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5 Best Places To Live in Spain

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This is Kritika. A 23-year-old biotechnology student by the day, and a writer/poet 24/7.

We welcome you to the ‘best places to live in Spain’ guide. 

When thinking of relocating to a new country, the most popular choice these days is Spain. Spain is often at the top of the list of potential ex-pat destinations. But do you know why Spain is considered among the best country to live in?

There are actually many reasons behind Spain being the best place to live in. Some of which are: a laid-back atmosphere, relaxed environment, year-round warm & soothing climate, high quality of life, job opportunities, better real estate deals, and so on.

Spain is a huge country, and it has an even bigger ex-pat community in the major cities, which makes it all the more appealing for people to move here. Now, if you consider moving to Spain someday, you will need to know the best places to live in Spain.

So we are here with this guide to introduce you to the 5 best places to live in Spain that offer’s the most reasonable lifestyle. We will find you the best cities to live in, in Spain with all the additional details such as cost of living, public transport, education (international schools).

So, let us check out the places to live then.

5 Best Places To Live in Spain

While making the list of the best places to live in Spain, we considered a few things such as which Spanish cities will be more suitable for foreigners, the cultural life of each place, cost of living, weather, & the vibe they have to offer.

So, the following are the 5 best places to live in Spain.

1. Madrid

What better place to start with than the very capital city of Spain?  Madrid is always among the top 3 choices for ex-pats to move into. And that is for good enough reasons too.


Madrid is a big city that has a balanced lifestyle for both fast-pacers and slow-pacers. It boasts a vibrant city life and yet has a very family-friendly environment. That makes Madrid a good option for ex-pat families mostly.

Although Madrid is the largest city in Spain, the atmosphere there is very laid-back and less busy as compared to other major capital cities. Madrid offers ideal places for people who love fast-moving environments and many quiet areas that are far away from the city center.

Cost of living

Madrid is not the most expensive option yet not the cheapest too. The cost of living in Madrid has a balance too, depending upon the areas you’re moving to.

For families with a maximum of four members, the average rental cost goes up to 3,000-4,880 USD. And for singles moving into the city, it costs around 1,500 USD. People looking for cheaper options can look for apartments away from the city center.

Other expenses revolve around transportation & eating out. Public transportation in Madrid is not very expensive, and there are many options available for cheap meals.

For a thorough detail into rental costs, Click here.

Job Opportunities

Getting a job in Madrid comes easy when you know Spanish. English-speaking jobs are quite hard to find around the city. The average monthly salary ranges from 1,800 USD to 4,000 USD.

2. Barcelona

The next city that tops the list of best places to live in Spain is Barcelona. Both the cities Madrid & Barcelona can be a little costlier than any other city in Spain. Still, both the cities have an equally better quality of life as compared to other even pricier European cities.


Barcelona is the most beautiful city in Spain, and that’s what draws people towards it in the first place. Barcelona has the ideal environment for ex-pats in terms of working, education & living.

Barcelona displays a rich Spanish culture through its architecture & bohemian vibe. The outdoor spaces & recreational activities give ex-pats a better chance at the city.

This is why Barcelona is not just a popular choice for relocation, but it is also the most popular tourist destination. Moreover, it is also has a good environment for sports & outdoor activities such as biking, kite-surfing, and hiking.

Cost of living

Monthly rental prices in the city are about 1,100-1,600 USD. And the public transportation costs slightly higher than that of Madrid, such as 1.60 USD for single-ride tickets.

Job Opportunities

The job sector in Barcelona is not very uplifting but is still manageable. Ex-pats with bilingual skills will have an easier time finding jobs in various services such as hotels, restaurants, or bars.

And the average monthly salary ranges from 1,600-4,500 USD. Barcelona is known to be the hub for entrepreneurs, so ex-pats can try setting up their new ventures.

3. San Sebastian

The third city on the list of best places to live in Spain is San Sebastian. This city is also known as Donostia and is a coastal city nestled in Spain’s Basque Country.

