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Hot Springs Montana: 14 Best Places to Visit

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Hot springs are indeed therapeutic because of their mineral content. Go and soak yourself in hot springs Montana; it’s going to do good to your body and mind. Hot springs have several health benefits, making it the best natural treatment for common ailments. Montana is known as the ‘Land of Hot Springs’ because the place for sure has many hot springs and resorts.

Below is a Complete List of Hot Springs in Montana

1. Quinns Hot Spring

The first one, the list of hot springs in Montana, is the Quinns hot spring resort. The Quinns Hot spring is a natural hot spring; the water of this hot spring in Montana is infused with many minerals. The Quinns Hot Spring resort is located beside the Clark Fork River in Sanders Country.

Luxury and comfort are the topmost priorities of the Quinns Hot Spring Resort, with reasonable accommodation facilities and delicious food. The resort also has free Wi-Fi , parking, and a play area for the children. You can also have your wedding here in one of the resort halls, which has become quite a favorite wedding destination of the people in recent times. So this among all the hot springs, Montana can serve as your wedding destination.

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2. Elkhorn Hot Spring

Number two, hot springs Montana; we have Elkhorn Hot springs, an outdoor hot water pool in Beaverhead-Deerlodge National Forest. The Elkhorn Hot spring is a part of the Elkhorn hot springs resort.

The resort has a reservation facility if you are planning to visit any time soon, an excellent bar and lounge facilities as well. Group discounts are also available. You can also enjoy fishing in the nearby river, and guides for the nearby area tour are also available. This hot spring in Montana is fully functional all around the year.


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3. Norris Hot Spring

Located in Norris, this hot springs Montana has natural bubble water. Cleanliness is looked after keenly at the Norris Hot Spring. Children discounts and senior citizen discounts are also available at Norris Hot Spring.

The area around the Norris Hot Spring is covered majorly with wetlands, and wildlife in the area is a thing to be seen and observed. If you are making any plans to visit this among all the hot springs in Montana, then you also need to know that there are some additional charges for all the extra amenities that you would probably avail at the hot spring.

4. Chico Hot Springs Resort And Day SPA

This Hot springs Montana presently has two mineral water pools to relax and enjoy their day. The Chico hot spring was established late in the 1900s. Private cabin facilities can also be availed at the Chico Hot springs resort. Other activities that you can indulge in are hiking, river rafting, fishing during the summers. Skiing and snowshoeing are the games for the winters. This hot springs Montana would not disappoint you in any respect.

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5. Yellowstone Hot Spring

As many of you must have heard of this amazingly beautiful Yellowstone National Park, this hot springs Montana is located in the same park and has got its name derived from the park itself. The beauty of this hot springs Montana matches that of the park, providing a feast to the eyes. You can only enjoy the hot spring on the weekend in the Yellowstone National Park. For more information, visit the official site of the Yellowstone Hot Spring, Montana.

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6. Lolo Hot Springs Montana

Next on our list of hot springs in Montana, we have Lolo hot spring, located at the foothills of the mountains near Missoula in Montana. The Lolo hot spring has a mostly wooden resort, which gives it a more natural and authentic appeal. If you are not looking for something that’s only fancy and appealing and a place that makes you feel closer to nature, then Lolo hot springs, Montana, is precisely the place you should be visiting.

Entertainment of the visitors and tourists is also looked after as the Lolo Hot spring organizes music and gaming sessions on weekends. The area is subjected to heavy snowfall, making Lolo Hot Springs Montana, an ideal place for a vacation. Snow bowling in the area also attracts people.

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7. Symes Hot Springs Montana

Featuring on number seven on hot springs Montana, we have Symes hot spring and resort at the walls street north,  Montana. Symes hot spring resort has an excellent and efficient staff that takes all the care of its guests’ smallest needs and keeps the place always neat and clean. Symes Blue hot spring festival is often organized during the year. The area is not much fancy, unlike other hot springs in Montana but worth a visit.

8. Broadwater Hot Springs Montana

Located in the capital city of Montana, which is Helena, the Broadwater Hot Springs Montana is another mention on the hot springs Montana list. The place widely attracts all the fitness enthusiasts in the vicinity as the Broadwater hot springs Montana is also a fitness center with a gymnasium and a swimming pool. Water aerobics is a fitness activity that is carried out for the visitors, and they all enjoy it as well to the fullest. The food offered is also mouth-watering, as told by the visitors.

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9. Jackson Hot Springs Lodge

Another on the list of hot springs in Montana, we have Jackson Hot Springs Lodge. The hot springs lodge opens its hot springs facility selectively on some days of the week. The club is very family-friendly and visited by many throughout the year. Apart from being family-friendly, the Jackson Hot Springs Lodge is also pet friendly.

Check out the accommodation prices and food facilities by visiting the official site.

Hot Springs Montana: 14 Best Places to Visit 1

9. Lost Trails Hot Springs Resort, Sula

On number nine hot springs, Montana has the Lost Trails Hot Springs Resort. Located amid the National forest, the Lost Trails Hot Springs Resort is famous for activities such as hiking and fishing. Do check for reservations before visiting the resort. The Lost Trails hot springs resort has an indoor and outdoor pool and extensive accommodation facilities.

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10. Bozeman Hot Springs Montana

One of the best hot springs among all the hot springs in Montana is the Bozeman Hot Spring. The hot spring resort is all the facilities from the pool to the gym for its guests. Live events are also organized from time to time. The chlorine-free banks at the Bozeman Hot Springs Montana are suitable for every skin type and everyone. Hygiene is also appropriately maintained at the Bozeman Hot Springs Resort.

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11. Rose’s Plunge Hot Springs Montana

Unlike other hot springs, Montana Rose’s Plunge would give you a more direct, calming, and relaxing desirable spring experience. Rose’s Plunge is a part of the Camas Recreational Centre. The center is known for organizing yoga and other fitness sessions.

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12. Big Medicine Hot Springs Montana

Big Medicine is quite an affordable hot spring and is popular among the locals. A cabin system is also available. The Big Medicine hot springs Montana and Rose’s Plunge are both owned and ran by the same owners.

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13. Nimrod Warm Springs

This warm water spring is located in Missoula, Montana. The spring has a large pool, and the most fascinating and attractive thing about the Nimrod warm springs are the underwater caves, which could be seen by diving deep into the warm water spring. Many hotels and resorts can be easily found near this spring, which could be the right place for food and lodging.

14. Fairmont Hot Springs Resort

The place is an entire kid’s friendly resort and hot spring with swings and slides for the kids to enjoy and a large pool for their parents. The resort has a tennis and basketball court and a wildlife zoo that is pretty amazing and different for a hot spring resort to be equipped with.

The Fairmont hot springs resort is one of the hot springs on the list of hot springs in Montana that you would definitely crave to visit again and again, and your kids would also love the place as well.

Hot Springs Montana: 14 Best Places to Visit 2

15. Alameda’s Hot Springs Retreat

As the name itself has the word retreat, there is not much left to further exaggerate about the hot spring resort. Visiting Alameda’s Hot Spring would be like a retreat for you and your family.

The resort has a separate hot water spring for each of its suit, which means you can get a hot spring all to yourself. This one on the list of hot springs Montana is undoubtedly the most luxurious and expensive hot springs of all the other. So do visit if to want such a private and royal experience.

So that was all for the best hot springs in Montana for you to visit and thank me later ( just joking). The list has been customized, keeping in mind all the people that would like to see these hot springs, and I also hope that this list proves to be your complete guide for hot springs in Montana.

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