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8 Best Beaches in Columbia

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The Caribbean Sea holds Columbia from the north and the Pacific Ocean from the west. Hands down, there are the best beaches in Columbia! 

Beaches remind us of serenity.What better place than Columbia to satisfy the urge for beaches. This beautiful country has itself covered in two sides with never-ending paths of wonderful and powdery white sand. The water is clear as crystal in a mesmerizing shade of turquoise and blue.

This country is hoarded with some significant aspects for tourists out there. Beaches, Mountains, Food, Drinks, locals, and much more!

Visualize this, “Sound of roaring waves, cool breeze swaying by, leave gushing along, a gorgeous sunset and then there’s you sitting stress-free by the shore–hands dipped in the smoothest sand, feeling every bit of the peace existing at that very moment!”

After reading this, you may be wondering about the best beaches in Columbia. Even those who don’t love beaches will make their way to any nearest Columbia beach. 

Keep reading to find out everything you need to know about the best beaches in Columbia 



8 Best Beaches in Columbia
Image source: Wikimedia

Playa Blanca, with its bright water and smooth golden sand, is a very well known beach in Cartagena. It is famous for its eye-popping beauty. It is covered with palm trees, absolutely delicious food, and the water activities are just thrilling. 

Playa Blanca is located on Isla Baru. It is almost a Forty-five minutes ride away from the Old City of Cartagena. The route of Cartagena to Playa Blanca has a lot of transport facilities. There is a Taxi, Bus, Shuttle, Speed boat, and Bus-Moto taxi. The Bus-Moto taxi is a budget-friendly option for backpackers. 

Playa Blanca can be visited throughout the year. The weather there is warm except in October month. It rains heavily at that time. Playa Blanca is at its busiest on the weekends. The tourists, as well as the locals, find their ways at the beach. But if you wish to enjoy a peaceful time at Playa Blanca, visit the beach on any of the weekdays. You will get that vibe of what we are talking about!

Tick Playa Blanca is your go-to destination for sure because it indeed is one of the best beaches in Columbia.


8 Best Beaches in Columbia
Image source: Flicker

Providencia, as the place is called today, has the best beaches in Columbia concerning less crowded and ever so stunning views. 

Map of Providencia will make us believe that the beaches here belong in Nicaragua, but they do not. They belong in the Columbian territory on the Pacific Coast. 

Providencia is an island. It is 7 kilometers long and 4 kilometers at its vast stretch. It is an island having crystal clear waters and is densely surrounded by tropical forest.

The beach waters in Providencia are a visual treat. This is said because the waters reflect all the blue hues. There is blue, green, purple and turquoise. The colors show up when the sun shines. 

Providencia is not crowded. That is because the beaches here have nothing more to offer to the tourists than the serene view. But if you are a person who does not enjoy crowded beaches, you are at the correct beach. 

Diving and Snorkeling are done here majorly though. The clear waters add advantage to it. 

If you want to treat yourself to a peaceful getaway and if it includes a beach, this is your choice!


8 Best Beaches in Columbia
Image source: Wikimedia

Imagine paradise! Clear sky, crystal clear turquoise beaches, tall trees just swaying, sand on the beach is at its warmest, and you are relaxing there –bathing in the sun and getting yourself a fabulous tan!

Well, this paradise is none other but Johnny Cay.

To reach the cay, tourists take a boat from an island named San Andres. For tourists, it is a single day trip to Johnny Cay.

Johnny Cay is also called “Isolate Sucre.” These words mean Sugar Islet. The sand at the beaches is entirely white and crystalline, thus the name.

The Islet is packed with tourists, and on weekends it has a lot of them. There are numerous small scale foods stalls and they serve delicious food. There are drink posts that serve a drink with “Reggae music” in the background, just like in the small island of Jamaica.

Snorkeling, lying below a giant palm tree, or strolling around the islet can give you the best of your time here.

This protected coral islet is abundantly beautiful.

