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Bald Head Island: 8 Best Reasons To Visit

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Bald Head Island, historically known as Smith Island, an approximately 5 square mile southern North Carolina barrier island that fills into the Atlantic Ocean, perhaps a tiny and isolated island which is also popular as a vacation spot, but it forms up a world of deluxe and special holiday mood although it has such a small size.
It is a townlet placed on the east side of the Cape Fear River in Brunswick County, North Carolina, United States. There are three waterfronts on the island, and the north side comprises of the wetland.
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It is located at the tip of Cape Fear and residing at the convergence of the Cape Fear River, and Atlantic Gulf Stream, a place that creates it very close and risky to the renowned Frying Pan Shoals which is likely dangerous & a threat to the sailors & mariners, the shallows or also known as shoals are a row of sand bars that can sometimes come off and then vanish with an off-going storm or climate fluctuations.
These hazardous maritime arrangements, an upswing to the island’s nearness to the Cape Fear River, enhanced in shaping the topography of the bald head island and also the primary evolution, and finally, the end view of Bald Head Island. The landmass of Bald Head Island ends, trailing off into 30 miles (48 km) of treacherous sand bars known as Frying Pan Shoals.
It is accessible by ferry or private yacht, and no owned passenger cars are permitted; the common usage of conveyance is a golf cart, bicycle, or tram, from the close city of Southport and by four-wheel drive from Fort Fisher to the north.
Bald Head Island is small; still, it includes an aspect in two American battles that is the American Revolution & Civil War. In the times of the American Revolution, it was home to Fort George, a British fort, whereas in the period civil War, the similar redoubts attended to as Fort Holmes, an allied headquarters of significance to exporting, transporting, and smuggling.
Bald Head Island: 8 Best Reasons To Visit 1
Still, Bald Head Island was not formally built until 1985, when it started to develop importance as a hidden secret seaside vacation holiday spot, and expansion majorly began to bloom throughout the shores and wooded landscape. The Bald Head Island got its title from the banks on South Beach, coming to be washed away to match a bald head.
Earlier, sailors guided for directions into the river, noticing for the “bald head” before the lighthouse was made, which is known as the oldest lighthouse in North Carolina, also one of the island’s extensively visited charms of Bald Head Island.

Bald Head Island: 8 Important Tips to Remember Before You Go

1) You Hear Nature, No Noise Pollution:

Bald Head Island: 8 Best Reasons To Visit 2
Personal vehicles or cars or taxis are not allowed inside Bald Head Island for transportation or any other purpose. Therefore it’s certainly possible to have a feeling of peacefulness and have a calm & relaxed feeling if you plan to visit the place for vacations.
Since cars are not allowed, the tourists must tour around on bicycles or golf carts, which are both eco-friendly and look into that noise pollution is not created. Travelers need not worry as the area is mostly flat, so there is no problem while commuting to & from the island. Some services provide rides for rent, so there is no problem as you have a ride throughout the trip.
The main services are provided by ”Bald Head Island – Ferry & Tram Reservations & Dockmaster” which includes- ‘ALWAYS READY CARTS,’ ‘CARY CART COMPANY,’ ‘RIVERSIDE ADVENTURE COMPANY,’ ‘ISLAND PACKAGE CENTER (IPC) & US POST OFFICE,’ ‘VEHICLE PERMITS.’
Sea transportation services are provided by- ‘SOUTHPORT~FORT FISHER TOLL FERRY,’ ‘TOWBOAT US — WATER TAXI’ & ‘SEA TOW — WATER TAXI’ and lastly by air services are provided by CAPE FEAR REGIONAL JET PORT (once known as the Brunswick County Airport).
They provide transportation services with unique techniques and convenience as well as ensures complete safety of the visitors & their baggage.

2) Encounter the Mojo of Sea Turtles at Bald Head Island:

Bald Head Island is universally identified for its sea turtle nesting sport. It’s very popular for turtle watching and has also been appointed as an implication by NMFS (National Marine Fisheries Service), making sea turtle hatching activity, nesting activity, and Protection Program nationally identified.
During summer season – early May to late June- female turtles crawls up on Bald Head Island’s beaches to lay eggs & then cover them up in the sand. Usually, in late July & August, the eggs start to hatch. During the summer seasons, visitors can join in Turtle Walks promoted by the Bald Head Island Conservancy to view female turtles hatching or nesting emerging from the sea.
Also, Bald Head Island Conservancy does not only promote these activities but also takes care to conserve the turtles; the tourists are asked not to frighten any turtle nests set up on the shore. As sea turtles are federally taken care of, there is a massive penalty for doing anything that might come in the process of hatching in any way.
Therefore the guests are requested to restrain from keeping the deck lights switched on at night because hatchlings might not be able to make theirs to the water. Actions to preserve sea turtles on Bald Head Island are being taken since 1980.

