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8 Best Sustainable Jewelry Brands For You

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The use of sustainable jewelry has increased over the years and is becoming a fast, modern trend. It gives the most coveted ethical sparkle along with a thought for our environment.

Have you seen the viral video of how the glass of a beer bottle was transformed into a beautiful engagement ring? Where they make the stone from the base of the beer bottle and cut and polish it into a beautiful stone.

Nowadays, it has become a trend for brides to go for recycled gold engagement rings or wedding rings rather than choosing the traditional pure gold rings where they can now save on cost-cutting charges.

What is Sustainable Jewelry?

The term “Sustainable Jewelry” refers to jewelry made of materials that are environmentally sustainable, which means the manufacturing process does not harm the environment. The materials are called recycled materials.

The Diving Bell and the Butterfly Necklace
Image by brehan todd, Flickr/Copyright 2021

The relation between Ethical Jewelry and Sustainable Jewelry

In the ethical aspect, we define the manner in which the product has been manufactured and the working environment of the workers involved.

Therefore, Ethical jewelry refers to the safe working environment of the workers, and Sustainable jewelry refers to the environmental effect of the jewelry making itself.

Keeping up with sustainable fashion, sustainable jewelry is the best accessory to go with!!

Clay Beads Bracelets
Image by Rosalee Yagihara, Flickr/Copyright 2021

Reasons to use Sustainable Jewelry

The concept of manufacturing eco-friendly and ethically responsible jewelry is that it ensures minimal environmental impact and a safe working atmosphere for the workers.

Some of the main reasons why you should use sustainable jewelry are:

Overconsumption –

According to a survey an average owns around $2000 worth of jewelry. Jewelry depicts luxury, but some are considered collateral assets, and others are just costume jewelry.

Over Mining

The study says that precious metals such as Gold and Silver are mined in 3000 tonnes and 27000 tonnes each year, respectively. Conventional jewelry is made from the purest parts of these metals, and the rest are disposed into the Landfills.

Difficult supply chain –

In contrast to the sustainable fashion industry, retail links between the entrepreneur and the consumer are established. Here, corruption is evident due to the lengthy procedure that takes place with the involvement of intermediaries.

Supply and demand –

With the advent of capitalism, it is important to maintain the steady demand of a certain industry. Thus propaganda promotions are of utmost importance. Unlike in sustainable jewelry fashion, these jewelry brands sell themselves as a symbol of a “hard-working woman.”

Materials for Sustainable Jewelry

Sustainable jewelry materials include Tetra Pak, wood, recycled glass, recycled metals, natural clay, sea glass, the cork of wine bottles and many more.

These materials of sustainable jewelry are environment-friendly. Therefore, sustainable jewelry does not cause any controversy, unlike blood diamonds.

The following are some of the excellent sustainable materials to start with:-

Recycled Diamonds –

The previously purchased diamonds can be repurchased once they have been polished and cut. Consequently, they are part of ethically sourced diamonds. These conflict-free diamonds make high quality jewelry, making it a jewelry brand.

Shadow Wedding Band
Image by Victoria Ruta Skirpa, Flickr/Copyright 2021

Recycled Gold

They are metals mixed with other materials and tuned into the desired product, thus making it a cost-effective measure making it affordable. Hence, it can be considered as fair trade gold. They are considered as a premier example of recycled metals and conflict-free gold.

Funtan-na (Fountain) Ring - 18K gold, labradorite
Image by Janos Gabor Varga, flickr/Copyright 2021


Scraps are the best-recycled materials to use for production. They make excellent stackable rings in the field of the best sustainable jewelry. It has now become a jewelry brand itself—for example; recycled bronze acts as an alternative for precious metals.

Les Fleurs Lockets Flurry
Image by brehan todd, Flickr/ Copyright 2021

Sea Glass

These are natural materials that wash up from the ocean shore. The frosted gems being conflict-free stones are made to make the best rings, especially for girls with their ring stack. At par with the pearl industry, these also are recognized as one of the best sustainable jewelry.

A new twist on the TREE OF LIFE
Image by rosemary romeo, flickr/Copyright 2021


Natural materials such as clay make the best sustainable jewelry. With flexible designs, they make stunning jewelry. Recently, they have taken a boom in the jewelry industry as they are manufactured in mass production. They have now become a jewelry brand itself.


In spite of the fact that this material is quite questionable, the wood is taken from fallen trees which can be cut into various shapes while being polished.

