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Woman with a Sense of Humor: 6 Obvious Boons and Banes

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Do you ever wonder how it is to be a woman with a sense of humor?

Fabulous? Yes, that comes under it. 

Hectic? Of course my readers.

Let’s accept the fact that yes women can be funny too. Not only are they funny but they have their own specific positives and negatives of being one.

Here are some of the stories about Women with a sense of humor.

Woman with a sense of humour

Being a woman already has its own pros and cons and being one with a sassy mouth adds in it.

So in this article, I will tell you some of the pros and cons of being a woman with a sense of humor. 

Pros and Cons of Being a Woman with a Sense of Humor

Here are some of the PROs 

 1. You are the favourite one in the gang

Who doesn’t love the quirky comebacks and savage replies? You are the life-saving woman of the group. All the ladies love you to be in on their sides. 

Your friends love you because you are funny and they love you more when you tell them to piss off. 

Funny right? That’s exactly their reaction whenever you open your mouth to say anything. 

Woman with a Sense of Humor: 6 Obvious Boons and Banes 1You are the best one to go for advice because you know the art of saying the truth without sounding mean or rude.

You put it in a sarcastic platter and they accept it laughingly.

That is the beauty of it. The funny non-judgmental friend of the group. Yes, that would be you. 

2.  Having guys as friends

Guys like women who are funny, the sense of humor makes them attracted to you but mostly in a friendly manner. You usually have lots of male friends because they like women who know how to take a joke. You are an exception because instead of getting offended at their jokes you come up with burning comebacks.

Woman with a Sense of Humor: 6 Obvious Boons and Banes 2

Your sense of humor is a star in your personality and this makes you more approachable.

You break the stereotype of “women are not funny”, yes they really say things like that.

3. You have a way with words 

You know your wit and you leave no chance of showing that off. 

You are confident and you don’t fear the judgments of people. You are brave enough to handle any judgment and take it playfully. 

You don’t keep any of your stands to settle down quietly, your way is polite, humorous and sarcastic but the motive of putting it out is always fulfilled. 

A woman with a sense of humor has an addition of this quality in her already composed personality. 

As a female, I personally have experienced that we have to always put a little extra effort into keeping our opinions or in telling the world about how we feel. 

In this condition, what helps is your way with your words. A woman with a sense of humor has the capability to say her words without actually sounding offensive to anyone. 

Yes, people tend to get offended when women put out their opinions.

Anyway, a funny woman is no more a myth, you just have to look out at well-enlightened places.

4. Escaping from awkwardness 

You know the art of getting yourself out from any absurd scenario without actually harming anyone’s feelings intentionally. You make up your mind and that savageness of yours helps you in letting yourself out. 

People don’t even care because that’s how you are, Savage, brave and cool with words. 

That’s a weapon for you to save yourself from being stuck in any unwanted or awkward place.You are super experienced in hiding your insecurities under dark humor of yours. A woman with a sense of humor always has her defences up for protecting her own self.

You have the power to roast your own self even before anyone else does so that it feels less humiliating. 

Sarcasm is your defensive sword for people acting upon you. 

This way you really protect your one feelings from being hurt and you add on kudos for you being funny. 

5. You are the most approachable 

Your personality is so positive and funny that people don’t hesitate before approaching you. You have a charming personality that makes people feel secure with them approaching you. 

Your vibe makes people feel lighter even in tough situations. Your aura is soothing and you are effortless in making everything around you a little less stressful.

6. Wit is the best friend of a woman with a sense of humor 

You can ace any situation with a smile on your face. The people around you are always happy and amused by what you have to say. Your humor enlightens the whole surrounding where ever you go. 

That lightens the atmosphere and you become more approachable. 

You have a plus point of everyone knowing how you are witty and funny so people don’t mess with you intentionally. 

Your wit is something that makes you extra charming and admirable. 

Here are some of the cons. 

1. You are never taken seriously 

Your habit of creating jokes in every situation creates a pit of harmful judgments for you. Anytime if you’re telling something serious to your mates then they don’t believe you because they are habitual of your usual funny self.

Woman with a Sense of Humor: 6 Obvious Boons and Banes 3

This creates a problem for you when you really want to have a genuine talk with someone without cracking jokes. 

People tend to only expect of you to just make funny comments and roasting sesh that is why you have to keep extra efforts in keeping up with you.

2. Always expected to have a good mood

Yes, that is one of the major drawbacks of being a woman with a sense of humor that people near you can’t accept the fact that you are having a bad day. They always expect you to be cheerfully sustained with positive energy with can get you tired real quick. 

Woman with a Sense of Humor: 6 Obvious Boons and Banes 4

A woman with a sense of humor is a source of sunshine for people  but at times  she can also be the one seeking for it.

A woman with a sense of humor always have to struggle a little extra to explain your exertion to people, being sad is not normalised for you.

3. Mostly a ‘good friend’ 

You’re mostly unlucky in having relationships because every person that you meet is a friend even before you start to like him. 

Woman with a Sense of Humor: 6 Obvious Boons and Banes 5A woman with a sense of humor is a great friend for guys but they limit you to that only. They come for advices and they treat you as you’re one their dudes and homie because you’re funny but at last you are just neglected when it comes to love and romancing. 

You’re friend zoned in your group and it’s really difficult for you to get out of that constructive zone which keeps on progressing day by day.

4. Cannot hide your emotions easily 

Even after trying for hundred times, you can never hide behind your facial expressions because your vibe says it all. 

Your humor is basically a light attracting people towards you and your bad mood darkens the light. It is useless to try putting efforts in pretending to be less annoyed or extra happy because that can be easily caught from your demeanor.

Imagine a person who is always cracking jokes, commenting on her friends and trying to make the light of the tough situation suddenly gets quiet and speechless. That would be too noticeable so that is your condition with your emotions. 

You can not hide them easily.

5. Self roasting backfires at times 

You create a surrounding for yourself which is full of light humour and assumed acceptable Jokes. 

Woman with a sense of humor

Your jokes on yourself create an assumption in minds of people near you that it’s okay to joke on you. That it is okay to be mean to you because you will laugh it off.

A woman with a sense of humor faces many situations in which she feels like giving up the up for everything sassy face but that doesn’t work that way. 

People tend to roast you without realizing that they’re crossing the limits and that’s very exhausting for you emotionally.

6. Feels difficult to communicate relevant feelings.

A woman with a sense of humor knows how difficult it is to admit your own feelings and emotions at times. This difficulty only arises when the feelings are apart from your usual own savage self.

People around you are not prepared to handle your serious self with no trace of humour so you usually back off from admitting your own emotions. 

You feel weird telling people what you actually want or what actually hurt you because in the end you have a habit of making fun of it by yourself to avoid the humiliation if someone else mentions it. 

These are the times when being funny makes your life a little hard. 

These were some of the pros and cons of being a woman with a sense of humor.

These are just a few of them and we have so many more in the box. If you are a woman with a sense of humor then you would definitely relate to all these.

Here’s a Tale of humour. You must go through.

Being funny is a curse at times but at least we enjoy that curse while laughing at our own selves. Comment down below to tell us what you think of this article.

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