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The Top Benefits of Ordering Food Online in India

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Nowadays the ordering of food from online are increasing day by day. About 69% of users are placing food orders from online. In today’s digital world, online ordering for food takeaway serves a huge potential in the market.

Are you a cuisine lover?, I am thinking that the answer is “yes”. Do you know when and which time you have to order meals from online? Here are the solutions to get benefits for you.

Here these are some of the quotes on food.

“You don’t need a silver fork to eat good food.”

By Paul Prudhomme.

This is the another best quote which I have seen in the websites.

“People want honest, flavourful food, not some show-off meal that takes days to prepare.”

By Ted Allen.

These are the top 10 most popular websites for food delivery in India.

1. Swiggy
2. Zomato OrderThe Top Benefits of Ordering Food Online in India 1

3. Uber Eats
4. Foodpanda
5. Domino’s
6. Pizza Hut
7. Faaso’s
8. JustEat
9. TastyKhana
10. FoodMingo

The Top Benefits of Ordering Food Online in India 2

When we have to order cuisines? and Benefits of ordering food online.

1. Huge offers or Reasonable Discounts

Almost all the food delivery apps give a whopping discount ranging from 25% to 35%. Some of the websites like Swiggy, Zomato Order, and Uber Eats almost provides a discount of 50% on first five orders for the new customers.

The online food delivery sites also offer discounts on some of the cards like Rupay cards, Visa/Master cards and they also provide some extra discount by paying with some of the online wallets like Paytm, Freecharge, and Mobikwik This helps us save our money in the wallet as well as in the bank accounts.

2. Different and Varieties of dishes

If there are different or new varieties of dishes we can order the new stuff and taste it. This is the best way to order from online. By ordering the new stuff there are the two benefits, First one is that we can taste the new dishes and the second one is that we also get the discounts from this ordering sites. It’s the best way to save your pocket money by ordering the different dishes for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

3. No eatables are available at home

If we are very hungry and can’t wait for a second for hunger and when there is no food is available at home we can go for this online food order. We can get the cuisines in minutes to get rid of hunger. Most Important is the food which we can order from nearby restaurants or hotels to get fast delivery. We can order the food at any time either it is morning or afternoon or night.

4. Mid-Night food ordering

If we are tired of your work and came back home very late at night. At that time we can’t prepare our own food. In that time ordering food from online is the best option to choose. In some of the hi-tech cities, these online food ordering sites are alive for the delivery for the late night employees/workers to provide food for them.

5. When you can’t eat at your home

When the food is already made at home but you don’t want to eat or you didn’t like the eatables which were prepared at home, then we have to go with the ordering from online. This is the best way to eat our loved snacks and delicious foods by ordering from online at any time you want.

6. When the restaurants are far away from home

You are feeling very hungry and you can’t wait, But the restaurants/hotels are not nearby home and again this is the best option to order from online for food. Even the restaurants or hotels are so far from your home the online delivering sites provides faster delivery as soon as possible to their customers to get good responses and valuable feedback.

7. Spending time with the family by ordering from online

By skipping cooking at home, we can spend more and more time to spend with our family. We can do other works whatever we want to do. For example, we can spend with our loved ones, we can spend time with our relatives and we can spend our valuable time with our parents mom and dad. We can do our own work. As a student, you can spend more time to study by ordering food from online delivering sites mentioned above.

8. Enjoy your time by skip cooking

We can skip the food when we are having busy with the office work or any other works like studying, and playing, then we can save our time by ordering food from online and that saving time is used for our personal works. So enjoy your meals if there are heavy works for you.

9. When you went to a trip for a holiday

Suppose in the holidays you went on for a trip and at that place, we can’t prepare the food by our own so we prefer to go to a restaurant to eat the cuisines. We know that the items are quite expensive at the hotels. To save our pocket money, we can order the food online. If we choose this we can save our money as well as we can taste the tastiest food from the nearest restaurant for the lowest price and without any of the taxes.


The Top Benefits of Ordering Food Online in India 3


The benefits you get by ordering from online each time

  1. Points or Credits

We get some points or credits to your account which we are ordering from online for each order. By ordering more and more orders we get some more and more points/credits to the account. This points can be used for the future orders which we can get the extra discount.

  1. Awarded as the Best customer

You will become the best customer which levels you up in the websites or apps. In the online ordering apps or websites, they have some levels which give to customers this also offers some of the discounts to the future orders in the form of points or credits to the customers ordering the meals regularly.

Why do you like to order online? Let us know below.

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