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12 Best Hot Springs Near Boise For the Winters

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Imagine waking from your bed with a view of a mountain—the sun hiding behind the mountain and smiling at you.

The river is flowing through the mountain, and birds are chirping. What a view, right! This can truly be experienced in Boise, a city in Idaho.

hot springs near Boise
By: Kevin Bidwell/pexel@all rights reserved

The Idaho city is famous for hot springs, shimmering beaches, outdoor recreation, and incredible culture.

The hot springs near Boise are both relaxing and enchanting. Forming a wide range of pools, the hot springs near Boise have become a favorite tourist spot around the corner.

payette river
By: Ken forwell/flickr@all rights reserved

Here is a list of the dreamiest tourist attractions of hot springs near Boise. Let’s explore the world of Idaho hot springs.

1. Hot Springs Near Boise: Rocky Canyon Hot Springs

It is situated between the middle Payette river and a forest named Boise National forest. This pool is ultimately blended with pebbles and rocks.

The Rocky canyon hot springs have magnificant cascading pools. To reach the exact destination, you have to cross the middle fork, Payette. According to the season, the Rocky canyon hot springs’ temperature varies. The temperature reaches around 100 degrees during summer and extremely freezing during winter.

The best month to visit Rocky canyon hot springs is between June to September, which has warm springs to enjoy the hot spring. It is one of the favorite hot springs in Idaho.


  • Before planning a trip to Rocky canyon hot springs near Boise, make sure you wear sandals, as rocks are sharp and slippery.
  • Camping places are available. If interested, pack the necessary things.
  • This is a pet-friendly zone

2. Hot Springs Near Boise: Boat Box Hot Springs

This is one of the smallest Idaho hot springs near Boise, ideally fitting two people. The small hot spring has a long history worth knowing.

Built by the community of Elkhart, this tiny metal tub became a favorite for all the visitors. It is situated in between Salman river in the Stanley area, pulling out the natural scenes around.


  • Having umbrellas and hat is preferable as this location is exposed to Sun
  • Have water bottles on your own as this area is overheated
  • Wear sandals to have grip over the Rock
  • It is better to have a swimsuit
  • Make sure you visit boat box hot springs at least once to enjoy the golden light of the sun and twists and turns off the river.

3. Hot Springs Near Boise: Kirkham Hot Springs

This hot spring near Boise is a dream come true. It has a geographical area that covers 4,000 feet in Idaho City. To trace its exact location, one needs to cross the Payette river.

A staircase along the nearby river leads to the exact location of Kirkham hot springs. The flowing waterfalls from the cliff make it appear like natural hot springs.

Kirkham hot springs
By: scottwwwwwww/flicker@all rights reserved

The average temperature of Kirkham hot springs varies from 95 to 110 degrees. These natural springs have a crystal clear view of the river. This is the best Idaho hot spring. Kirkham hot springs also have shallow pools making them a popular site for families.

It has 10 other multi-tiered hot springs of various sizes and temperatures, apart from the main pool. During the winter months, the snow backdrop on the hills looks fascinating.

Besides the soaking pools, it is also famous for hiking and camping. The campground is located at Lowman highway. The Kirkham hot springs are located in the forest. It also has a backdrop of mountains, rivers, and trees. Altogether the Kirkham hot springs near Boise give a memorable and lively experience.

  • Kirkham hot springs don’t allow Nudity. It is better to take an extra set of dresses as it is family zoned.
  • Usually, pets are not allowed in Kirkham hot springs. It is because it has small pools and usually has a busy day.

4. Hot Springs Near Boise: Gold Fork Hot Springs

Golf Fork Hot Springs
By: Ashley Hill/Flickr @All Rights Reserved

If you are a nature-loving person, then this is the perfect destination!

The gold fork hot springs near Boise are among the best hot springs and will provide you with a home feel. It has six natural hot springs and rocks.

It is located in between the pine trees of Idaho city. The beautiful scenes of sunlight passing through trees are remarkable experiences.