Put this beach in your list of best beaches in Colombia because this place is ready to offer you some quality time here, that’s for sure!


8 Best Beaches in Columbia
Image source: Wikimedia

This park was created in the year 1969. It is spread over an area of more than twelve thousand acres. 

Tayrona National Park as this place is called in the English Language, is located only Thirty-Four kilometers away from the city of Santa Marta. 

This park has a treasure inside it of nature and wildlife. This park is home to so many beaches. It is covered entirely in patches of greens. This place is an excellent destination if you want to have a digital detox. 

The entrance fee here is a little costly, up to 56,000 COP (which approximately says USD 17.50) for the outsiders. The supplies of food and drinks are short there. But you can carry your food or search for cafes in the camps. 

The Park has some beautiful beaches like Arrecifes and La Platina. But there is another beach named “El Cabo San Juan”. You will need to walk for an hour or so to reach here from La Platina.

But mark these words; this is one of the best beaches in Columbia. It has some fantastic picturesque views and tourists die for it.  

So if you want to be surrounded by jungle and sandy beaches in 360 degrees and feel the waves and the cold as the sun sets, then this beach is one of the best beaches in Columbia and is 1000 bucks worth.


8 Best Beaches in Columbia
Image source: Layerculture

This is one of the most remote locations in the Caribbean land and the Caribbean coastline. Panama sets its border in Capurgana. Boats are a way of transport here. There are no roads here. 

This beautiful gem of a place is surrounded by dense jungles covering three of its sides. The beaches in Capurgana are spread between the rainforest and the Gulf of Uraba. If you are a detailed traveler, you find yourself here; this is for sure.

The beaches in Capurgana are a little tough to find, and considering your patience, if you spot those, JACKPOT! These beaches are totally inside the deep, dense forests. The waters of the beaches here are of navy blue color. The sand is soft. 

Capurgana is a total charm for tourists and are also ticked in the list of best beaches of Columbia. A place to visit at least once to get that unique experience!


8 Best Beaches in Columbia
Image source: Minube

Pilon de Azucar is a small desert beach where the Guajira Desert meets the Caribbean coasts. This place is located 30 minutes from Cabo De Vela.

Pilon de Azucar is filled with absolutely beautiful turquoise water and gets hues of orange and red from the desert. The sand gives the color. 

The place has nothing much to offer but this one stunning view at the sunset where everything turns orange. The picture is breathtaking.

Tick one more of the list of best beaches in Columbia!


8 Best Beaches in Columbia
Image source: Wikipedia

The unexplored town of Nuqui grabs its place at the top of the list of most adventurous towns. It is rich with its tradition and culture, the tropical rainforest of Columbia’s west coast, and the biodiversity. 

Nuqui is a perfect place because of the vast and cleanest beaches. The days can be spent here kayaking, snorkeling, paddleboarding or, just exploring around. 

The water at the beaches is not as clear bu,t there are a few very famous diving spots. Whale watching is the most famous because they migrated from June-September. 

The food available at Nuqui is homegrown. This place emphasizes on trying out their recipes by local women. Be it albacore tuna ceviche or traditional Piangua.

The landscapes here are so good. Dark volcanic sand, greens, and stunning waters have a very dominating Columbian flavor. This makes it the best! Nuqui deserves its place as one of the best beaches in Columbia.


8 Best Beaches in Columbia
Image source: VRBO

It is located in Santa Marta in the bay of Gaira. It is the most visited point in the city. 

This place is made up of lots of hotels and housing facilities. Along it is this cozy white sand beach and a very calm sea, which is perfect for water activities.

This beach is one of the best beaches in Columbia and is known nationally for its quality spa. The nightlife here is remarkable considering the location.

There is food, entertainment, shopping, and Vallenato music. Parties alongside the beach are very famous.

If you want to experience the perfect party life and stress bursting beaches, this is the best place for you.

This was our list of best beaches in Columbia. It is truly a paradise, a place for every tourist! 

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