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Best Full Moon Party Thailand And All About It!

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Do you wish to know about the Full Moon Party Thailand? You have come to the right place. This article includes all the details you need to know about Full Moon Party Thailand.

A few years back, tourists discovered that Koh Pha Ngan was the most beautiful moon ever witnessed. These tourists arranged a party on the crescent-shaped beach of Haad Rin to celebrate the night of the full moon.

Currently,  around 30,000 tourists join this Black Moon Party. This event is unknown to many. Do not worry about how to enjoy the party because this article has got you covered. I shall explain to you every detail of how to enjoy the Full Party Moon. Keep your eyes intact as you are going to read an interesting piece.

How to Enjoy the Full Moon Party Thailand


full moon party Thailand

A. History

The first Full Moon Party originated on the beach at Paradise Bungalows in 1983 to honor about 30 travelers. Over time, the party gained attention, and now it receives more than 20,000 tourists each month.

The party goes on until the sun rises. Pubs on Sunrise Beach of Hat Rin play different genre music to entertain the tourists. Success to Full Moon Party has led to the creation of Half Moon, Black Moon, Oxa Beach, and several other parties.

In late 2014, the government banned Full Moon Party Thailand and other small parties due to noise pollution. Later, these parties resumed back to normal, on public demand.

B. Location

Full Moon Party takes place on Koh Phangan island, Thailand. This island is an ideal location for a perfect honeymoon trip.

With great nightlife, party freak people, and a spectacular view of small huts, bungalows along with the beaches.

The party’s excitement adds great buzz to the location to hang out at Cactus Bar, Sunrise Beach Club, Zoom Bar, and others with friends and family.

Hear the loudspeakers, neon lights, and fireworks that make the show more attractive and give life to the party.

Reaching Ko Phangan Island

full moon party Thailand

Ko Phangan island is easily accessible. Below are the available options; choose as per your conveyance.

1. Air

Via flight from Bangalore, it’s a 1-hour 15-minute journey to reach you at Surat Thani’s airport. Once at Surat Thani airport, take a bus to Donsak Pier; travel time is one hour. Catch a ferry from Donsak Pier.

2. Train

Trains from Bangkok to Surat leave three times a day; it’s a nine-hour journey. In Bangkok, go from Hua Lamphong or Thon Buri train station. Head towards Chumpon on the Thai Railways route.

If you book a combo ticket, train, and boat ticket, you’ll get a free transfer to the pier. From Hua Lamphong, Bangkok to Chumphon, trains are available daily. The journey takes about 8 to 11 hours.

3. Bus 

Several travel agencies from Khao San Road, Bangkok offer bus, and ferry rides. They offer a combination ride. Opt for this for your convenience.

From Southern Bus Terminal, Bangkok, you will reach Ko Phangan within 8 hours. Buses leave daily but take more time.

4. Boat

Few ferry companies offer a ride to Ko Phangan island. The companies are Lomprayah High-speed Ferries Co. Ltd, Seatran Discovery, Songserm, Raja, and Phantip. Ferry rides are relatively cheaper and more convenient than other modes of transportation.

Accommodation for Full Moon Party Thailand

You can easily find accommodation anywhere on the island. If you wish to stay in cheap hotels, you need to arrive here four days before the price range increases. Always arrive early and try to make advance bookings if you want to save some money.

You can’t just show up the night before and expect to find an excellent place to stay at an affordable rate. Come early, and say no to stress and enjoy all that it has to its fullest.

Here below are mentioned best accommodations available to enjoy the Full Moon Party Thailand.

1. Sunrise Resort 

You will find the Sunrise Resort in a prime area; this location is ideal for the Full Moon Party Thailand. This resort is just a few distances away from the beach. High-end rooms are available that offer great relaxation.

It will cost you INR 2812 per night.

Address: 136 Moo 6 Haad Rin Koh Phangan, 8420 Thailand.

2. Family House Resort

For great relaxation, Family House Resort is ideal. It’s a standardized bungalow with well-maintained rooms and lavish interiors.

Another best thing is, room prices are affordable and perfect for party fanatic people to take a break and get back to the hustle-bustle again.

