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The 8 Movies that Scare Us to Death

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Are you a fan of scary movies? Do you have a friend who always nudges you to watch scary movies? If you are bored and want to watch something spooky to make your nights afraid with horror, here is a curetted list of movies that scare us to death.

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There are a lot of movies that scare us. But there are movies that take up to the top-notch of getting scared. These movies fright us and leave a lasting impact just like that. We’ll always have to wait for a company to go to pee at night or sleep with the lights on.

Here are the top 8 movies that scare us to death. Brace yourselves tightly before you move on to read the list!

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1 Ouija: Origin of Evil

The 8 Movies that Scare Us to Death 1


Ouija: Origin of evil is a 2014 American supernatural horror film that makes to the list of movies that scare us to death. This movie is a prequel to the movie Ouija. The film revolves around a family that suffers supernatural experiences when the widowed mother, Alice Zander (Elizabeth Reaser), invites an evil spirit unknowingly for her scam business.

This film is set up in the year 1967 in Los Angeles. As Alice invites the evil spirit for her business by playing the Ouija board, it overtakes her youngest daughter Doris (Lulu Wilson). The film moves on to confront their unthinkable fears to save her and send her possessor back to his world.

The director of this film is Mike Flanagan. This movie was a hit at the box office, and it worked better than the film Ouija. This film will leave us nerve-racking whenever a friend suggests playing the Ouija board.

This film comes as one of the scariest movies that are ever made as it has a very relatable plot. This never fails to give chills to the audience and makes them think before using an Ouija board.

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2 Paranormal Activity

The 8 Movies that Scare Us to Death 2


Paranormal activity is an American supernatural horror movie series, and all of the films in this series leave us scared to death. The director of this film is Oren Peli. The first film centers around a young couple (Kalie Featherston and Micah Sloat) haunted by supernatural experiences at their home.

This film is exceptionally spooky because they used home camera footage throughout the film to bring originality. There are six films in this series. The first film released in 2007. The fifth film called “The Marked Ones,” published in the year 2014 and the last movie, “The Ghost Dimension,” released in the year 2015.

This film series still manages to scare people to death because of its extreme originality. It was first screened at the 2007 Screamfest Horror film festival. Many people who have watched this film in theatres had the chills of their life, and the horror continued their life for a long time.

If you want a good scare for the night that leaves a lasting impact, the Paranormal activity series is the best choice. It is one of the top movies that scare us to death.

3 It Follows

It follows is a psychological horror film released in the year 2014. The director of this film is David Robert Mitchell. This film has an interesting plot, which makes it extremely grippy.

A supernatural entity pursues a teenage girl Jay after she involves in casual sex with a guy named Hugh. It is later that Hugh explains to her that she will be chased by an entity that can take any form. She can get rid of the entity only if she has sex with someone.

Jay soon experiences numerous supernatural encounters of the entity which takes forms of Hugh’s mother, her friend, and finally, her father as well. The film also deals with the unraveling of Hugh’s original identity and the origin of the supernatural entity.

This film is the best for an excellent spooky experience at night. It is one of the movies that scare us and also makes us keep guessing on what is going to happen next. You might end up biting the whole of your nails while watching this movie. So, watch out for your nails!

4 The Exorcist

The 8 Movies that Scare Us to Death 3


It will be a disgrace if Exorcist doesn’t make it to the top movies that scare us to death. The exorcist is a 1973 horror film, known for the story, the cast, and all the horrible experiences that happened in the back story.

It is one of the most profitable supernatural horror films to date directed by William Friedkin. It is based on the 1971 novel with the same name written by William Peter Blatty, who also wrote the screenplay of the film.

It is the first horror film to be nominated for the Academy Award for best picture. It won the best-adapted screenplay and best sound mixing at the Academy Awards. The film revolves around the exorcism of a 12-year-old teenage girl possessed by a demonic spirit, which was called by playing Ouija.

The complete anthology was released in the year 2006. It includes the original theatrical release version, the extended version you’ve never seen, and the extended director’s cut.

If you want a more spooky and scary experience after watching the movie, google to know about what happened behind the scenes of this film. That is precisely why this film makes to the list of movies that scare us to death.

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5 Shining

The 8 Movies that Scare Us to Death 4


Shining is a psychological horror film that was released in the year 1980. This film was directed by Stanley Kubrick. The plot revolves around the family of an aspiring writer and a recovering alcoholic (Jack Torrance).

When he takes the job of an off-season caretaker of isolated historic overlook hotel, his son Danny possesses “Shining”- a psychic ability to see the hotel’s horrific past. It deteriorates Jack’s sanity as the supernatural forces in the hotel but his wife and son in danger.

This film is based on the book Shining which has the plot set in Colorado in the 1970s. This film achieves in giving the creepiest and spookiest experiences of all time to the audience. It might psychologically affect the audience for a long time.

This movie will give chills to your spine and keep you shivering till the end. It is one of the films making to our list of movies that scare us to death.

Grab your popcorn, and also some courage to keep you sane and move forward after watching the movie!

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6 Get Out

Get Out is an American horror film which got released in the year 2017. This film marks the directional debut of Jordan Peele, who is widely known as a famous comedian. This film was first premiered at the Sundance film festival.

This film was nominated at the 90th academy awards in 4 different categories. It won the award for the best original screenplay. This film depicts the tension around race relations at its best.

The director is well-applauded for bringing the race-related tensions in America into a metaphorical nightmare. This movie makes the list of movies that scare us to death not only for its supernatural and psychological horror but also the underlying issue of racism in humanity.

It is one of the darkest dark horrors that is included in the list of movies that scare us to death.

7 Don’t Breathe

The 8 Movies that Scare Us to Death 5


Don’t breathe is a 2016 horror thriller film directed by Fede Alvarez. This film was co-written by Fede Alvarez and Rodo Sayagues. This film is widely appreciated for its nail-biting screenplay that achieves engrossing the audience for 2 hours without the blink of an eye.

This film has a straightforward plot but is found to be one of the most gripping films ever made in history. 3 Detroit delinquents who make a living by breaking into homes and stealing valuables are the protagonists of this movie.

These kids, when they break into a blind man’s house, thinking that would be an easy target. But the blind man turns to be a skilled hunter leaving the kids scared for life. This film uses silences masterfully that leaves the audiences scared to make a peep even.

It makes to the eight movies that scare to death simply because of how gripping it is and the brilliant usage of sounds.

8 Hereditary

The 8 Movies that Scare Us to Death 6
Roman Nguyen


Hereditary is a supernatural horror film released in the year 2018. Ari Aster directed it. This film was first premiered in the midnight section at the 2018 Sundance film festival. This is one of the recently made horror movies that scare us to death.

The plot of this film revolves around a family where the matriarch passes away. They discover horrific secrets about their ancestry to outrun the sinister fate they have inherited. It surely gives us extreme shivers as they unravel the mysteries.

There are a lot of many movies that surely will scare us to death. But these eight movies leave us dead-scared like hanging on the top of a giant wheel. Other films that scare us to end that are worth mentioning include Evil dead, The ring, The nightmare on Elms street, Sinister, and Gerald’s Game.

I hope these movies that scare you can keep you entertained too.

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