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What Moles say about Your Personality?

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Astrology has been one of the wonders of science. It is more than science. It is interesting to know that astrology defines what moles say about your personality. Many cultures around the world, such as Greek, Indian, and Chinese, believe in mole astrology.

Moles are small black structures that grow naturally on the human body. They can say a lot about a person’s character and destiny, according to astrology. They can also predict some of the interesting secrets about life. Every mole has different meanings and interpretations based on their placing on the human body.

Let’s explore what moles say about your personality based on where they are in the human body.

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1 Forehead

What Moles say about Your Personality? 1

Mole on the forehead indicates a strong personality. You tend to be decisive and determined about what you want in life. You stick to what you consider right even though you listen to other’s advice.

You are a naturally free spirit with a strong sense of direction. You trust your gut feeling and know the path of your life. You decide your own goals and schedule your life accordingly. You will be your boss.

What moles say about your personality is very much favorable for people having moles on their forehead. They are their rulers in life.

2 Eyebrows

Moles on the eyebrows might indicate that you are a serious person in life. You are unlikely to annoy a person and pull their legs. You don’t make people laugh and are quite strict people. When you are into things, you make an actual difference from the rest of the people.

You are a precise talker and a very responsible person. People surrounding you can count on you for their difficult times. You are always ready to lend a shoulder. People having moles as the end of the eyebrows mean you are a person of authority and power.

Moles in between eyebrows are indications of a courageous person with a strong personality. You trust your gut feeling more than anything. You make decisions without over-analyzing the pros and cons of a situation. This makes you a charismatic person.

You are naturally blessed with broad knowledge and competence. You are argumentative, which can be problematic at times. What moles say about your personality is quite a prediction for people having moles on their eyebrows.

3 Eyes

What Moles say about Your Personality? 2

People having moles in the outer corner of the eye say that you are a social butterfly. You have a great social life with lots of friends. You have an exciting personality that attracts people around you. You are considered as a very approachable person by your friends for your outgoing personality. You are always positive and have an encouraging attitude about life.

According to Chinese astrology, if you have a mole on the inner corners of the eye, you might have to undergo constant challenges in life. These challenges can be poor health, unstable financial situation, and relationship issues.

You will tackle these life challenges with your optimistic personality and the support of your family and friends. Thus, what moles say about your personality comes as a life lesson if you have moles on your eyes.

4 Nose

Having a mole on the nose denotes, you are quick at thinking and possess high self-esteem. You have a charismatic personality and are well-liked in your social circle. You can be a short-tempered person who might affect your career and relationship development.

Mole on the nose might also indicate that you might spend more than you can afford. This might make your finance challenging. So, people having moles on your nose, take the advice of what moles say about your personality seriously!

5 Cheeks

What Moles say about Your Personality? 3

Having moles on the cheek is considered beautiful in many cultures around the world. They might also give useful insights about your life and personality. A mole on the right cheek denotes that you are a sensitive and caring person.

Everyone in your family feels comfortable and loved when you are around. In a relationship, you are highly-tuned with your partner’s needs. This shows that you will have a great family life. You will also be highly respected by your peers and employees in the workplace.

Mole on the left cheek represents that you are more of an introverted personality. You like to sit alone and contemplate your life. You have a small circle of close friends who appreciate the unique intimacy you provide them.

What moles say about your personality might denote that you will have a real and remarkable life with lots of love from family and friends.

6 Lips

What Moles say about Your Personality? 4

People having moles on their lips have an ambitious personality. You pursue a higher overall level of satisfaction in life compared to the rest of the people. You are an adventurous person and are always ready to take risks. You are never afraid of challenges.

You are a curious person and always have new ways of thinking and exploring. You still see things from a different dimension. You do not compare yourself with others. You measure your success with what you are capable of achieving.

Mole on the upper lip denotes you have a socializing and exciting personality. Mole on the lower lip indicates you are a great foodie.

What moles say about your personality can be that you have a dedicated and balanced life overall.

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7 Chin

People having a mole on the chin want to change always. They can easily get bored and always seek something fresh. They are always surrounded by new people and regularly travel to new places.

You not only welcome such new changes but also keep expecting such new changes. What moles say about your personality is that difference is the norm of your life.

8 Ears

What Moles say about Your Personality? 5

A person with a mole on the ear is a smart person. You are not book-smart but a street intelligent person. You have a keen sense of what is happening in your surroundings. You know the good and evil around you and adjust accordingly.

You are a person who never starts anything without a plan. You are always resourceful and try to minimize risk at all times. You are a survivor and will have a long, meaningful life.

What moles say about your personality for people having a mole on the back of the ear is that you might be on the conservative side. You are strict about following your culture and traditions. You respect your culture throughout your life.

9 Neck

A mole on the frontal part of the neck brings good fortune to you, according to Chinese and Indian astrology. A mole on either side of the neck shows that you might have an unreasonable personality.

What moles say about your personality, which is located on the back of your neck, is that you seek a simple and ordinary life. You seek peace. A mole on the shoulders indicates that you are a sensible and practical person.

You tend to be a responsible and outspoken person apart from being a social and friendly person. You will be at peace with your life and try to get out of all your problems safely.

10 Chest

What moles say about personality is that you are good at heart. This mole mostly talks about the success of your children in the aspects of love, luck, and wealth. A mole on the left chest indicates a great possession of energy. You will be an active person in life.

11 Belly

Chinese astrology says that having a mole near the navel is exceptionally promising. A mole on the right side of the navel indicates good financial situations. It also shows a weakness for women in men. A mole on the left side of the belly denotes there is a lot of jealousy involved in your life.

what moles say about your personality

A mole on the stomach shows that you are a lazy person and seeks luxury in life. You live life in every possible way. A mole on the upper back of your body shows that you are a responsible person making the right decisions in life.

A mole on the lower back indicates that you are an intelligent and creative person. You are trustworthy and have life long friends.

12 Hands

What moles say about your personality is that you are hardworking and energetic. You are talented and work your way towards success. You are brave and tend to be a good decision-maker.

13 Palms and Fingers

What moles say about a person having moles on fingers is that they have a lot of obstacles in life. You might be dishonest and exaggerate things. A mole on the right palm indicates a wealthy presence, whereas a mole on the left palm indicates your spendthrift nature.

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14 Genitals

What moles say about your personality is that you are a generous and honest person. You are a true lover when it comes to relationships and will have a remarkable sex life. You will have a happy marriage and have great contentment with your financial situation as well.

15 Legs and Feet

What Moles say about Your Personality? 6

What moles say about your personality is that you will travel a lot in life. You will receive recognition for good deeds. A mole on the right foot indicates that you will get a good spouse and family life. A mole on the left foot indicates financial problems and issues with the spouse.

A mole on either part of the leg between the knee and the ankle denotes a careless and lazy personality.

Watch this video to know more about what moles say about your personality:

Thus, moles can not only add beauty to a person’s physique but also gives a lot of interesting insights about your personality, destiny, and future. What moles say about your character can have the power to change your life even.

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