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Pros and Cons of Long Distance Relationships

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People often believe that long distance relationships don’t last long. It does happen most of the times. The recent research conveys that majority of the couples break up when they are in a long distance relationships as compared to face-to-face relationships. Every person tries to save his or her relationship, but due to several reasons they ultimately break up, especially when they are in a long distance relationships. But long distance relationships can be better than in their ways if the couple is understanding.

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Here are a few advantages of long distance relationships:

  • The separation from your partner and the desire to meet him or her again makes you realise his or her worth, after all, we only realise a person’s worth when he or she is away from us.
  • You devote your time to your families and friends and give personal space to your partner, which is the most important aspect of a relationship. A little space is important to build a strong relationship with your partner.
  • The long distance relationship makes both the love birds totally independent.
  • The freshness and blissful moments of your love life are preserved and accelerated when you meet your partner after a long time and devote him a few days completely rather than making excuses to avoid meeting him regularly.
  • Long distance relationships make you realise that love does not evolve around physical intimacy, but there are more beautiful things in a love relationship.
  • Long distance relationships build up a trust for your soulmate only if your partner is not jealous when you meet your friends of opposite sex.

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If long distance relationships can be beneficial, at the same time they can be disadvantageous too. Here are a few cons of long distance relationships:

  • The pleasure we get when we interact with our soulmate face-to-face makes you feel uncomfortable and upset. A person often misses the hugs and conversations of his or her soulmate.
  • Long distance relationships make you feel lonely despite having the company of your friends and families 24*7.
  • The separation from your partner makes you over-possessive, and you begin to suspect whether your partner is loyal to you or cheating you at your back. This fear kills most of the young couples today.
  • It becomes to difficult to manage your time fruitfully. If you don’t spend time with your partners, both the partners feel remorseful. Ultimately, one has to sacrifice a lot in short-distance relationships.

Whether a long distance relationship or a short distance relationship, both categories of relationships may break if the partners are selfish and disloyal. It’s always the everlasting love and mutual understanding that binds two love birds together.


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