Tuesday, January 25, 2022

Another Incident Of Honour Killing Claims Two Innocent Lives

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Honour Killing despite government ban has found its route in India and is prevalent on a large scale. The incidence of honor killings are very difficult to determine and estimates vary widely. In a similar incident, a couple from Extremely backward class (EBC) were shot dead. The incident happened on Friday night in Kaimur district.

What happened was a boy named Dharmendra Choudary from EBC and a girl from an upper caste family in Mubarakpur fall in love eloped and got married. After this father of the girl, Arvind Singh and her family instead of lodging a FIR decided to “teach a lesson” to the family of the boy as they refused to disclose the location of the couple. On Friday night two brothers of the girl, Dimple Singh and Neeraj Singh gatecrashed into Chaudhry’s house and fired shots at Kamal Chaudhary and Moti Devi (parents of the boy) who died in their sleep. While sisters of the boy survived and suffered several injuries. They were later rushed to the nearest trauma center.

A FIR has been lodged against the accused and their arrest warrant has been out. These types of incidents clearly indicate that in the backward areas Gunda Raj is still prevalent and there are no strong laws to prevent such incidents from happening.

Importance of the reputation of the family in the community and the stigma associated with losing social status, particularly in tight-knit communities gave encouragement to the prevalence of such social evils. Another characteristic of honor killings is that the perpetrators often don’t face negative stigma within their communities because their behavior is seen as justified.

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