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5 Ways To Reduce The Stress of School Life

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Education is not just the knowledge we acquire from books. Education is becoming individuals who respect the value system and prove to be an ideal citizen to the society.

Students face various problems like dealing with the stress of getting high marks, managing a social circle, hormonal changes, and relationship issues. Not being able to handle them properly affects them drastically, and they get more inclined towards unhealthy activities, which might turn out to be unhealthy in the long run.

Here are 5 ways to help students cope with school life:

1.Unified Board System

So many problems are caused due to the differences in the level of knowledge, understanding, and coping mechanisms due to the presence of different boards of education. Standardizing the board system and following a single board will help do justice to all students equally. In addition, the different study patterns of different boards during early school life make it very difficult for students to cope with the study pattern in the future and hinders their preparation for competitive and entrance examinations.


2.Vocational Training

Many schools in the smaller cities of India do not provide vocational training. Therefore, students must acknowledge their strengths and weaknesses in various fields like sports, music, and dance and, most importantly, to be able to pursue their desired passion. Vocational training helps students progress in their chosen field, and they also might pursue a career in that field.maxresdefault

3.Removing the Grading System

Until matriculation, the grading system prevents students from pushing to their maximum potential because it is a very lenient system. The sudden change in the study pattern from the grading system to incorporating marks in the higher secondary after matriculation makes it difficult for students to adapt, thus hindering their overall performance.

4.Yoga and Exercise

Meditation, yoga, and exercise have proved to be the most efficient ways to deal with the highly stressful situations we face in our daily life. Therefore, enforcing yoga by making it compulsory in all schools will help students avoid stress and keep them away from distractions.

Controlling an adolescent’s hormonal levels is a major necessity in today’s highly competitive world. Yoga and meditation will help keep students mentally and emotionally fit and help them concentrate on studies rather than deviating from their goals. It also helps one deal with examination pressure.2000px-Lotus_position.svg

5. Personality Development Classes

Having such classes will help students develop their personalities and boost their self-confidence. It is a must for a student to be confident enough to handle stressful situations and exam pressure. Pressure doesn’t just come from family, but also from society and from within. Confidence will help them accept failure and success Therefore it is necessary to have a concrete support system and a strong base to help students build themselves better. Since school serves as the second home to students, it serves as the base to learning in the vivid spheres of education and helps children emotionally, mentally, and physically stronger individuals who can adapt and deal with the changing circumstances every day.

The five aforementioned methods will surely help students understand and manage their lives in the most satisfactory way.

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