Animal Abilities Humans Can Only Wish To Have

Animal Abilities Humans Can Only Wish To Have 1

Human beings think they are so superior to all animals around them. They exploit animals and the nature without thinking as they are convinced that there is absolutely nothing that can defeat them. Deep down, though, we all know that we can never be as amazing as animals. They have skills that can make our jaws drop. If they ever decide to combine all of their strengths to get finally rid of us, it won’t be difficult for them. So, here’s a list of amazing skills that animals possess that we can only wish to have.

  • Eagle Eyes- Eagle, Hawk are birds of prey and need to have an amazing eyesight. They see four times as clear as humans do. If we could have eyes like them, it would have been easy to spot an ant from the roof of a ten storied building.

bald eagle2

  • To run like a Cheetah– Cheetahs are beautiful. Also, they can run at a speed of 68 miles per hour. Their bodies are made in a way to make them fast.


  • Strong grip like a Gecko- A gecko’s foot pad has 14,000 tiny hair-like structure called setae which again branches into 500 tiny structures. Using these, geckos can stick to every surface ever. Their grip is really strong and can hold around 290 lbs of weight.

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  • Platypus’ skill of electrolocation- Not all of them can be like Perry the Platypus, but there is one skill that they do possess. They have the ability to sense electric fields that result from muscular contractions. Move a muscle; they will know.

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  • Bats’ skill of echolocation- Bats are amazing. They can stay upside down for so long, can drink blood and can fly. They also use echolocation to sense where their food is. This helps them determine the location of insects.


  • Doing things as fast as a Hummingbird- Move over, Flash. Hummingbirds do things faster than you. They flap their wings fast; their hearts beat fast; they have the extremely fast metabolism. They can hover midair and fly backward.


  • Storing food and water like a Camel- Camels store their food as fat in their body. When there is a scarcity of food and water, they use the stored fat to survive. If this is not amazing, I do not know what is.


  • Spraying ink like an Octopus– They are super fast, intelligent, can change color, squeeze through small spaces, spray ink and can detach their arms. Are you a fan yet?


  • Being extremely cute like a Panda or a Koala Bear- Self explanatory, this one. A human being can never be as cute as a Panda or a Koala bear.


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