The nature of the water is likely alkaline. The water doesn’t contain any chemical except lithium. Gold fork hot springs are also kids friendly.

It is well constructed with a proper plan. It is one of the famous hot springs among tourists.

  • Can bring your food materials
  • These Idaho hot springs don’t accept cards. They only take cash.

5. Hot Springs Near Boise: Bonneville Hot Springs

This hot spring near Boise is located near Lowman. This is the largest and popular hot spring at Bonneville.

The Bonneville hot springs are not kept open all through the year. It opens in April – May and closes in November. This is one of the more desirable pools in the city of Idaho.

Apart from the main pool, it also has a hot tub cupboard with a wooden hut making it a private pool.

The rushing sounds of water, dancing trees, the golden sun Valley and the tiny pebbles transport us to another world. Generally, a 10 minutes walk can take you to the pretty forest from the parking area.

bonneville hot spring
By: jonh – n/flickr@all rights reserved

The source of the water is geothermal, making it clean and fresh. If you are interested in spending your vacation relaxing and tranquillity, Bonneville hot springs’ destination will serve your purpose. It is one of the best Idaho hot springs.


  • Do road connectivity checks during winter months.
  • Make a temperature check as it is extremely hot.
  • Snowshoes are recommended during winter to avoid skiting.
  • Avoid using soap or shampoo is inside the pool.
  • Make a check on the official websites to keep track of the opening dates.

6. Hot Springs Near Boise: Sunbeam Hot Springs

The sunbeam hot springs are located in the Salmon River of Idaho, which flows through the Salmon-Challis National Forest. Some of the familiar animals in the area are bears, deer, and eagles.

If you wish to have a natural soak, sunbeam hot springs near Idaho are perfect.

sunbeam hot springs
By: Meg Williams 2009/Flickr@all rights reserved

As it is easy to access, the sunbeam hot springs are one of the favorite hot springs. On the one hand, one could feel the essence of the garden valley and pine forest. On the other hand, the cold river water, which is silvery coated, is also eye-catching.

  • Sunbeam hot springs don’t allow nudity, as it’s right to the highway side.

7. Hot Springs Near Boise: Burgdorf Hot Springs

Nestled in the mountains of Payette National forest, the Burgdorf hot springs near Boise hold a special historic resort. This hot spring welcomes you with warm water, modest life, hospitality, and natural hot springs, like in Montana.

It is worth knowing the past of these beautiful Burgdorf hot springs near Boise. Fred Burgdorf, in 1870 sets his foot for the first time in a hot spring.

He raised his first hotel and welcomed the guests with hot meals. He has visited many peoples from the city and other guests who were in search of the rustic life.

burgdorf hot spring
Proscribe/Flickr@all rights reserved

Along with Freud Burgdorf, his wife Jeanette laid her hands for the construction. Still, now the resort stands fascinatingly.

Later the Burgdorf Hot springs were sold to James Harris in 1923. Renovation and larger wheels were constructed.

Several caretakers have been employed to take care of the pool. Still, it is maintained with great care to make the visitors feel like they have entered the 1806 hot spring resort.

The dive to hot spring takes you through the Payette River and the Idaho forest. To feel the fresh turnover of the pool, 150 gallons of hot spring water is fed. The best time to visit the hot spring is during the summer months.

The weekend trip to these hot springs will leave you with unforgettable memories.


  • Since it is an electric freezone, you need to bring oil, wood, and a stove on your own.

8. Hot Springs Near Boise: Mountain Village Resort

Are you in search of peace from the modern world? The only way to escape the clamor reality is a visit to the Mountain Village Resort. This place is surrounded by its natural Glory.

An artificial pool is erected with hot water, a comfortable occupying minimum of seven individuals. It is filled with steaming hot water. It is a set of pools among warm springs creek. Depending upon the climate, the degree of the pole changes from 98 to 105.

An additional beauty that contributes is the Sawtooth mountain. A hot spring tub is set up to view the glory of the mountain.

mountain village resort
Tore/flickr@all rights reserved

A simple walk makes the access to the hot springs near Boise from the resort.

