The Last Day


That day I remember so well
The matters had become far more serious,
For her to forgive you again.

You were screaming and shouting,
You had lost control.
She was crying recklessly,
She hadn’t seen this coming before.
And I just sat on the bench quietly,
Wishing it would pass.

You stopped after a while,
Seeing the tears in her eyes.
She turned away to walk,
Not knowing it wasn’t the worst.
And I just watched from afar,
The two of you part.

You waited for her to return,
Sobbing under the mahua tree.
She never made her way back home,
Abducted in the alley.
A tear trickled down my eye,
Hiding behind the tree.

hqdefaultYou went home in despair,
For she didn’t answer your calls.
She didn’t know where she was,
Unconscious in the devil’s car.
I joined my hands and prayed,
For it all to end well.

You took a U-turn,
To the path that led her home.
She opened her eyes to find,
The four walls imprisoning her all night.
I saw a shooting star,
And wished it won’t go that far.

You were horrified,
To see the lock on her door.
She was half-alive,
With the scars on her soul.
I wanted to speak,
Alas! My voice left me long ago.

screen-shot-2014-04-11-at-11-04-41-pmYou did everything you could,
To find her safe.
Somebody snatched away,
Her garment of innocence.
It reminded me of the day,
I had suffered the same.


You found her the next day,
On the roadside near the trash place.
Lifeless and bleeding,
Her bare body was grieving.
And I just stood there,
Helpless and motionless.
You rushed to the hospital,
What more could you have done?
She lied in your arms,
And breathed her last.
I took her by the hand,
With me to the spirit land.

You couldn’t even make it to the cemetery,
A car hit you on the street.
Your soul departed to the other world,
She was unaware that you were following us.
I realized it that day,
Death was not enough to separate love.

You both finally met in the spirit land,
Your love was alive even in death.
And I headed towards the human world,
To take away another life
Whose time had come.

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