An Apology From Death

An Apology From Death 1

Dear Everyone,

13.minta-maafI am here to apologize,
For every time I’ve made you cry.
For every time,
You’ve lost someone you loved
Because of me.

I want to say sorry to that little boy
Who lives down the road
In a thatched hut in Dharavi.
I just want him to know
That I loved his mother as much as he did.

I just wanted to caress her once,
But my one touch
Took her life away.


The woman with the specs
In the old age home in Delhi,
Wishes for me every single day
For the past two years,

And curses me every morning
For not paying her a visit.
I ask for her forgiveness,
Her destiny blocks my path

Every time I try to reach for her.
The man who was driving on NH7,
I just glanced at him
And he got hit by a truck.

People rushed to help him,
I just patted on his shoulder,
And his body arrived at the hospital,
It was not just his 5-year-old daughter who cried,

I wish someone could see
The tears in my eyes.

accident-prevention-network-motorcycle-600-54843The student who lived
On the third floor of the hostel

Took her own life,
And people blamed me.
But I want them to know,
It was not I who went to her,

Instead, she came to me.

When the guy with the beard
Was murdered late at night

In a street of Muzaffarnagar,
I was not responsible for it.
The murderer left me no choice,
But to take the guy away with me.

I know I’m brutal and merciless and scary,
The harbinger of grief and decay,
I know I’m the end of everything.

But what can I do?
It is who I am.
And I don’t blame you
For fearing me

Or for hating me,
As I often come unannounced,
And give nothing but sorrow.
But here I am,

Writing to you
Just to let you know,
That even I’m scared of myself,
Because I’m the one

That make people breathe their last.
I wish I could just take my life away,
But I can’t.
I hope you forgive me,

For being who I am.
Truly yours,


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