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Best Skincare Tips for Extreme Winters

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We all love the winter season as it adds charm and cosiness to the atmosphere, making it the perfect setting for a steaming cup of coffee or some quiet time under the quilt. But winters can rob you off the happy feeling when your skin begins to show signs of dryness due to lack of moisture. It can be annoying when you have to put in extra effort towards skincare and diet in order to stay healthy inside out.


However, with the right amount of care and a healthy routine, you can enjoy the gifts of this season without having to worry about its ill-effects. If you are someone who dreads dry skin, you should take a look at these winter precautions that can come handy in preventing skin damage.

Let’s see some of the key skincare tips to be followed during extreme winters:

Stay Well Hydrated – You don’t usually feel the urge to drink much water in the cold season, isn’t it? This is a universal feeling and we totally get it. Nevertheless, you should make sure to hydrate yourself enough during winter in order to protect your skin from dry air. Staying hydrated helps retain moisture in your body. Using a humidifier at home can also be of great use as it will help maintain the required moisture level inside your dwelling.

Protect Your Skin – Are you planning to step out of the house on a cold winter day? Then don’t forget your gloves, caps, sunglasses and sunscreen lotion! This is because, whilst you enjoy the warmth of the sun, the direct UV rays can still cause much damage to your skin. Using a good sunscreen that contains zinc oxide or titanium dioxide will do the work.

Avoid Using Steaming Hot Water – It is but natural to go for scorching hot water when showering during chilly weather. But you should know that hot water can rapidly dry your skin and even form cracks. Therefore, it’s best to use lukewarm water and apply a clean moisturiser (with ceramides and hyaluronic acid) immediately after shower to prevent drying.


Care More for Your Hands and Feet – Do not ignore your hands and feet during your busy schedule. They require more care than the other parts of your body because hands contain fewer oil glands and feet can get very dry, forming cracks and dead skin. Moisturise your hands often and apply petroleum jelly/glycerine-based creams on your feet after exfoliating the skin to get rid of the dead skin.

Avoid Excessive Exfoliation – Exfoliating your facial skin helps remove dead cells but it also removes a certain amount of skin oil. So be careful not to exfoliate too much during winters as it can increase the drying of your skin. Follow a gentle exfoliation process, may be once or twice a week, based on your skin type (oily or dry). This will facilitate better absorption and aid skin regeneration.

Say “Yes” to Fruits & Veggies – Include a lot of seasonal fruits, vegetables and water-rich foods to stay healthy inside-out. Fruits and berries such as grapes, raspberries, strawberries etc. rich in antioxidants and vitamins will help rejuvenate your skin during winter. You can also include soups, juices, milk, salads etc. to make up for the loss of skin moisture.

Pamper Your Skin with Exercise – Oh! How much we love to stay cosy in bed on chilly winter mornings! But getting out of bed and warming up your body with exercise can do a great favour to your skin. Cold weather makes your blood vessels, sweat and oil glands to constrict a little, which makes it difficult for your skin to stay healthy. Exercise increases your heart rate, thereby increasing the pumping of blood to your organs and skin, making the cells active naturally.

Choose Your Moisturisers Carefully – You need to change your moisturisers with the changing weather. Choose winter-friendly moisturisers and cleansers which is easy to acquire from online stores like Amazon Australia that will cleanse your skin, whilst retaining the required moisture content. Use products that contain glycerine, hyaluronic acid, ceramides and hydration serums to repair acne or skin blemishes.

Use a Lip Balm – Lip balms that worked for you in summer may not be effective in winter. Make sure to use a lip balm that prevents/repairs chapping of lips and keeps them healthy. You can choose the perfect lip balm also available online from online pharmacies like Chemist Warehouse and keep your lips happy even during harsh winters.

Avoid Skin Irritation – Get rid of your wet clothes/socks as soon as you get back home, because they can irritate your skin and cause itching, if kept on for too long. Also prevent your skin from any allergens and woollen clothing that easily irritate your skin. Choose cotton winter wear or wear your woollen clothing over another piece of dress in order to avoid contact between the wool and your skin.

These key tips will ensure you a happy and worry-free winter. Just a little care and some routine changes will help you go a long way and survive the skin damages that come with winter.

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