Tuesday, August 3, 2021

The Art Of Ignoring: Understanding This Big World!

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Jinal Dedhia
A commerce graduate and making my career in finance but An aspiring and passionate writer.

Yeah, you read it right. Art Of IGNORING. You must have heard about the art of living, the art of investing and many other such arts, but have you ever heard about the Art of Ignoring?

This art can either ruin everything or can save things from getting worse! It can simply make or break things for you.

So what is it all about?

This art is about understanding WHOM  and WHAT to ignore and WHOM and WHAT to not ignore… What is Ignoring about?

Often we ignore people whom we love because of anger or bad mood or some other reasons without realizing the effect that it will have on that person. How much that person must be hurt by our ignorance. We all know how horrible it feels when we are IGNORED by our loved ones.


The simple thing to understand here is, rather than ignoring we should be frank enough to convey the message, “I don’t want to talk to you right now” in a polite and understanding manner. If the person really loves you, he/she will understand it and respect your space. But ignoring will only make things worse.

There are things as well which should be ignored. Like people who belittle you, or your neighborhood aunties giving you free advice on how you should behave, or some people speaking against your dressing and your profession These are the things which should be IGNORED. These things should not bother you and it is better to simply not pay attention to such stuff. Why should you care what people think and speak about you, you should be concerned about the emotions of your loved ones and their concern for you.
Often we don’t understand where to use this art. Ones you master this great skill, half your problems will resolve on its own.

About the author

A commerce graduate and making my career in finance but An aspiring and passionate writer.

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