn and enjoy Kayaking in Arkansas. It has many spots, like the Van Winkle Hollow, which visitors name as an absolute favorite. It also has several lakeside bluffs and scenic views, and you can paddle around, leave all the worries behind, and literally rest inside the caves. (Not for too long, though!) 


While paddling through, you can expect to paddle for a long way as the water is shallow if you launch from the Van Winkle Hollow, and you can feel wooden logs on your paddle. The lake is really peaceful, and the only noise you can expect is one of approaching boats or kayaks.

This is one of the few places in Arkansas where you can take a dip and swim through. Also great for fishing and exploring caves. You need a fishing license, and who knows if you are lucky enough to catch a catfish, a trout, or even a bass, crappie, or the beautiful bluegill fish. 

5. Caddo Valley 

Caddo Valley, situated in Glenwood, is one gem of a place for those who are looking for a hassle-free long stay with the unmatchable Kayaking in Arkansas. They rent tubes, kayaks, and canoe, but they also provide a very convenient check-in option in their yurt. Most people who have reviewed their stay call the carpenters the masters of their craft!

5 Best Places for Kayaking in Arkansas 1
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With a friendly staff and the breathtaking Ouachita Mountains around, you are sure to find your most favorite floating spot here. All floating experiences have found a place here in the valley, and you can also have shuttle services. From new paddlers to Class 1 and 2 floaters, you can find your peace and keep it exciting through the way just as you like!

What David and Gayla, the owners, promise you is lots of fun at your convenience, and that is exactly what you get. Just call and enquire about your stay and the options before 2 to 3 days as the crew will have to optimize everything according to the current water conditions. 

Other Places to Visit if You Are in Arkansas:

1. Bentonville (Rogers, Springdale)

If you came here in the fall, go to the Pig Trail. Visit the Shiloh Museum and the Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art if you like art. You will find a food truck at almost every corner, so dig in. Basically, everyone will get a slice of just what they like in Arkansas. Just walk around, and you will find something to love!

2. Eureka Springs 

Just your small town with a mountain escape, this one will keep you longer. Be sure to plan your stay in the months of the Festivals, as this town is known for them. Schedule while the Fat tire festival or the Volkswagen weekend is around the corner, bring the kids and the friends along, and nothing can stop you from having a good time. 

You can go fishing along the banks of the White River for the adventurers or go for a ride at the Ozark Mountain Ziplines. For food lovers, there are a lot of options as well. Visit the Cafe Amore and Ermilio’s Italian Home Cooking to dig into delicious Italian recipes. 

3. Helena

A historic town around the Mississippi River, Helena has a lot to offer. A lot more than you would expect. This was the Civil War Battle site and is still home to the radio show that has been on air since 1941, the King Biscuit Time. 

You can go for Canoe rides along the Mississippi river and choose from various food options as you will surely find any cuisine of your liking here for sure. Be it Chinese or Italian. Or spend a few days admiring this beautiful historic town. 

Kayaking in Arkansas is one of the best things you can do for your Body and Mind, and Soul. With so many convenient Staying options, and an option for everybody aboard, this surely is one the best getaway locations. 



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