Amazing Girlfriend: 7 Ways to Shut Her Up


You may want to spend time with your girlfriend all day long, but there are at times when you may just want to not listen to her. Don’t worry – we bring to you the top 7 ways to shut your girlfriend up – without her feeling angry. Read on to know more.

Amazing Girlfriend: 7 Ways to Shut Her Up 1


  • The famous selfie trick:

    Busy on your mobile typing an important office message or going through your emails or even scrolling down Facebook for a change? And she starts demanding your attention? Well of course, you cannot avoid her. However, two or three quick selfies with her is all it takes to calm her down sometimes. Nothing overboard.

Amazing Girlfriend: 7 Ways to Shut Her Up 2

  • Give the baby her bottle: 

    When your girlfriend is behaving just like a baby whining for its bottle, satisfying her demand would be the best way to ensure peace for yourself. Buy her a sexy dress, a pair of stilettos or may be a trendy handbag! That is all it takes.

  • Body language comes in handy-

    Tired of your girlfriend’s blabber? Well, few body gestures and small tasks might help you to wiggle out of this situation. Try glancing at your watch every 30 seconds, avoiding eye-contact, switching on the television set or even a bathroom excuse. A slight change in body language is all it takes to make her realize that she needs to stop her “ Blah! Blah!” for sometime.

Amazing Girlfriend: 7 Ways to Shut Her Up 3

  • Make it about her, not about you-

    Make her feel that she would do you a great favour by keeping quiet rather than being rude and making her feel that you are an inconsiderate and intrusive person. Boyfriends need to hone this skill if they really want themselves and their partner to be happy.

Amazing Girlfriend: 7 Ways to Shut Her Up 4

  • A few oneliners would do the job:

    When you have finally worked out that your girlfriend is unable to differentiate monologue from dialogue then put a soft-pedal on conversation and minutiae from significant details, its time you start making the correct moves at the correct time before its too late. Say things like “Unfortunately, I can’t devote my full attention to you right now”, “Today’s not a great day to talk, I have a lot of errands”, “I would love to chat, but I am swamped with work right now”, these are phrases you can use for your lifetime to escape the incessant talking of that girlfriend of yours. This will help you to jump out of that conversation loop without disappointing your girlfriend.

Amazing Girlfriend: 7 Ways to Shut Her Up 5

  • The ‘Y’ behind the ‘Motormouth’:

    Try to figure out the reason behind the attention seeking attitude of your girlfriend. Maybe she is not getting all the love and respect from others, and therefore you are the one facing the brunt of it. Well, you need to tackle this situation very patiently. Just try to talk to her when she is more calm and make her realize that no matter what happens, you are always by her side. A kick to her self-confidence is a must to put a full-stop to her cribbing and moaning. Love is in the air, you just need to make her inhale the very scent of it.


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