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7 Ways to Move on From a Crush

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Having a crush on someone is an experience which most people have at least once in their lives. Once you have a crush on someone, you start to look forward to seeing them every day and devise new ways to impress them. If you are lucky, the feelings may be mutual, but most often, they are not. You need to start looking for ways to move on from a crush if you feel like your relationship with your crush is going nowhere, and you begin to have negative thoughts about yourself.

7 Ways to Move on From a Crush 1

Being obsessed with a crush can negatively affect your life and make you less productive. There are a lot of reasons your crush might not return your feelings – They may already be taken, or they consider you more as a friend than a love interest. It can be heartbreaking to keep trying to start a relationship with someone who’s not interested in you. Maybe it’s time to realize the truth and understand that there’s plenty of other fish in the sea, and there are a lot of simple ways to move on from a crush.

Knowing When It’s Time to Move On

If you know when it’s time to shed your feelings for your crush, then it can help you to feel less heartbroken eventually. You can be optimistic and keep holding on to someone in hopes of them returning your feelings, but when this is continued for too long without any success, it can affect your daily life in regards to your general well-being and increase stress. You can also start to look down on yourself and indulge in negative self-talk.

7 Ways to Move on From a Crush 2

You need to prevent yourself from falling into this trap and take a step back when you decide your obsession is unhealthy for you. When you feel like the negative thoughts are overweighing the good thoughts regarding your feelings for your crush, it’s your cue to move on immediately. You need to look for easy and effective ways to move on from a crush to set your mind at peace.

7 Ways to Move on From a Crush 

1. Express Your Feelings to Someone You Trust

talk it outOne of the best ways to move on from a crush is to talk about your feelings with someone you trust. It can be your best friend, your loved ones, or even a mutual friend of your crush. If you talk with someone regarding your crush and your feelings for them, they can help you to have more perspective on your emotions. If you feel like you can’t express your feelings to someone else, then you can write your thoughts down in a diary too.

You can discuss the reasons you like your crush, how they are affecting your daily actions, and your overall personality in general. If you try to bottle up your feelings, the pain will only get worse. Talking with someone also helps you to determine how secure your opinions are and if your crush is an ideal match for you. Expressing your regrets and discussing them with someone can also make you feel more connected with the person you’re talking to.

2. Accept Your Pain

7 Ways to Move on From a Crush 3If you are not able to get together with your crush, it is reasonable to experience mental pain and loss, similar to when you are rejected or go through a break-up. There’s no denying the fact that seeing your crush with someone else or not paying attention to you hurts. According to one research, mental and physical pain activate similar regions in the brain.

Accepting your pain can help you to learn about your true self. Resisting your pain and keeping it repressed never helps. You need to acknowledge the stress and pain you’ve inflicted on yourself and start making the required changes to get your life moving forward. It is not an easy process, but you’ve got to start somewhere.

3. Make Time For Yourself

7 Ways to Move on From a Crush 4You need to understand that not being able to get together with your crush is not the end of the world as you know it. You need to try and make yourself feel special to make up for your bruised ego. Once you get over your crush, you get the time to focus on yourself again, and efficiently using this new-found time is one of the best ways to move on from a crush. Focusing on yourself helps you come out as a better person once you successfully move on.

Utilize this free time to take up that new hobby you always wanted to or maybe try and get into a workout routine or just go ahead and have a fancy meal. This is the best time to try to learn more about yourself and change your perspective. Generally speaking, you need to make yourself feel special and, in turn, feel better in the long run.

4. Learn Your Lesson

7 Ways to Move on From a Crush 5Moving on from a crush can help you to learn a valuable lesson in life. You can understand your feelings and mindset in a better way once you move on from your crush. You gain a deeper insight into relationships and stop being mentally occupied with them once you realize it was just not meant to be, and you’ll find someone better and more compatible shortly. Understanding this is also one of the ways to move on from a crush.

Moving on from your crush can also help you to get into a lasting relationship with someone who values your feelings and personality. You see, the time wasted in trying to make your crush return your emotions and avoid making the same mistakes again in a new relationship.

5. Avoid Contact With Your Crush

7 Ways to Move on From a Crush 6Avoiding contact with your crush can be hard if they are a co-worker or classmate. It can be tempting to think that spending more time with your crush can increase their feelings for you and help you to get together. You need to be realistic and avoid letting your emotions get the best of you. Ask your friends not to mention your crush to you every other second. Keep your distance from them, but don’t overdo it, especially if you are friends with your crush as it will just make things awkward for the both of you.

You also need to avoid them on social media. Also, you should try to prevent messaging or calling them unless it’s indispensable. It can be especially hard to avoid them on social media as the chances are that you’ll see them every day on there while mindlessly scrolling through. Unfollowing or even blocking them on social media can help you to forget them faster, and it is one of the effective ways to move on from a crush.

6. Try to Love Yourself

7 Ways to Move on From a Crush 7When you’re not able to get together with your crush, eventually, you start to have negative thoughts about yourself. You feel like you’re not enough and start doubting yourself. You need to understand that these thoughts are not realistic, and having a crush is only temporary. Your crush can have a lot of other reasons to not get together with you other than you not being ‘good enough’ for them.

You just need enough time to find the right person. When you stop obsessing over your crush, you end up with a lot of time on your hands. Use this time to know more about yourself, discover new hobbies, and list out your strengths and weaknesses. Once you do this, you’ll gain back your confidence and start to believe in yourself, which in turn will help you to move on from your crush.

7. Take Your Time

7 Ways to Move on From a Crush 8You must have heard the phrase – ‘Time heals everything.’ There’s a lot of truth in this because it is almost certain that as time passes and you keep distancing yourself from your crush, your feelings will eventually fade away. Remember that you’ll meet new people as you move on with your life, and someday you’ll meet a person worthy of your attention.

You also need to keep in mind that feelings involving a crush are hard to get over. You need to take your time and avoid rushing your feelings. Continually telling yourself to get over your crush most often doesn’t help too much to get over them. It is also possible that once you move on from your crush, you finally begin to notice someone interested in you. Taking the time you need to get your feelings together and not rushing it is one of the painless ways to move on from a crush.

The bottom line is, if you are struggling with a crush, then you should know that most people have been through this experience at least once in their lives. A crush can occupy your mind for quite a while, but you need to remember that this is not permanent. You’ll always find someone better, even if you feel like you won’t. The 7 ways, as mentioned above, to move on from a crush can help you to get over them faster. If you are not able to get together with your crush, be patient, and know that it is not the end of the world. Once you move on, you always come out more potent form this experience.

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  1. Hi! I need alot of help here! I’ve known my crush for months now, and we were like good friends. It was mostly platonic, because he has a girlfriend. But recently, my crush has been flirting with me more than lately, and keeps on saying he misses me so much, and it seems like he really likes me. But I really don’t think it’s the right thing to do considering he has a girlfriend, so I tried limiting my exposure. But so far, so bad! He always wants to sit near me, and initates most of our conversations. I also tried ignoring him, but it didn’t work! He seemed hurt, and I had to idea what I was saying to him! It is all so confusing, and I just want to move on.Please help!


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