  • required proper clothing
  • booking in advance is needed to get access to the hot spring
  • it is a pet-friendly zone

9. Hot Springs Near Boise: Stanley Hot Springs

The Stanley hot springs near Boise are located in a beautiful mountain town against the Sawtooth mountains. The best time to experience the hot springs is during the early spring from June till September.

The beauty of Stanley cannot be explained through words. The thick pine forest, uneven rocks, golden hill – all add an external beauty.

Of course, this place is one of the hidden gems.

Frenchman`s bend hot spring
Tyler Roberts/Flicker@all rights reserved

One of the popular Stanley hot springs in Idaho is the Frenchman’s bend hot springs. This hot springs area is close to Sun Valley. It has an artificial pool filled with rocks and reaches the cool river. Compared to other hot springs, it is one of the best Idaho hot springs.

  • Keep an eye on fine while walking from the parking area.
  • Nudity is completely prohibited.

10. Hot Springs Near Boise: Trail Creek Hot Springs

The trial creek hot springs are also called Samuel hot springs. It is situated near Boise, a town area named Cascada. The hot springs area runs along the creek. This natural hot spring has a temperature of about 120 degrees.

This place never forgets to amuse us. The natural scenes in and around are breathtaking. Trail creek hot springs should be on your bucket list.

Trail creek hot springs
Ben Amustutz/Flickr@all rights reserved

The trail creek hot springs would be a perfect destination for people interested in soaking.

  • The trial creek is near the parking area and stands within a walkable distance.
  • Make sure you have water bottles and towels.

11. Hot Springs Near Boise: Goldbug Hot Springs

The goldbug hot springs are located in Idaho City, south of the Salmon River. To soak in one of the natural hot springs after hiking would be a great one. Along the Dirt road, it also has homes.

If you have a plan to camp at night, that would be a perfect decision. Spending night through the Rocky landscape and under billions of stars would give you a thrilling experience.

Soaking in natural hot springs near Boise at night will take you to another level. It is one of the best hot springs in Idaho City.

Gold bug hot springs
Bob Wilson/Flicker@all rights reserved

There is no suitable season to visit goldbug hot springs. Each season explores a different experience.

(I) Winter – This could be most challenging. During winter, Idaho City almost freezes and expects snowfall. But hiking could be the best option.
(II) Spring – This is the best time to explore, with the fresh green lawn and sloping mountains add the beautiful backdrop.
(III) Summer – One of the comfortable seasons to enjoy hot springs is through summer. One can relax and enjoy the beauty of nature.
(IV) Autumn – This climate is best for hiking as well as soaking. A perfect experience can be gained through this season.
  • Trail shoes are necessary in case you choose hiking
  • A lightweight towel is recommended
  • To protect from sun rays, it is better to have sunscreen.

12. Hot Springs Near Boise: Pine Flats Hot Springs

Situated at the edge of the Cliff and on the middle fork Payette river, the pine flats’ hot springs have a magical touch. This is one of the popular hot springs in Idaho.

Pine flats hot spring
Melinda Mary/flickr@all rights reserved.

The hot springs have an amazing touch of the geothermal waterfall through the river crossing. The second pool is filled with cold water, whereas the most inviting pool runs beneath the waterfalls.

Pine flats hot springs near Boise have an amalgamation of scenic backdrop, waterfalls, and hot springs. Depending upon the season, the temperature varies. At the end of the waterfalls, the third pool is situated. Natural hot spring is also present.

  • Proper reservation should be made for camping
  • Bathingsuit is necessary
  • Pests are not allowed
hot springs near Boise
Scott Conover/Flicker @all rights reserved

Now, you tell me, is there anything more interesting on a winter day than to soak in hot springs? If you wish for such a moment, then the hot springs near Boise and hot springs in Idaho should be on your bucket list.

Soaking in hot springs during freezing winter would leave you with a memorable experience. So, check out these hot springs near Boise this winter.


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