3) Fuse in with Nature, Quit the Route Stress at Bald Head Island:

Bald Head Island: 8 Best Reasons To Visit 3
Bald Head Island is universally acknowledged as a barrier island where people reside in peace & relaxation with the essence of nature. A pinnacle area where visitors can explore the island of vibrant freshwater lagoons, salt estuary, maritime, forests, also dwelling to a massive proportion of nature & wildlife in such a small area.
Dozens of variety of birds, wildlife, sure to provide an extraordinary treat to the nature lovers through unique bird watching, moreover the glorious sightings of deer, painted bunting, bald eagle, foxes, squirrels, white ibis, osprey, anhinga, laughing gull, tricolored heron, snowy egret, great blue heron, royal tern, and a species of reptiles and amphibians, and are instructed to be on the lookout for the well-known local alligator constantly.
An ideal island for endless visits to Bald Head Island by the admired travelers and year-round inhabitants also. Bald Head Island Conservancy has nest recesses and all sorts of training to discover more about aquatic life and different wildlife on the island.
Bald Head Island is also well known for a variety of gorgeous trees like longleaf pine, live oak, cabbage palmettos are trees most naturally found in the maritime woods, and swamp hammocks are also seen.
These trees form like a tunnel shape while moving through the maritime forest; the trees tilt to encircle the freeway with a flowerless green lovely sprinkle. Another reason where you get to connect more with nature while going to Bald Head Island is how comfortable and natural it feels there because the beaches are not very crowded.
You get to spend some me-time there as you might only see three or four other groups of people on the beach. It sometimes feels too great to have a public place that is so beautiful to yourself without many people surrounding you as you can enjoy nature better.

4) Worldliness of Both Beach and Forest at Bald Head Island:

You get to choose your exploration as Bald Head Island gives an excellent experience of both. There are so many incredible locations to live on the island. Housings are mainly rental houses accessible through many holiday rental companies that arrange the properties available in this area through local firms.
The residences vary from small seaside cottages to remarkable oceanfront mansions, extensive with private pools, elevators, recreation rooms, hot tubs, and simple beach entrance. In contrast, various houses have their golf carts ready to drive around the city, as well as many additional on-site luxuries to keep guests captivated.
Bald Head Island: 8 Best Reasons To Visit 4
Residences are normally reserved every week via an estate association local firm and must be reserved well in advance to ensure a relaxing retreat from the mundane daily stress to stay on Bald Head Island, mostly during the summer months when reservations for housings tend to fill up fast.
If it’s checked recently, today, almost not less than 200 year-round residents call Bald Head Island home; the island is also a very prominent summertime landing that fascinates thousands of travelers every year.

5) Nothing Less, Nothing More at Bald Head Island:

Bald Head Island has got everything that you will need and want to relish an effortless & enjoyable stay with your family. For breakfast, lunch or dinner treats, you have a handful of beautiful restaurants to visit on Bald Head Island, including Delphina, Shoals Club, Jules’ Salty Grub & Island Pub, Bald Head Island Club, Big Fish, etc. where you get great Mexican & Spanish food & drinks.
There is a secondary market where you can purchase groceries. There are no occupied boardwalks, and no place is always crowded.

6) Ideal for Night Walking Tour:

Bald Head Island has the least pollution; therefore, it brings in it a perfect place for stargazing. At night with the help of the smooth flow of the moonlight as their guide, the little hatchlings make their way to the sea.
Bald Head Island conservancy also explores the night program on the island with an island naturalist staring for nighttime creatures by operating radio telemetry and highlight analyses to find animals. Those tourists who would like to endure the thrill of adventure with only the moonlight as their cue can participate in the Night Surf Fishing platforms.
Bald Head Island: 8 Best Reasons To Visit 5

7) The Old Baldy, Lighthouse of Bald Head Island:

Bald Head Lighthouse, known as Old Baldy, is the oldest lighthouse nonetheless still very prominent in North Carolina. It is the second of three lighthouses that have been created on Bald Head Island since the 19th century and declared to be probably one of the stablest buildings on the island, especially because of a particular instance.
On September 5th, 1996, when huge cyclone Fran struck southern North Carolina, also when the wind speeds ascended ahead hurricane strength, the lighthouse withstood the least destruction and was also sheltered for some residents and guests who fled from their dwellings and sought protection inside the Bald Head Lighthouse.
It also functions to assist and give directions to the ships to safely pass the risky shallows at the mouth of the Cape Fear River.

8) Fun with Family at Bald Head Island:

There is a recreation for every age range in your family on Bald Head Island, including games like pirate led ghost tours, climbing to reach the top of Old Baldy, which is the oldest lighthouse in North Carolina, sailing lessons, star gazing, bike rides, visiting the Smith Island Museum which is a miniature of the 1850’s lighthouse protector’s cabin and includes antiques that put the focus on the island’s affluent maritime history, paddle boarding, golf, croquet, tennis, etc.
Also, Bald Head Island bestows guests a lot of choices when selecting where to get some peaceful time sitting near the gusting waves of the beach. East Beach, which stands up to the open Atlantic, is where the surfers and boogie renters like to spend time, whereas South Beach spotlights lengthy spreads of white sand and peaceful waters flawless for families, walkers, and shell seekers.
And therefore, you will see many families as well as many groups of friends choosing to visit Bald Head Island.
Bald Head Island: 8 Best Reasons To Visit 6
For all travelers, Bald Head Island is completely a bliss, perfect with mostly the local population and that also not very big in numbers, a lot of top-class luxuries and thrills to experience as an adventure life, and some of the cleanest, peaceful and most isolated seasides along southern North Carolina.
Bald Head Island is known throughout the state as an unsociable location but wholly seen as a special withdrawal from the daily stress of city life.
This barrier island is a perfect escape for coastal, peace, adventure, history, and nature lovers who want to get away from it all, but still, have availability to all the basic requirements and aids that make an incredible holiday exclusively wonderful. Bald Head Island is a sure visit for all peace-loving people.

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