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Science of Religion

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Science of Religion

A lot of religious practices have been looked down as superstitions and useless. But isn’t it quite obvious to think that so many people who followed these practices for thousands and millions of years weren’t all fools. I mean look at all the wonders our history has created. Science has always been a crucial part of India. Science and religion are, in fact, complementary. Don’t believe this? Here are the proofs.


  1. Throwing coins in river

There is science behind this tradition; in ancient times, people used the currency of copper. This metal is vital for our body; by throwing copper coins in the water, people used to consume copper through the drinking water obtained from the river.14.1

  1. Mehendi

Mehendi has medicinal qualities; since our Indian weddings include many stressful events and rituals, brides sometimes feel a headache, stress and fevers too. Mehndi can avert stress with its cool medicinal values; therefore, brides and grooms apply mehndi on hands and feet.14.2

  1. Fasting

As per Ayurveda, Indian treatise on medicine and herbs, the basic cause of any ailment is the growth of toxic materials in the stomach. Fasting helps us cleanse that toxics gathered in our digestive system; moreover, our digestive system needs rest from daily activities. Fasting gives that rest to our entire digestive system and organs in the body. Thus, fast of the entire day is good for health. Also, fasting helps us to ensure that we have the control of our minds and can resist our desires.14.3

4. Touching elder’s feet

Cosmic energy flows in our body from one end to another; it is connected between two minds and hearts. It is this energy that is transferred through handshakes and hugs; moreover, the cosmic energy gathers at our fingertips, and therefore, when we touch feet of our elderly, it is transferred to the one who touches the feet. In this manner, fingers of hands become receptor and fingers of feet become a giver of energy.14.4

  1. Worshipping Tulsi plant

Tulsi is considered as a mother by Hindus; Tulsi, which is Basil in botany, has many medicinal properties. Basil is antibiotic, which increases immunity if taken every day. It is believed that if a person consumes basil every day, he or she can live a long and healthy life as the plant prevents diseases and stabilizes health. Moreover, the fragrance of Tulsi averts mosquitoes and other insects; it is also believed that snakes do not tread near Tulsi plant, and therefore, ancient people used to plant Tulsi near their houses.

  1. Temples

Magnetic and electric waves are constantly passing under the earth; when we build a temple, architects and engineers select a piece of land where these waves are available in plenty. The idol is placed where magnetic waves are highly active. During the placement of idol, we bury some copper plates beneath the idol; the plates are inscribed with Vedic scripts; these copper plates absorb magnetic waves from the earth and radiate it to the surroundings. So if a person regularly visits a temple and walks around the idol clockwise, his/her body absorbs the magnetic waves. People who regularly visit temple receive this positive energy and live a healthy life.14.6

  1. Chanting Om

Chanting Om Kar is believed to reduce blood pressure and control heart rates. If OM is pronounced after taking a deep breath, it improves the sense of alertness and thus, concentration. In fact, scientists have recently been able to decipher the sound frequency coming from the sun and it is Om!! Something we have been reciting for millenniums!14.7

  1. Chanting Gayatri Mantra

Chanting Gayatri mantra produces almost 110,000 different kinds of waves per second. Researchers have confirmed many scientific potentialities of Gayatri mantra. It boosts our health immensely if we chant Gayatri mantra 90 minutes before the sunrise. This could be the reason why Radio station at Paramaribo (part of South America) broadcasts this mantra from 7 PM onwards every day.14.8

  1. Eating before sunset

Many religions like Jainism insist on having dinner before sunset. Having dinner before sunset ensures a gap of at least 3 hours before sleep. This implies that when our whole body is resting our digestive system is resting as well in order to work efficiently again in the morning unlike the case with late dinner when people sleep within an hour or so of having dinner. Because of this when the body rests digestive system still functions and by the time it begins to rest we again take our breakfast. Hence, having dinner early helps your stomach and intestines to shrink to a fit physique and stay healthy. After all, this is behind Akshay Kumar’s fitness!

  1. Arundhati-Vashishta

Many Indian marriages have the tradition of bride and groom looking at the sky to locate Arundhati star. However there is a surprising reason towards this. Arundhati-Vasishta is twin star constellation, which unlike other twin star constellations, mutually orbit each other. In other twin star constellations one star is stationary while the other orbits. So seeing Arundhati, during wedding is to symbolically remind the bride and the groom that they should be mutually adjusting and not be one dominant and other submissive.14.10

  1. Sugar and Curd

Mothers usually do the honors before we leave for exams/interview/anything important.

Logic: curd/yogurt has probiotic microbes which brings the digestive system back on track and thereby boosts the immunity system. You don’t fall sick while giving exams/interview/important stuffs. Sugar creates a spike in blood sugar. Hence, a boost in energy.14.11

What I believe that there are two reasons why such amazing science is considered superstition today. One is that some of them held relevance in the past but it is difficult or today’s man to find relevance. Secondly, even those exercises which are still of service because most people just don’t bother to know their logic. They just want to follow them because they are ‘traditions’. We believe following traditions is good but following along with knowing the reason is even better!




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