Wooden accessories make beautiful geometrical and abstract designs. It also makes lightweight jewelry where artists can make various designs. They can also mix with various materials such as metals, stones, cloth, and so on.

Wooden Bracelet
Image by Audrey, Flickr/ Copyright 2021


Extracted from the cork oak tree, it is an eco-friendly material where no trees are harmed in its production. Hence, it can be considered as an alternative to leather without harming any animals. Known for flexibility and durability, it can replace metal chains. It can include various designs in bracelets and pendants.

Portuguese Cork Bracelet
Image by Sharon Hahn Darlin, Flickr/Copyright 2021

They are eco-friendly and ethically sourced, creating great fair-trade fine jewelry. The local materials make a very unique jewelry collection.

The above sustainably sourced materials are fairly mined materials. These substances are responsibly sourced materials.

They opened a platform for traditional craftsmanship and traditional tribal designs.

Best Sustainable Jewelry Brands

Nowadays, sustainable jewelry brands are making milestones in the jewelry industry with their variety of stunning jewelry such as -:

  • Handmade jewelry
  • Artisan-made jewelry
  • Vintage jewelry
  • Tribal-made jewelry

Keeping the likes of a quintessentially modern woman, these sustainable jewelry brands have started designing sustainable jewelry for everyday wear.

Fun fact- Yala Jewelry is one of the most famous ecological jewelry brands. They upcycle metal jewelry and use recycled materials. All Yala’s materials are recycled materials, with fair trade African gold.

The main objective of these sustainable jewelry brands is to empower women and local artisans. These mediums have provided conflict-free and small-scale artisanal mines for them.

Jewelry Set
Image by 3BL Media, Flickr/Copyright 2021

Additionally, merging with the ethical jewelry brands with the motto of providing fair wages to more than ten thousand villages maintains fair trade movement with fair trade products.

The following are those jewelry brands that have opted for ethical jewelry and are considered as one of the best sustainable jewelry brands:-

1. Washed Ashore 

True to its name, they reclaim the gemstones from vintage jewelry. Their own jewelry uses 100% recycled responsibly sourced gemstones such as pearls and many more. They use ethical jewelry from stones that were once thrown away as waste.

2. Laura Elizabeth

Considered as one of the best sustainable jewelry brands, Laura Elizabeth uses recycled brass for kid-friendly jewelry such as hoop earrings, and so on.

3. Harriet Kelsall

Known for their fair trade jewelry supply chain. They use renewable materials and follow their signature circular design principles. One of the most famous models is the Chocolate Engagement Ring.

4. Catbird  

Based in Brooklyn navy Yard, New York City and more than 40 workers were paid fair wages. They sell everyday jewelry. They also donate for financial education to organizations such as the ACLU and Food Bank of New York City.

5. Sondr London

They use handmade jewelry out of recycled metals such as recycled Silver and Gold. One can present thoughtful gifts from this brand.

6. Kind Collection 

An ethical jewelry brand based in London, they believe in making the customer appreciate the surrounding beauty. Their diamonds are ethically resourced in mines of Sri Lanka with a mark from Canada.

7. BAR Jewellery

Inspired by the modernist art forms, they use recycled precious metals such as Silver, Gold, Aluminum, and Stainless Steel into awestruck designs that work with women and college girls.

8. ANUKA Jewellery

They make hand-crafted designs from recycled Silver and fairmined Gold. Their chunky hoop earrings are the signature product of this brand.

They have a strict policy of using sustainably transparent resourced materials.

Knowledge Trivia

  • Did you know? Instead of using fairmined gold, one can recycle gold from historic building doorknobs as they carry a high quality of the metal in such a low quantity!!
Silver scraps
Image by MAURO CATEB, Flickr/ Copyright 2021
  • Various famous designers are now accepting to provide vintage accessories such as old family heirlooms and turn them into bespoke pieces.

These Sustainable Jewelry Brands provide a direct-to-consumer supply chain and empower women and local artisans. They are making a mark in the global market.

Ethical brands such as the above brands have provided sustainable livelihoods by paying better than fair wages.


Who knew that a small stone of diamond or gemstones on our ring causes millions of tectonic plates to shift and thousands of young worker’s untimely death while mining those precious stones.

Sustainable Jewelry Fashion is a step towards Sustainable Development where the concept of “best out of waste” is taken at a trendy spot. Now one can be fashionably late with socially responsible accessories.

Accordingly, Sustainable Jewelry has provided a platform for various local artists to showcase their talents and traditional art. It beautifully assembled local materials into unique designs, their handmade jewelry.

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