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Stupid Questions Faced By Vegetarians

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Monimoyee Chakrabarty
Just another random potato.

Life is hard for a Vegetarian. That’s not because of their decision to not eat meat but because of the stupidity and ignorance they have to face on a daily basis. That these ignorant people are their friends, family and the occasional random stranger can make things worse.


Here’s a list of questions and statements they hear from people all the time. 


  • Can I like eat meat in front you? Won’t that make you uncomfortable? 

Just because one has chosen not to eat like others doesn’t mean they can never have a normal, peaceful lunch with other human beings who have not made a similar decision.

  • Do you eat at Non-Vegetarian Restaurants? 

If they have Vegetarian dishes, then why not? If they get more Vegetarian customers, they may consider increasing the options too.

  • So, what do you eat?

Meat is NOT the only edible thing in our world.

  • How can you live without meat?

Well, Vegetarians survive, somehow. They have that super power.

  • How do you get your protein? How are you even alive? You must be weak!

Two words: Green vegetables. Also, most vegetarians consume dairy products. Do you seriously care so much about the protein, though?

  • I have this friend who tried to be a Vegetarian. He lasted for a week. 

Well, it must suck to be him. Not everyone is like him.

  • You do not even know what you are missing out in your life, do you? 

It’s a free country. Any Vegetarian can eat meat if they want to. No one can stop them. If they choose not to, it must be because they do not want to, right?

  • Try once! It’s a dare! Do it!

You’ve got to be kidding me.

  • You think you are superior because you don’t eat meat, right?

No. There are some who might feel that way. That’s because they are stupid that way. Their choice for food has nothing to do with that.

  • What amount of money can make you eat meat? 

Give me the money. Then we’ll talk.

  • One day I will get you to eat meat without you knowing it. *Evil grin*

Not even going to respond to that.

  • If you love animals so much, adopt a pet! 

So, one only turns into a Vegetarian if they love animals. Sure.

  • Well, we eat animal meat but you kill plants! Plants are alive too, you know?

Yes. Totally. You win.

  • You’re so pretentious!

Because Vegetarians choose not to eat something? Free country, people.

  • Well, animals eat each other and die anyway. We are just helping nature do it’s work.

Sure, if you choose to see it that way.


Stop the stupidity, people!


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