The cost per night is INR 2,111 per night.

Address: 94/5 Moo 6 Haad Rin, Koh Phangan, Surat Thani, 84280, Thailand.

3. Sea Garden Resort Haad Rin

The perfect budget-friendly accommodation is available for travelers. Just 2 minutes away from the beach is Sea Garden Resort Haad Rin. It’s an excellent place for relaxation after a strenuous party.

It is pocket friendly with fancy interiors and an affordable budget, best suited for travelers. Do visit here if you wish to save money.

Address: Haad Rin Koh Phangan, Thailand

4. Cocohut Spa and Resort

The best place to spend quality time alone. With a relaxing atmosphere, you can rest in the rooms or attend a spa.

It offers excellent facilities and located on the best side of the island. It will cost you INR 4,024 per night.

Address: 130/20 Had Rin Nai Sunset Leela Moo 6 T. Bantai A.Koh Phangan, Ban Tai, Thailand.

Visiting Time

The Full Moon Party Thailand is busier between November and April. This party is at its peak, especially during New Year and December, January, and February.

Numerous major Buddhist holidays fall on lunar events. These occur during the full moon, which is after the full moon or the day before it.

Full Moon Party gathers more tourists before a week of the event. Prepare yourselves before the dashing new year, and join this bashing party.

Attending the Party

full moon party Thailand

Full Moon Party Thailand goes along with Buddhist holidays; it usually coincides with the full moon. The party isn’t on the actual full moon night; it occurs on two or more days before it.

You really can’t bargain here; transportation and long-tail boat prices are inescapable. They follow the fixed price system. Few locals have blocked the entrance to entertaining areas to earn extra money.

They will charge an enormous price, more than the ticket price. Be careful of such situations, but paying the extra fee is all up to you. You can still find other paths to enter the beach.

Few travelers enjoy entering through the main path. For solo travelers, this guesthouse is the best place to meet up with a fun group and get along with them.

Reason to Attend Full Moon Party Thailand

full moon party Thailand

There is sheer madness, beauty, fantasy, neon lights, and popularity all over the party. Before the event, people lit hundreds of lamps at dusk. Over 30,000 people attend this eventful night. No one ever regrets the enjoyable night.

As the party begins, the beachfront gets lined up with small tables. Watch the moonlight touching the white sand, making it glitter. Listen and dance away to different music; trance, techno, commercial, punk, and blues.

Fire eaters and jugglers keep you entertained all through the night. There are delicious snacks and drinks to quench your hunger. These are some of the best reasons to attend the Full Moon Party Thailand.

Do you need more reason?

Full Moon Party Dates

Below mentioned are full moon party dates based on 2020 to 2021; you can plan accordingly.


  • 31 October, Saturday.
  • 30 November, Monday.
  • 29 December, Tuesday.


  • 29 January, Thursday
  • 27 February, Saturday.
  • 26 April, Monday.
  • 27 May, Thursday.

Escape Parties

For escape parties, Half Moon is more famous. This party occurs between the full moon and the new moon. To attend escape parties can be your best night ever in this place.

It is one of the best activities to do in Koh Phangan. The party offers upbeat music, various DJs from around the globe, and epic live entertainment.

Come in February to join the escape parties at the Koh Phangan.

What’s After Full Moon Thailand?

full moon party Thailand

Travelers don’t usually stray far away after the party. Koh Phangan is a huge enchanting island; many pristine beaches are available here.

You’ll find private bays to the northern side; it’s accessible via boat or walking through long trails. Visit the Sanctuary, located in Haad Tien Bay; it’s a fantastic health retreat. You can attend the workshop there, and befriend exciting people.

Another best alternative is Haad Yuan Beach, retreat here for a few days. I hope this article answered your query on how to enjoy the Full Moon Party Thailand. With its history, the best time to visit, and a lot more, this night is a neverending one.

Tourists enjoy at full levels with live music and entertainment. Be aware of drugs, though it’s illegal in Thailand. Follow the safety measure; don’t carry extra money, phones, or other stuff.

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