San Sebastian

San Sebastian is a sophisticated city with a proper display of Spanish culture. This city is best for those who want to settle in a comparatively milder climate than other Spanish cities. This city has a lesser population of ex-pat communities, so here you will be around Spanish culture at its best.

The city boasts a good quality of life with its developing commitment to progress & sustainability. And has excellent systems of transportation & housing.

Cost of living

The average monthly housing costs around 1,200 USD (3 bedroom apartments). And monthly necessary utilities cover about 150 USD. Other expenses such as transportation, restaurants cover around 600-700 USD per person.

Job Opportunities

San Sebastian offers a good number of job opportunities. The city is highly service-oriented and is among those regions with the highest number of industries in Spain.

Thereby creating the ideal environment of working for the ex-pats. And the average salary of employees is 2,100 USD.

4. Seville

And the next city on the list of best places to live in Spain is-Seville. Seville is the capital city of the Spanish autonomous community of Andalusia. It is located in Southern Spain.


The city of Seville is filled with beautiful architecture & lively feels. This place represents traditional Spain. It gives you the big city feels and has a very calm & small-town vibe with fantastic climate.

Most people move to Seville because of its climate & friendly vibes. Although the city is small compared to other major cities, Seville boasts vibrant nightlife & a great culinary scene. People who enjoy an active social life will have their best times here.

The cultural life in Seville is quite catchy, too; after all, it is the birthplace of the famous Flamenco dance.

Cost of living

Seville is one of the cheapest cities to live in Spain. In fact, Seville is the 4th most affordable city in Spain. The average housing costs around 1,200-1,300 USD for three-bed apartments (centrally located). In contrast, apartments on the outskirts cost much less at about 750 USD.

And monthly public transportation covers less than 50 USD.

Job Opportunities

Working opportunities for ex-pats are mostly opened in the fields of tourism, bars, restaurants, and such. The average monthly salary of a person ranges from 1,100-16,000 USD.

5. Valencia

And the last city on the list of best places to live in Spain is the port city of Valencia, nestled on the southeastern coast of Spain.



Over the past years, Valencia has become the most desirable city in Spain. The town has outstanding educational facilities with various English-speaking schools.

The city has the majority of the student population, so it has a very youthful & active vibe. Although the city doesn’t boast a bustling city vibe, the nightlife is very much vibrant. People looking for a comparatively quiet but fun space will enjoy living in Valencia.

The health care facilities in the city work very efficiently. So, people living in this city develop a higher quality of life. And the amount of transformation this city has seen in the last couple of years is one reason Valencia is one of the best places to live in Spain.

Cost of living

The best part about living in Valencia is its cost of living. Although it is a large city like Madrid & Barcelona, Valencia offers a cheaper lifestyle.

Singles can find a place around the city for about 1,100 USD. Whereas families looking for two-three bedroom apartments will find one at 1,200-1,600 USD on average.

Job Opportunities

Valencia’s job opportunities & work field rapidly bounced back after the major financial crisis in the 2000s. So, by now, people won’t have a hard time finding a job there.

The city’s economy relies on various sectors, thereby opening ample positions for new people. The average salary of a person starts from 5,600 USD.

So with this, we have come to the end of our post. We have listed the top 5 best places to live in Spain according to our research & evaluation. However, apart from these 5, there are various other places that you can look into, such as:

  • Costa Blanca
  • Pamplona
  • Bilbao
  • Ibiza
  • Costa Del Sol
  • Palma, Mallorca

Tip: It is not just the mainland cities that offer the best quality of life. Spain’s islands provide great locations to live in too. Take, for example, Palma (Mallorca). It is the largest one among the Balearic Islands.

Living in Spain comes with many benefits, and the three major benefits are fantastic weather, personal security, and better quality of life. So, those who are planning to shift to Spain someday can surely put their plan into action.

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I hope to have covered you with much-needed information. If you have anything else in mind regarding the best places to live in Spain, feel free to share your feedback over the comment box.

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This is Kritika. A 23-year-old biotechnology student by the day, and a writer/poet 24/7.

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